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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: A Muddy Puddle is Your Playground – Take a Chance – Live Your Life Today! August 15, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

A Muddy Puddle is Your Playground

Take a Chance – Live Your Life Today!

August 15, 2014

I admit it.  Even as a grown man, one of my most enjoyable things to do is to jump into puddles.  Yep.  Just like Christopher Robin. Well – usually without my raincoat and rubbers on that is.

Another thing that makes me feel alive is standing as naked as I can be with my arms outstretched as the rain pelts my skin and washes me clean.

This morning upon waking, I received a cherished childhood memory in the form of a vision.  I was mud sliding in the rain.  What is mud sliding?  Huh?  You mean you haven’t tried it.  I’m sure some of you have.

I grew up in a family with very little money.  When we were small, Dad worked all the time and when we were old enough to shovel dirt and rake gravel, we worked.  It would seem that all I knew to do was work.  Well sometimes work can be fun.  Sometimes what we find fun at work is fun when we get home too.

You see, my parents were building contractors.  They built custom homes.  I don’t remember life as a boy without there being a big dirt pile somewhere nearby.  When it would rain, the clay in the dirt pile would become like grease.  Almost a filthy slime that caked on your bodies and if you stood long enough in one spot, the piles would swallow your shoes like a hungry mountain at lunch time.

Getting dirty was all part of the fun.  Wondering if something beneath the surface would pop out and grab us was part of the thrill.  I grew to look forward to the rain.

When we stayed at the trailer in the summer, my mom would kick us outside to play in the rain.  This is where my childhood vision comes in.  The driveway to the trailer was a few hundred meters long and was gaveled every few years.  But since it was clay beneath the gravel, heavy trucks would push the gravel down the driveway’s throat and the driveway would gladly swallow it up.  Soon, the driveway would return to our own slip ’n slide – a 1000 foot long slime-covered path for us to follow.

But as boys, we didn’t really care to follow a path.  We found it our duty to turn that path of life into our personal playground.

With Speedo bathing suits coving our bottoms, we would take turns running as fast as our bare feet would carry us and when we’d meet a puddle, head first we would dive.  With arms fully stretched and rounded bellies out, we skimmed through the mud with ease.  The joy to freely make the most out of our day on this slick path of life was worth wiping the mud off to see the blood dripping from our knees, palms and chests.

You see, in those muddy puddles, there were always random gravel shards hidden beneath the surface of the water.  They would scrape and cut without warning.  Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn’t, but that didn’t stop us; it was all part of the thrill.  We were boys.  The world was ours on that that muddy path and we embraced it.  Sure it hurt at times, but those memories of pure innocent joy to this day get me through when the chips are down.

This morning my vision was a close up of me pushing the muddy water with my face as I was sliding head first through it.  What accompanied that vision was the memory that no matter how dirty I was, no matter how  scraped and bleeding I was, no matter the how badly it hurt, the rain would fall gently down and before I knew it, I was washed clean, restored and ready to go again.

I can’t walk by a puddle to this day without that boy spirit driving me into the mud again.  I have ruined so many pair of good shoes because of it, but restoration of self and knowing that I am still alive is so worth the price of stained leather and a wet socks.

I share this because many of us face our puddles today.  We stand and look onto the murky surface and consider ways around because the unknown hides before us.  We even consider turning back or finding another path.  I mean what are people going to think of us if we show up bruised and covered in filth?

Today, consider your muddy, slippery path as your playground.  Today, don’t consider the puddle in the road an obstacle but as an invitation to splash around.  Dive into that puddle head first and take a chance.  Live your life.  In that moment, it will matter not what other people think or even if the scars will be remain.  In that moment, you will know that nothing stopped you from living life your way.

In that moment,

You will know one thing…


You are ALIVE!

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Let’s jump through puddles together.

Love to you,



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature “Support” November 14, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair



November 14, 2013

As the energies shift we continue to push in that direction.

The Auracature, “Support,” illustrates multiple ways of being lifted up.




We are not alone…

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection, “I Am Who I Am – What I do IS Who I Am” January 28, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection

“I Am Who I Am – What I do IS Who I Am”

January 28, 2013


Often, I am asked, “How do you do what you do?”  “How do you see what you see?” “How is it possible that you know what you know?”

For many, many years of my life, I would answer either silently or loudly, “How do you not?  Why? You don’t?”

Up until about 5 years ago, I thought everyone saw, heard, knew and did what I did.  Hey weren’t we all born this way?  The revelation of difference popped up when I slipped during a regretful moment of rage and called the person a name I shall not repeat.  I could not figure out how the person could not have pre-emptively adjusted their reaction to a situation about to happen by reading the other person’s intention and false actions before the hurtful outcome that had transpired.  I heard myself yelling, “How did you not see that happening?”

My friend, with whom I was arguing, responded, “People ARE NOT like you!”  That was my “AHA!” moment.

Although my place of origin, upbringing, life experiences, and matters of necessity have affected my sensitivities, what I see – how I do – how I know are all part of who I am.  They are not what I learned in school or set out to do when I was planning my career in my youth.  When I am questioned about my sensitivities, to me, I am questioned about nothing more than – how to I see thing with my eyes, how do I breathe, how do I know how to talk and how do use the web or the telephone.  I find it amazing that I can post this on my blog using my wireless internet connection and you can read it possibly on the other side of the world.  I don’t see the information going anywhere, there is no wire to carry the information and I have never physically met you or received your mailing address.  I find technology like this, amazing.  I don’t understand it but I trust it and I use it.  There are even times when I believe what I read.  Imagine…

Three of the commonly sought after skills for careers are active listening, ability to quickly determine what a client or potential client wants or needs, and creatively problem solve with a good sense of the solution’s success probability.  All three of these are what I excel at doing because they make up who I am.  However, I have been told by employers and employment agencies not to ever mention the depth of my abilities, and never allude to my proven track record or proof of success using these abilities.

In this ascended time of the NEW AGE a more open minded consideration of skills and personal-qualities need to be addressed in the workforce.

I turn 46 on Valentine’s Day – born February 14, 1967.  People born mainly from 1964-1968 were the precursors to the next two waves of adults entering the workforce; born 1984 – 1994.  An astounding number of these children are now adults with freely expressed and celebrated skills, abilities, sensitivities and personalities that are similar to mine.

The time of silencing this aspect of the person through rejection and ridicule is coming to a screeching halt.  The world of business, communications, relationships and government is going to change to fit this next generation and the ones to follow.  The change is assured, how the world will tolerate and bare the change is not assured.  Progress in this direction needs to start early on.  It needs to start now.

The ascension has begun.  The NEW AGE is here.  It cannot be reversed.   With this realization, we no longer fight the holds of the past.  We embrace a different untold future.

Bright, awakened days are coming – let’s not fight them.

Bright, awakened days are coming – let’s usher them in.

Bright, awakened days have begun.

Let’s Celebrate!

Bless you,


FB Status Post

We are our children’s bulldozers.

We are our children’s precursors.

We are our children’s superheroes.

On this fine day of transition, we release the shackles of regretful pain and are inspired to support our children’s efforts moving forward.

Today, we listen to their dreams.

Today, our future is put into action.

Love, S