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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writing, “Personal Groove Restoration Strategy, Do You Have One?” January 30, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writing

“Personal Groove Restoration Strategy, Do You Have One?”

January 30, 2013

If you have slid into funk today, it is time to kick off the shackle and dance barefoot in the rain.

It is important today for us to implement our Personal Groove Restoration Strategies.

What?  You do not have your own Personal Groove Restoration Strategy?  I know some of you do.  If you do not, well, it is time to get one!

What is a Personal Groove Restoration Strategy?

A Personal Groove Restoration Strategy is a collection of music, colours, flavours, actions and words that drive us out of hour negative funk.  We listen, move, eat, see, say repeat these things until our personal positivity can be felt and the negative funk is gone.

Our Personal Groove Restoration Strategy is just that, very personal.  What combination works for one person may not work for another person.  It is your own personal positive boost.

It is important that you have those things around you and practice the strategy so that when the negative funk slinks its way into your life, you will quickly commence your Personal Groove Restoration Strategy.  It is also important that your closest loved ones know of your strategy so that they can implement Personal Groove Restoration if you cannot do it.

Time to SWAG.  Time to GROOVE.  Time to LIVE!



FB Status:  Waking hours this morning may have been visited by troubling thoughts, unfinished business and unresolved matters of injustice.  The sudden depressed dip in universal energies is being expressed in weather as well.  To clear the mind: suck on a mint or a lemon; listen to honkytonk. Repeat out loud, “I am stronger than this.  Depressions be gone. Today I live.  Today I live.  Today I live!” Love, S

FB Status Comment:  If honkytonk doesn’t do it for ya, any music that grinds your groove back into your soul is good.  Getting lost in that deep, driving beat sits the soul back in the spine where your swag pumps personal passion.  Once your walk turns to a pounding strut, you will push through this day with confidence and focus to achieve great things.  Today, we live. S