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The Empath Files from Sterling Sinclair’s Universe Channels

In 2004, Sterling Sinclair began blacking out.  His seizure-like events eventually took over his life.  He became incapacitated by an untreatable phenomenon.  His brain was medically tested and retested.  The growing medical hypothesis was that he was responding to a sort of hypothalamic interruption (maybe even something not yet discovered by the scientific community).

He never received any form of medical treatment or formalized diagnosis, and because of that, he never was classified as having a disability.  Unable to work or care for his family, he finally convinced his family to record what he was saying during is unconscious states.  They sat with him listening and worrying that he had died because he would stop breathing and his heart with beat so shallowly that it appeared not to beat at all.  His children grew up watching their dad die multiple times per week.

Eventually during his sleep paralysis states of recovery, he would gasp for air as if he had been held under the water for too long.  As he lay in his frozen state and opened his eyes, his family heard him talking to people seemingly not in the room.  Eventually, they could ask him questions and he described other worlds.  He talked as if he were skyping from other realities.  His descriptions were vivid.  When he became fully awake in this reality with his loved ones, he had no memory of talking to them or the worlds he was describing.

By the spring of 2006, these otherworldly states of consciousness began breaking through while he was driving.  To him, he would be driving and then he would still be driving but in another world.  When he’d awaken, he would be going into the ditch or into on-coming traffic.  Eventually, his loved ones witnessed him with his eyes kind of closed and his head suddenly flop upon his chest and limbs drop.  He did not drive for several years and when the episodes vanished, he was able to drive again.

What was exceptionally intriguing about these states of awareness was that when he would abruptly awake, whether driving or riding as a passenger, the vehicles would experience electrical and computer glitches.  They kept going through vehicle batteries, alternators, abs settings, flat tires and many, many lightbulbs.  It was during this time that he recalled being told:

“Have your family place a pencil in your hand while you shake and awaken.  Have them hold a paper under the pencil tip.”  They hesitated at first, but Sterling eventually convinced them to do so.  On the very first night, he wrote right to left in a Hebrew script: “Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah” over and over and over.  The next night, he drew star patterns and galactic pathways.  The adventure was real.  They experimented with laptops and paint brushes and so on.

His first channels were recorded through his paintings and writings that he did in this shaking recovery state.  What happened was incredible.  When he wrote, typed, dre, painted during this stage, his recovery phase of wakening and regaining controllable body movements, he began to normally function within 20-30 minutes rather than a few hours.  Before they stopped happening, his recovery was about 10 minutes as long as the information was recorded.

In 2007, Sterling was scheduled to host a radio show focussing on his channels.  In one fateful week, 300 recordings were lost/burned/wiped out.  The radio recordings only amounted to two and no program ever got off the ground.  Luckily a few of the originals were retained and more channels came through.

Because of Sterling Sinclair’s innovative Psychic Auracature Process he was able to refine the method and remain appearing awake and conscious.  During his last EEG in Ottawa, Ontario, Sterling was sitting up and talking to the tech.  He appeared fully awake.  The tech pointed out to Sterling’s wife, Kim, what he was seeing on the computer screen.  They witnessed Sterling’s brainwaves during the conversation.  Sterling was in a deep, deep, deep, sleep – beyond the sleep patterns associated with dreaming or talking in ones sleep.  There was no follow-up appointments to discuss further investigation.  No report was filed regarding the, “Anomaly.”

The “anomaly” was, however, recorded on video and witnessed by multiple hospital staff during a 5 day long EEG.  What was revealed, seemed to push the boundaries of the Queen’s University scientific community.  When he would say, “I am going to look at an Angel now,” or during some blackout state’s – he had some flat-line brainwave patterns.  The techs claimed that in over 20 years of doing EEGs, that they had never ever seen that.  They kept checking the machines and wires for technical glitches.

Then a lightning storm came.  Sterling insisted to have the wires removed from his head.  The hospital refused his insistence.  The next day or so, all of the EEG recordings stopped working in the other rooms (possibly 5 other people’s data became trapped in the recording devices).  To retrieve the data, the tech had to cycle the information through Sterling’s unit.  This was another thing that they had never witnessed before.

A year later, Sterling visited the referring physician in Peterborough Ontario.  The report wrote that no incidents were recorded.  Kim and family were there with techs and nurses as some of these events happened and they were concerned that he was going to crash.  The EEG was showing these phenomena and the cameras were apparently working.

Why did the report state no episodes or evidence was recorded?  You decide.

Sterling continued to find a way to bridge the divide of his consciousness and in 2008, he began his professional Psychic Auracature Art journey.  Through the utilization of the Psychic Auracature Process (that he innovated), he was able to separate automatic writing so that the “scribble” became an image and the “words” became words written around the edge of the paper in a spiralling manner from outside into the centre.

This page is devoted to sharing portions of these channels.  Please feel free to share them on social media so that more people can benefit by these messages, inspirations and affirmations.  October 4, 2019 – this page came into being.

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