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Psychic Sterling Sinclair 10th Anniversary of Auracature and UFO Encounter, August 19, 2017

Psychic Sterling Sinclair
10th Anniversary of Auracature
and UFO Encounter,
August 19, 2017

Happy 10th Anniversary of Auracature Art Creation. During the Night of August 20, 2007 @ 2:34am, my family and I were awakened by a bright red light that flooded our lake house. The UFO Encounter on the south shore of Moira Lake between Madoc & Tweed Ontario, Canada not only turned the surface of a black granite rock to glass and left 9 burned circles in the field a couple hundred yards from where we slept, it triggered in me, Sterling Sinclair, an Art Style Later Entitled Auracature Art. I know of 4 others who had similar experiences in other countries between August 18 & 20, 2007. Each of these encounters triggered an automatic writing-like drawing method in the 5 people (men and women). Myself and one other, eventually developed a business around the newly inspired art forms. Today August 19, 2017 ends the first 10 year cycle of Auracature and the life we lived with this life altering visual healing language of creation. Today we celebrate the end of the cycle and tonight we celebrate the commencement of the new 10 year cycle. Over the past 10 years, Auracature has brought forth in me an existence that I only dreamed of before the UFO encounter in 2007. What will the next ten years bring forth? One thing that I am told is: “More Miracles.”

So cool – I get to draw Auracatures with marvelous people today – on this 10 th Anniversary of Auracature. 10 years ago, nobody recorded/drew Auracatures. Today, about 40 people have learned the first steps of Auracature creation/recording. A really cool thing about Auracature is – children and seniors seem to catch on the fastest. For many years I thought that I was told in visions: “Auracature for the ages.” But now after starting to teach Auracature I have begun hearing: “Auracatures for all ages.” This is a special day for me. I want to thank all of you near and far in physical/spirit/etheric/energy form celebrating with me today. We take the first new Auracature steps together.  

Much love, Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Page


Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being. October 19, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being.

 October 19, 2016
The more we remember and the more our existence manifests our memory – the more we elevate in our state and the more we radiate Source.  
We do not think we are better than people who have not yet reached the same states of purification but it can feel to them that we are leaving them behind and joining our new friends in the sky.  

We are all at different places in our memory realization.  

Some of us have many lives left in this world and some of us have fewer lives left snd some of us have the chance to make this our last life here.  

Personally, as some of you know, I have no intention on returning.  

Back to Source I go.  

A couple of you reading this, we know that your work is not done and you will be here at least one more time.  

The process of ascending is to allow – to allow the ascension.  

As a personal note, I never really felt in place in this world but as I reach back into the heavens, I am experiencing separation anxiety – believe it or not – no matter all the failings of this heavy mud ball world – there is beauty here that is incomparable to any place in the cosmos.  

I wish that when all of you look into the mirror and deep into your eyes that you see the glorious person who I see when I see you.  

If being a Freak has given me this eternal memory of you, being a Freak has been sooooo worth it.

“God Bless the Freaks, for we shall inherit another reality!”  

Where ever we are going and no matter how many we cycles of life that we all have left, I love you and I thank you for your love.  

May this be a day of positive memory realization.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Annual Halloween Auracature Talismans to Inspire Safety and Protection – Personal & Home, October 29, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Annual Halloween Auracature Talismans

to Inspire Safety and Protection

Personal & Home

October 29, 2013


You may use these as wallpaper, carry them, pin them up or stick them up.

The personal ones are good to have on your phone, pocket/wallet/bag and in/under/above your bed.

The home one can be put in multiple places like windows, points of entry, on vents etc.  I even stick mine up on my mirrors facing into the mirror.

You can boost them by writing your own message on them ( the one says “Protect” – write the guide/spiritual influence/protector’s name before each “protect”).

An additional boost is to burn a copy outside while saying the phrase or words written on the talisman ( say the set of words/instruction/phrase a minimum of 3 times).

You can repeat the process if you want.

The idea is to focus your intent and to build your personal/family/home protection walls.

Feel free to print them or trace them or photo them with your phone.

No matter what, try to sat peaceful and happy this Halloween week.






Have yourselves a happy and safe Halloween week.

Many blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reading at Warkworth Psychic Fair October 26 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Reading at Warkworth Psychic Fair

October 26 2013

What’s Your Spirit-Type?

Warkworth Town Hall for the Arts

Main Street, Warkworth, Ontario

10:00 am to 4:00pm

$5.00/person Admission

The last time that I attended a public Psychic reading event in Warkworth was in 2009 at the Warkworth Country Fair.

This is the second year for the Warkworth Psychic Fair and am thrilled to participate.

If you can make it, I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is an ad (not approved by the Psychic Fair committee).



Many Blessings and Much Love,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair HOW-TO make Homemade Holy Water OR Water for Wellness, July 17, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

HOW-TO make Homemade

Holy Water OR Water for Wellness,

July 17, 2013



Home Made HOLY Water OR HOLY Water Equivalent

Water for Wellness

To increase the positive energy and uniformity of healing water the water must see the words.  It really boosts the affect by chanting the words too.

If you have a rain barrel or opaque bucket, write the following words on a rock (then drop it inside – be sure not to use a rock if there is a chance that an animal will choke on it –  NOTE: only use the rock if a rain barrel or such is already filled with water and writing inside it is impossible) or on the inside of the barrel / bucket and then fill with water while saying/chanting the same words:

“Peace” “Love” “Health” “Peace” “Love” “Health” “Peace” “Love” “Health”  (Be sure to write the three words three times.)

Then sign your name.

On a clear container, write the same words and sign your name on the outside.

If you are working on water to drink – write the words and sign on the clear container.

If you are working on a pond or lake — write the words and sign on a clear water bottle.

When filling the water of your personal/family drinking water, pour the water into the clear container with the words and your signature written on it.  As you fill the drinking water container — say/chant “Peace” “Love” “Health” three times.  When you pour the water into drinking glasses — say the words again.

If working on water for animals to drink/ponds/large bodies of water:

Write the above words and sign your name on a clear water bottle.

a/ Fill the water bottle by dipping it into the barrel /pond/large body of water.

b/ As the bottle of water is filling, chant the above words.

c/ Then hold up the filled water bottle and hold it to the sun/moon or look into it and say/chant the words again.

d/ Then pour the water back into the original water source.

e/ As you are pouring — say/chant the words again.

f/ Repeat steps a-e 2 more times.

g/ Repeat steps a-c 1 time.

h/ Put the lid back on the top of the container and sign your name on the lid with a personal image or message.

Note: at the end of each session, keep a filled bottle of water to use for the next day.

(I use black Sharpie markers for writing on the containers.  For more durable writing, I use a paint pen.)

i/ Repeat steps a-g each day.

It took 30 days to help my lake by doing this each day at sun rise and sun set.

It made a marvelous difference.


If doing this to your well water, pour the water from the tap into the drinking bottle and then pour into the well.  For dug wells, you can actually pour on the ground near the well casing.

If doing this to help septic and drainage water, pour the water from the tap into the drinking bottle and pour down the drain.

For the well and septic, follow steps a-i.

If writing and re-pouring and such is too time consuming for you are you are nervous about the process for whatever reason do the following:

While pouring the water – say/chant the words, “Peace” “Love” “Health” three times.

If transferring the water from one bucket (having no writing on it) to another bucket ( having no writing on it) – simply say/chant the words “Peace” “Love” “Health” as you are pouring the water into the new container.

If you really want to make a strong connection – carry a picture of what you have done or a picture of the bottle (with the words written and signature on it) filled with the water.

If the water is safely consumable for humans — drinking the same water is a really good way to stay connected.

For foot baths intended to inspire healing – write the words on a clear container big enough to fit feet into comfortably.  Place smooth quartz crystals (without any sharp edges) on the bottom of the container before pouring in the water.  Then pour in the water while saying/chanting the words 3 times.  For 3 days before the foot bath ceremony – repeat steps a-i above.  When the person places his/her feet into the bath pour the prepared bottle of water (from step h) down over their shins and into the bath while saying/chanting the words 3 times.

Before the rituals, I write the words over my heart.

I have been doing this for years.

Good luck on your mission.

Many Blessings,

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

My inspiration to do this with water came from Masaru Emoto’s work with water.


http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html Was my inspiration.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Talismans of the Day – 2 Today Too, September 27, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Talismans of the Day – 2 Today Too,

September 27, 2012




” I will goodness.  I will hope.

I will strengthen our communal rope.”

” I will goodness.  I will hope.

I will strengthen our communal rope.”

” I will goodness.  I will hope.

I will strengthen our communal rope.”