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On this page, I hope to be posting direct links to the videos on my channel.  There have been many more since I created this page 22 days ago (today is October 4, 2019).  Thanks for your patience.

Take a moment and check out my channel.  I produce original content that that inspires questions, contemplations and assurances.  As Empaths, we are not alone in our life experiences.  I tried to post straight from the hip in everyday language. It is a channel where the rubber hits the road.  Love, S

Sterling Sinclair YouTube channel for Empaths and Empathic People

I am happy that viewers support each other and comment with positive comments.

Being an Empath or an empathic person can feel do lonely at times. We can feel like we are the only ones experiencing thoughts, intentions, energies, etc.

I wanted to assure fellow Empaths and empathic people that we are not alone.

Consider these posts an Empath Survival Guide and Support Group.

I have been a Spiritual Creative Counsellor for 10 years and a pastoral counsellor for an additional 3 years on top of a street mission that I ran for empathic people. My Master of Divinity from the University of Toronto focussed primarily on counselling and multiple forms of spirituality.

About Me: Who is the Original Oracle Sterling Sinclair (Psychic, Medium, Indigenous Spirit Guide, Teacher of Empaths, Artist)

It wasn’t until I offered my Psychic Auracature Art sessions, did I understand the void Empaths and empathic people face when it comes to care and wellness. Most Empaths that I saw in-session refused to even breathe a mention of empathic experiences to their medical doctors, psychologists, clergy, and even loved ones. The risk of being labelled “CRAZY” is a fear for many of these people and being mocked and insulted, even hated is a concern. I hope this channel continues to evolve.

I think that the channel is helpful to supportive loved ones and co-workers of Empaths and empathic people.

Here are some of the comments about the channel on the videos:

Here are some videos in which you might be interested:

I Love You,

Sterling Sinclair