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Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Video – Moments in the Timelessness of our Lives that Define Us

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature Art Video

Moments in the Timelessness of our Lives that Define Us

April 7, 2015

This is a short 10 minute video that I did today.

I am not a believer in the construct of time.

I believe in a timeless life loop.

But there are times in lour lives when things align and those moments define us.

Here is my video:

Love, S



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature – This Person is Changing the World… Who Do You See? January 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature

This Person is Changing the World…

Who Do You See?  

January 22, 2014





Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature November 16, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair


November 16, 2013





Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Veins of Time & Time Travel, Auracature “Riding Time,” June 10, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Veins of Time & Time Travel

Auracature: “Riding Time”

June 10, 2013

As programs within the universal digital construct, loops of time are held together by threads sewn through one loop and into another.  Liked like a mysterious puzzle of time, we walk and breathe just as the thread programs throb – pulsating the essence of existence throughout a timeless reality. Time is what holds us together.  Without time, would we cease to exist?  Would we forget yesterday?  Would we still dream about tomorrow?

Because the flow of time circulates through the heart of the construct, if one rides the blood of time through the construct’s circulatory system, one will eventually return to the place in time where one began one’s journey.  In other words, to travel through time, one first needs to locate a segment of space through which a vein of time passes.

But what happens when the veins begin seep?  Internal bleeding slowly accumulates under the skin of the construct thereby leaving signs of where the blood once was and will be going.  In the location of the bleed, all of time passes by – leaving signs of the past and future in the physical realm of space.  Therefore, rocks, technology, spirits, memory, signs of inter-dimensional travel, and beings from other lands throughout the universe may be left in that space.

If one lives in a location where a vein passes through, one will inevitably be freed of amnesia.  It is also possible that the person (spirit, body, mind, emotions) will travel though time without choice.  Life and death will become a natural process repeating itself every millisecond to several years.

To the person living in one of these locations, life is ever changing and thoughts are ever processing.


Until Another Time,

Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

I found the linear fashion of time as revealed through the order of events in Alien Interview to be surprising.  In circles of discussions, I have heard that time is artificial, an illusion, or can fold onto itself.  However, the alien speaking makes it clear that time was directly related to the order of events.  How then is it possible for time travel, seeing into the future or dreaming about past and future events that exist outside of the dreamer’s current lifetime?

Within the Universal Construct exists program codes that relate the being’s bodily program with time while not affecting the being’s spirit program.  The conversation between the nurse and the alien is conveyed through a human perspective.  Since the nurse was using her human brain and logic system of ordering existence, the alien provides an explanation that makes sense to the nurse.  Therefore, time references are made within the confines of a mathematical logic system of order.  For humans to manage life within the amnesia program, a start and an end to time must exist because the human body is expected to have a max life span of about 120 years.  If no time existed, how else could aging and progressive development be explained in a tolerable fashion to the human body program?  Time exists for one purpose only, to comparatively explain the aging process of existence.  Outside of that purpose, time really has no relevance.

The threat of this revelation alone threatens the effectiveness of the amnesia program.  Although to the human logical brain, the nature of the spirit means that it has existed before any calculation of time and will exist for ever – “eternal” does not mean this at all.  Rather, the spirit’s “eternal” characteristic is a Universal Construct Program Code that is written into the entire construct not bound by the amnesia program.

Do spirits exist at different times in the past and the future? Yes and No.  A past and a future within the means of an ordered time understanding does not really exist.

The amnesia program cannot alter the eternal spirit program; it can only control the concept and related memory of the mind program related to the spirit program.  As with all digital programs, the construct has limitations.  Therefore the past, current and the future are all programs written in a patterned set meant to be looped and run over and over and over.  This explains why different ages of existence occur with seeming leaps in between them.  The earth is a program construct designed to accept the loops of existence.  Although it would seem that the earth is aging, it is actually programmed to look that way while multiple existences are looped within its construct.  In short, the earth construct is simultaneously running multiple loops.

In the absence of time, a collection of looped existences designed to work in conjunction with each other, yet not remembered by the being powered by the spirit living within the multiple loops simultaneously, memory is not of a past or future operated by a construct of time, but rather of the multiple lives one is simultaneously living.

To live in the complete absence of amnesia, the spirit would recall the universal construct program code within which its eternal existence has been written not only into the earth loops but throughout multiple loops and outside the loop construct.  The eternal nature of the spirit is a program that does not travel but rather exists in another place and hence occupies the bodily being suitable or designed to exist within that particular existence.

To “travel” to other “worlds” and to other “times” (“future” or “past”) means to free the spirit program from the current body program or looped program.  It is possible for some people, within deep sleep, coma, near death/revived life or meditation, to allow the spirit to realize its life in various other programs within the universal construct.  This explains the cataplexy during those states of existence.  The body does not regain movement or animation until the spirit program routes itself into the body program.  By the time the spirit program has completely reconnected to the body program, the memory of the experience for most people is wiped clean and no memory of the spirit’s experience is accessed due to the amnesia program effect on the spirit.

So yes, it is completely possible that one is a super hero or butterfly when the spirit program assumes and powers those bodies.  The dream is not a dream but a living of existence in its loop.  The more the memory is retained, the more powerful the spirit is to power the body program to do things that seemingly only exist in dreams.

As an eternal spirit, the spirit program can achieve anything that the spirit program has been programmed to do.  As people in relationship with our spirits, we are capable of attaining our dreams.  We are not bound by time and space – as we know it.  We are restricted by our accessed memory and perceptions of our existence.  If you free the memory, free the spirit, free life and free dreams you will live a life never before possible.

When it comes to the function of the spirit and body within the parameters of the universal construct, “Anything is Possible” is “TRUE!”


Sterling Sinclair