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Psychic Sterling Sinclair at Warkworth Fair Saturday September 7 2019

YouTube Video of Sterling Announcing Being in the Warkworth Fair

My second fair as Psychic Medium Sterling Sinclair in 2008 was Warkworth Fair.

Now after my miraculous return and sudden cure, I am at Warkworth Fair for my second fair.

How absolutely cool is that?!

To celebrate, I am offering $10/15 minute positive energy inspiring Auracature images. I will explain as time permits (some conditions may apply).

Last week, we had a waiting list develop almost as soon as the first session was completed. You can reserve your spot in person at Kim’s table. Hope to see you. It is nice to be back.

My first 10 years as a Professional Psychic Artist began having virtually nobody knowing who I am or what I did. This, my next 10+ years, several thousand people already have their Auracatures and readings.

Where will this new beginning take us?

This is a Google Maps Link to Warkworth – Hope it Helps

See you there. I miss many of you. Remember – Hugs are always Free!!

Love, Sterling Sinclair Psychic Medium

The Original Auracature Artist

I was at Marmora Fair Last Week

Sterling Sinclair at the Marmora Fair. Miracles do Happen! September 1, 2019

My New Psychic Medium Recovery and Adventure September 3 2019 with Sterling Sinclair

It was a blast. Great people. Great Times.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reading at Warkworth Psychic Fair October 26 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Reading at Warkworth Psychic Fair

October 26 2013

What’s Your Spirit-Type?

Warkworth Town Hall for the Arts

Main Street, Warkworth, Ontario

10:00 am to 4:00pm

$5.00/person Admission

The last time that I attended a public Psychic reading event in Warkworth was in 2009 at the Warkworth Country Fair.

This is the second year for the Warkworth Psychic Fair and am thrilled to participate.

If you can make it, I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is an ad (not approved by the Psychic Fair committee).



Many Blessings and Much Love,