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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Violently Awakened by Dreams of Global Corruption, Organ Harvesting and Alien World Domination O2/16/2020

I woke from layered dreams of corruption revelations. I was disturbed by the dreams. This is my post-dreams reflection.

From the Trump Impeachment proceedings to the Ford Secret Dossier and from Biden Ukraine to China’s “Coronavirus” outbreak – to mention just a few, I keep receiving visions and dreams of corruption. The grand illusionist repeatedly waving his wand of misdirection upon the stage of global corruption.

By making excessive noise around Trump, other parties capitalize on corruption and hide their dirty doing fingers. Many a time, visions showed Trump looking into a vision device – a crystal ball of sorts – and seeing what was going on behind the curtain of global deception. In a world of back door hush money ego pumping leadership and evil corporate control of global society, billions of people have become herds of cattle marching into a slaughter house severing their speech, minds, and individualism. Many visions show the death of democracy.

You will recall how I drew from visions of the epicentre of WW3 being somewhere near Syria & Iraq. There were post concerning the downing of Ukraine flights and missing planes and scientists, secret hydrogen bomb building and so much more.

In the last 10 years, we have watched many a conspiracy theory be revealed – like NWO, the Dominance of Globalism and the fall of the West orchestrated by UN bodies, and even UFO’s and buried civilizations. I remember when just mentioning NWO meant that you were crazy. Even posting about human trafficking and secret child sex slave “cults” of the rich and powerful were attacked and considered fanciful.

We have watched, considered, and read about the cloning of leaders, secret organ harvesting and zombie viruses. What is true and untrue became things dictated to us by mainstream media headlines. If the (social) media keeps hammering home an idea, in our world today, the minds of societies are controlled and directed.

Hate, the fall of democracy, and complacency has ushered in a new “Liberal” movement targeting the West.

All these things, including HARRP and CERN, have become revealed to a small number of awakened individuals and blanketed from misdirected masses have driven our world to a brink of self-destruction.

Is a culling happening? Is a mass organ harvesting really going on? How many people are really dying from this “virus” and how many people are being cremated after healthy organs are harvested? Does anyone even care?

There is an old saying, to spot corruption and hidden motivations – follow the money. But now we must consider power and motivations as well. Laws are being passed right beneath our noses. Canada’s euthanasia bill(s) is an example of paving the way toward voluntary or manipulated organ harvesting because it will extend to all people in Canada – not just the terminally ill. This opens doors for voluntary organ harvesting, post-birth termination, “scientific” human trials, and the termination of life due to ideological and religious beliefs / agreements.

Corruption is all around us. It is no longer hidden from the masses. Conspiracy theorists are no longer the only ones seeing the hidden manipulation by global powers.

But, this is a big BUT, corruption continues to thrive at the expense of everyday people. We are living and dying in an evil nightmare whereby we are collectively dropping our gaze from truth and saying, “So what?! There is nothing we can do.” It is that view of accepting one’s alleged fate that results in a purge. My visions have illustrated this progression as becoming mind controlled, dormant, zombie societies of a dictatorial global control mechanism.

5G, the control over countries’ information, face recognition software, and AI advancements have been revealed as massive steps toward global control. Will Western societies forfeit freedom for faster wifi? It seems, “Yes it Is!”

Why is this happening? Like what is the means to the end?

You may recall my posts regarding visions of multiple gods being revealed as extraterrestrial and inter-terrestrial beings first planting the seeds on and below the surface of the earth. The visions warned of a battle to dominate the planet and harvest humans (body parts, mostly). I know that sounds far fetched and coincidental peaks on/near mount Everest were shown to be home to these early beings/powers, but are we experiencing this battle between the “gods” with this “virus?”

I know that it is the middle of the night as I type this. I violently awoke from dreams layered with the above things. The above Auracature was from 2013. It illustrates diversion leading us away from the truth, just as noise, fear, hate, headlines and 2 sentence social media posts steer our minds and behaviours.

I hope that I can return to sleep well through the night.

Oh, one last thing. If silencing, censoring and controlling (social)media is at play, open your eyes wide and look behind that headline/story. If we are to LOVE Trudeau and Obama to such a state of near deification then instructed to hate Trump and his family, we must ask: “WHY?”

It is the “why” (the not following the carrots dangling in our faces) that will reveal corruptions and who stands to profit by them.

Look away from the carrot, corruption wears a prom dress.



(Sorry – it needs some editing – but I was sleepy).

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Image in Response the Russia USA EU World Crisis, April 2 2014 “Marxist Missiles”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature

Image in Response the Russia USA EU World Crisis

April 2 2014

“Marxist Missiles”

The publicly proclaimed focus appears to be the Ukraine but the Ukraine psychically appears to be a country caught in the middle.

If the Jews are the real target (that has come up multiple times in the visions), then the game changes.

Could this year truly be the fulfillment or the Jewish 4 blood moon prophecy?

Nonetheless, the world is moving its attention toward one geographic epicentre.

Connect the countries at play without missing Egypt, all the countries searching for the missing plane, and countries caught in the middle east oil and and arms battles/crises – watch where you draw the epicentre circle.

Far more is going on in this war game than the surface would have you think.

Start connecting the dots.

Then compare the activities of the world from 1934-1939 or even 1934-1954.

The parallels are simply creepy.

By posting this Auracature, I intend no offence.  Please forgive any that you may take from this.

God help us all.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Marxism Isreal Russia USA EU World Conflict Energies April 2 2014

Will the west be won once again?

I pray for peace.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Update UN European Union Russia Relations, March 28, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Update

UN European Union Russia Relations

March 28, 2014

The USA may strong arm many countries in the world but they will not do so to Russia.

When it comes to this dick measuring contest, depth does not out way determined testosterone.

Let’s see who wins.

The  following channel was written on the page below the Auracature image after the image was recorded:

“Collapse of financial markets dangles during broken democracy.

Hate shall fuel democracy.

Hate shall breed dominance.

To make a deal with the devil is to bury oneself with one’s own shovel.”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature United Nations UN Russia Putin European Union Collapse Democracy War March 28 2014


God Help Us All.