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As Above So Below: Can We Really Know the Difference?  If So, Where are We Now? Sterling Sinclair Ponders… October 31, 2017

As Above So Below: Can We Really Know the Difference? If So, Where are We Now? Sterling Sinclair Ponders… October 31, 2017
I’m not going to write about it today, but I was urged by my guides to pose these two questions on this Halloween / Samhain day and night: “Where are We?” “Who are We?”

The promp to consider “As Above So Below” was initially brought to my attention when I went to photograph today’s 2017 Talisman my iPhone6 wanted to photo the ceiling.  It was almost impossible to change the camera lense direction.

2017 Halloween Talisman to Inspire Soul Protection
I will let you sit with the above 2 questions as you view these two photos.  

If you want to read a bit more about “As Above So Below,” this site explains it quite well: 

Site: Explains As Above So Below
Video: As Above So Below Movie Trailer
Much love and many blessings, S

Happy Halloween!  Happy Samhain!


2017 Halloween Talisman to Inspire Positive Soul Protection: Sterling Sinclair Keeps the Annual Auracature Tradition Alive and Smiling, October 31

2017 Halloween Talisman to Inspire Positive Soul Protection: Sterling Sinclair Keeps the Annual Auracature Tradition Alive and Smiling, October 31
For several years, basically since I began doing Medium and Energy Clearing Work, I have been offering talismans to people on Halloween day and night. 

 Many people are negatively affected by the energies of Halloween night and day.  Why?

The world is a big place and Halloween provides a time in the year whereby people with different motivations celebrate their spiritual beliefs and desires. Slasher movies, canabalism, monsters, necromancy, rituals, hidden faces, accompany the masses trick or treating. It is one of the only times of the year when strangers open their doors to strangers whether it be to give them something to eat and send them on their ways or to invite strangers into their home.  Most activities are fun and happy safe moments that give the masses a time to break from the normal. However, there are people who are frightened, disturbed and become upset by this night. Even families taking the children around door to door, most often end up gossiping, fighting, tired, crying, hot, b–chy, hysterical, sugar high delirious and looking for a stiff drink. 

Personally, I enjoy Halloween. It is the one day a year that I ignore my diabetes. 

If you are one of these people who are negatively affected by this night, maybe a talisman will help. 

Here is this year’s Halloween Talisman,

“My Eyes Sparkle

My Soul is My Soul

I Choose Who Sees Me

My Eyes Sparkle

My Soul is My Soul

I Choose Who Sees Me

My Eyes Sparkle

My Soul is My Soul

I Choose Who Sees Me

I Smile a Smile of Joy

I Smile a Smile of Joy

I Smile a Smile of Joy

I Smile a Smile of Joy”
Feel free to print this talisman and stick it around your house, office or simply put it as your computer or mobile screen saver.  You may even print a copy and burn it outside, repeating the above words that were written around the talisman image.  

If this one does not seem to fit you, maybe another one from another year will do the trick:

2016 Halloween Talisman
2014 Halloween Talisman
2013 Halloween Talisman
2012 Halloween Talisman
I can’t seem to find the 2015 Talisman… I wonder where it….

Have yourselves a really safe, fun, and celebratory day and evening. 

Much love and many blessings, S

WTH?  A miracle? Mysterious Woman’s Face Appears in Leg Rash.  Who is it?  Do you know?Sterling Sinclair’s Stigmatic Reactions Continue. Oct 30, 2017

WTH? A Miracle? Mysterious Woman’s Face Appears in Leg Rash.  Who is it? Do You Know?  Sterling Sinclair’s Stigmatic Reactions Continue. Oct 30, 2017  
This morning, October 30, 2017, at about 8:30 am Toronto time, I felt a terrible bite or snip behind my left knee. It stung like some spider bites do.  A couple hours later, it was still really sore and had become itchy.  I was then inspired by my guides to photograph the rash becsuse I could not see it.  I got a family member to take the pic. I laid down on the studio sofa and pulled up my pantleg (as seen the photo above).  As soon as I saw the strange geometric shape of the red rash I was inspired to look at it more closely. I could not believe my eyes. 

I took my pants off to inspect my leg and the inside of my pants. Like, was there something in my pantleg that would have caused shuch a shape?  No!   

So as I looked at the rash more closely, this is what I saw:

Do you see it?  Can you see the face in the bottom of the left corner of the rash?

Here are some labeled photos. 

Who is this? What does she/he/they want?  Is this an introduction? 

The truth of who or what this is will likely never find a definitive, factual identification but it is really cool. 

Seeing the photos made me think of the man who made a piece of toast and when he took it out from being toast, there before him was a portrait of Jesus Christ charred into the slice of toast.  

Video: Portrait of Jesus Christ Appears on a Slice of Toast
This isn’t the first thing like this to happen to me.  I used to ooze from bumps in my hands/wrists every Good Friday.  For many, many years, one bump on each hand would progressively grow during Lent and by Easter Monday Morning, they would be totally healed. For at least 20 years, I manifested the crucifixion story.  My stigmatic reaction to Lent would both anger me and freak me out. Why did I have to reveal the nail wounds that JC recieved at His crucifixion story is told?  Was it simply my reaction to the overwhelmingly vast Christian rituals related to the crucifixion story?  I pleaded for help on this blog.  About 15 healers contacted me and they somehow stopped my reaction.  It has been a few years now that my hands do not weep as they did. Wow, I am sure grateful. 

About 5 years ago over a 20 day period of time during January, I recieved a forehead scar that progressively grew from my right eyebrow up into my hairline (which receided as the scar appeared).  I’d wake every morning and this perfectly healed and faded scar appeared longer and longer like a tree sapling reaching for the sun.  Now over the last 5 weeks, the scar has been extending into my hairline.  It is like it is pushing my hair out of the way.  Yes, I am rappidly losing hair.  

Although this is a poor photo, you can see how the scar is from some kind of cut at least through my facial muscles.  

Just imagine trying to go to sleep afraid that something is manifesting the scar or someone is surgically cutting you while you sleep.  Dreams and fantasies are one thing.   Not recalling any dreams and waking up to fully healed scars is another. 

When I was younger, especially from 17 to 35 years old, I would frequently wake up with bleeding or scabbed perfect geometric shapes in my skin. Sometimes, they were little dots like needle pokes that formed the shapes.  In 1995, 2 bumps / marks began to festor.  I dug out a metal chip.  I cut the pimple like sores and out came a flat black metalic chip about 2-3mm square.  

There are many theories about these happenings.  The most popular reasons relate to extraterrestrial manipulation and experimentation.  But there remains no deffinitive answer. 

My life is never boring and is seldom representative of the stereotypical human life.  

I wonder what will show up next.  

Much Love, S

Do Taboo Deaths Require Silent Grief? Sterling Sinclair Posts about his Nephew’s Death by Suicide Twice on Facebook and Receives One Condolence Comment.  Is such a Response Expected?  If so, why? October 24, 2017

Do Taboo Deaths Require Silent Grief? Sterling Sinclair Posts about his Nephew’s Death by Suicide Twice on Facebook and Receives One Condolence Comment. October 24, 2017  

To be fair, my post was a comment with a link to the following post regarding both mention of my nephew’s death and the topic of suicide.  It wasn’t a “I’m feeling down today because I miss him” post, which would have invited a supportive response.  I wrote the post in such a way because I felt that maybe he may be able to save a life out there.  

Link: to the Blog Post Regarding Suicide and the Death of Sterling’s Nephew
I have a Master of Divinity from Victoria University and the University of Toronto. I concentrated my studies and training on counselling – primarily grief/death & dying/infirm/hospice.  

Taboo topics were seldom raised in the university classrooms but were common concerns during my training. The secret pain people carried became even more so prevalent as the people I visited grew older or faced their own approaching death. 

One of the most powerful lessons that I learned was that as we face our own death, we begin to purge ourselves from our guilt, negative perceptions, awful memories, hate, and more than anything else – suppressed grief. 

Before we die, we grieve.

As for accidental death, it is difficult to confirm this pre-death grieving process but if we take a moment and reel back the days before our loved one died by accident, we often recall him/her/they making grief and/or other purge related statements.  

Sometimes, we recall the person’s behaviour changing in ways indicative of the purge.  

We more often than not discount or let the statements and behaviours flow on by. We all do. If you did and missed the signs, you are not alone. With no context – without knowing that an accident is to happen – we simply miss the clues. We must not beat ourselves up if this happened to us.  

When I began offering private spiritual sessions (once I hung up my collar) I was shocked to find the extent of secret pain people carried. I have sat with over 2000 people and well over 80% of them carried this grief. In the cases whereby discussion revolved around the topic, almost all of the people were uplifted after purging or revealing the pain that had been long hidden. 

The most traumatizing pain appeared to be related to taboo causes of death. They were revealed in this decreasing magnitude of silence.

1/ terminating the life of one’s own child (death by accident, termination of pregnancy including miscarriage and abortion, and not noticing the signs that could have possibly stopped the death).

2/ suicide

3/ overdose or laced drug

4/ alcoholism

5/ abuse

6/ murder

So it is no wonder that my posts regarding suicide and the anniversary of my nephew’s death were met with one condolence comment. 

One may be surprised by this list but it appeared in this order over and over again. With that said, many women have argued that they have no grief due to abortion. I have been in enough sessions to witness this to be untrue with the majority of my clients who have terminated their pregnancies. It is for this reason that such death (again considered not death by some because they hold the opinion that an unborn child is not alive), is one that involved suppressed grief. I don’t want to side rail this post with the topic of abortion but I felt that I needed to address the controversy.

Nonetheless, we as a culture of selective public grieving pick and choose what is okay and not okay to grieve over. We have our limits to the type and amount of pain that we can handle. We don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings and we don’t want to publicly portray ourselves as monsters, weak, frail, neglectful, bad, people.  

Many of us are unwilling to mention a topic of suicide and when we do, we wash ourselves clean of any guilt or wrongdoing by posting “get help” phone lines and sharing mental health posts. No matter how we paint the picture, if our loved one dies, we deal with it. No matter the level of pain and loss, we experience pain and loss. 

The silence regarding these taboo deaths needs to stop. They need to be pulled out of our closets and thrown into the centre of the street. In so doing, we can more openly support each other. The silence and secrecy and suppression of our grief, feeds debilitating and self-deprecating thoughts. Our behaviours toward others, especially our loved ones is altered, and far too often altered negatively.   

I knew a man who accidentally ran over his child at a construction site.  He never remembered doing it.   He never could find his way again. Everyone suffered. It was almost never spoken of as the years passed. He grieved alone at night, in the truck driving to work, and in prayer. He built a wall around himself and yet at nighttime when alone, he cried himself to sleep for many years. 

I know a woman whose father shot off his head.  She was a young woman with children and young siblings. She still cannot remove from her memory of cleaning up the remains of her parent. She wanted to do so quickly so that her family would not have to see it too. She changed that day, so too likely her siblings and extended family. She felt that she needed to be strong and silent. She turned to alcoholism and she took her grief-fed-pain and turned it into abusive anger. Only a few people knew of the extent of her pain. Now that she grows older, the nightmares are visiting and interrupting her sleep. She even sleeps in another room from her husband because she doesn’t want him to witness these unconscious expressions of her secrets.

We all deal with death in our own ways. Most of the time, we need to keep on getting on. We need to survive and we need to care for our surviving loved ones. We need to keep moving forward. Let’s face it, getting back to everyday, regular activities can be good medicine but not at the expense of our grief.  

I am kind of hurt that only one friend gave their condolences on Facebook when I posted, but I understand any of the reasons why they may not have wanted to do so.  


With that said, I think some friends expressed their condolences by “liking” the post.  Also, I felt heard, however, because some friends shared the post.  It was very brave of them to do so because if just mentioning grieving due to one of these taboo ways to die, then posting about it on social media is waaaaaaaay taboo.  
The point that I wanted to make with this blog post is that whether a friend’s loved one died of a long life struggling with cancer or whether a friend’s loved one died due to suicide, the friend is still grieving over the death of their loved one.  
If we are to remove the taboo label off of certain causes of death, we must as a society view death as death no matter how someone dies. In so doing, we may more openly support each other as we, in our own ways, grieve over the deaths of our loved ones. 
Let go of the shackles of silence.  
We can move beyond this, 


Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead – So Don’t Do It: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater October 24 2017

Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater 

October 24 2017

2 years ago today, my nephew Zach fell to the sways and distortions of suicide.  I never really grasped the concept of suicide and I truly don’t think any one studying the living can ever really understand it.  Over the years of offering mediumship sessions, I developed another view than the one as a person who studied it academically and as a person who had attempted in the past. Suicide is not just a perversion of thought, it is a psychic suggestion placed upon the spirit of the victim.  The suggestion filters through the self until all things align, not just mentally.  All facets believe the trickery of suicide.  I think suicide, like “Evil,” deserves to be named as personified destruction, thus named “Suicide.”  “Suicide’s” false promisses and forked toung manipulations can even spread to loved ones like a deceptive virus, contaminating the gameboard upon which nobody knows they stand. “Suicide” may also call itself “Sacrifice” if the rebranding is required. We need to view “Suicide” as a creature whose only function is to rip appart lives and feed off the pain.  Ever notice how, loved ones can spiral into a sort of insanity or deep depression or even disassociation over the weeks, months, and years to follow rather than heal.  “Suicide” amplifies the pain so that pain it can consume.  “Suicide” never can eat enough. It must always have more.  Survivors must at all costs, see “Suicide” as who it is – it is the Ultimate Destructive Trickery.  

If you are considering Suicide to solve your problems or to free yourself from others or to even make a friend stronger or your family’s life better, please know that such reasoning, logic, and justification are all lies.  Life does not get better.  Life does not go on.  Every single person, including your spirit and corpse will fall into an incermountable pain as death spreads and “Suicide” smiles.   Find someone to talk to. Find some way to banish “Suicide” from your existence.  “Suicide” is not the choice you really want to make.  

Sadly, my nephew Zach, fell by the lurings and false promises of suicide. 

Zach’s Obituary Posting
Friends and family are desvistated. Whatever promise “Suicide” made him, it was a lie. 

In the following inspired message, Zach from beyond the grave calls out the lie and the mind altering nightmare of knowing what was about to happen.  
Please, please, please, understand that life is worth living and you do not live life once you are dead.  As a medium, that was the biggest awareness of the dead: dead means dead – dead does not mean keep living.  

This is the Auracature Art drawing that I believe Zach wanted to pass on as a memory tattoo.  

If I were to interpret the lines, it basically means that his spirit is accompanied by a sibling, parent, aunt or uncle, and that he has an angel pulling him out of his darkness while he is gaining a clearer understanding of what happened to him. In short, the lines suggest that Zach’s spirit is being prepared to fully cross over into Love’s Light or in faith related terms – into Heaven.

These are the words that wrote through my hand during the drawing of the above Auracature:

Message inspired by Zach

“Where they put me

I had no escape

I thought that I wouldn’t die

That I’d be better off

That I’d live forever

I never wanted to die

Here I am because of a lie

Nothing was done

From truth they’d run

How did I ever believe them?

Death is NOT fun

I found myself in trouble

So I wrapped myself in my bubble

I knew my life was done

Before the week begun

If I knew that I’d be dead

I’d have never put that gun to my head

You cry

You try not to point fingers

You cast blame at yourself

You watch the world turn

Looking for the lesson that you were to learn

The only thing you didn’t see

Was how trusting naivety can be

I wave from here

I try to be near

But my end was my end to you my family and friends

Today is worse than last year

I think it’s sinking in

That this is not some awful dream

I am never coming home again

No matter the amount of trying 

To understand that last day

The only thing I know for sure

Is that I lost my way

I am not asking for forgiveness

I don’t think it can be forgiven

But try to give yourselves a break

I’m the one who fell asleep 

I’m the one who did not wake

I wonder what this year will be like

Time is strange here on this side

Sorry for not being there

To spend it with you.”

Here is a Spirit Drumming and Chanting that I did for Zach and other loved ones who have fallen to the prey of suicide:

Video: In Memory Zach Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums and Strangely Chants.

In Memory of Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater, His Uncle Rich, Strangely Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums. I seldom drum or chant this this odd. The oddness of it is very reflective of such which is played by the dead through mediumship and channeling. I thought that it would be something pretty and peaceful, instead, it depicts the process of shedding pain. I posted this once already and then I took it down. Then this morning on the 2nd anniversary of Zach’s death by suicide, I received a written message and image that justifies this song.

My sincerest condolences.  

If you are alive and reading this, please stay alive. Never give up living.  You are meant to stay alive until old age opens the doors for your passage onward.  

Much love and Many Blessings, S

“Uncle Rich”

Being an Extremely Sensitive Empath has Its Challenges but The Great Outdoors is Healing: Sterling Sinclair Goes Barefoot Tree Hugging, Walking, Bathing and Sunset Swimming, October 2017

Being an Extremely Sensitive Empath has Its Challenges but The Great Outdoors is Healing: Sterling Sinclair Goes Barefoot Tree Hugging, Walking, Bathing and Sunset Swimming, October 2017

If you are like me, people, yes people, people in general drain you.  The drama never ends whether it be on a sidewalk, at a friend’s house visiting, at a hospital or big stores like Walmart.  

Take us to a conference just to listen – bam – drain. 

Have us present – triple bam – ultra drain. 

If you are like me, you probably go out and socialize as seldom as possible and live like a hermit as much as possible.  

We are naturally social as well as reclusive.  It is an impossible life to live but we find our ways to live it. 

Over the past few weeks, I have had difficulty finding stability because I have been out and about.  

So when at my rural  waterfront studio in the woods, I have been seeking restoration.  

I hope that these videos give you a sense of peace, calm and home.  

This is a video of me heading out for a walk in the field. I just got back to the studio and immediately had to go for a walk: 

Sterling Sinclair heads out for a walk in the country
Once out in the woods, especially in the fall, I like to kick off my shoes and go walking barefoot in the leaves.  It is astonishingly grounding.  

This is a video of me walking barefoot through the leaves: 

Video: Sterling Sinclair goes Walking in the woods
I love it when nature starts to peacefully whisper to me and I am called to hug the trees.

 This video is raw and up close. I hope that you gain the sense of being one with the forest: 

Video: Sterling Sinclair Natural Tree Hugging
When I return, especially when it is at sunset or evening, I find that a nature swim or blessed bathing in the lake to be restorative.  I let the waters drain away any pain that I am shedding. 

This video is of my going into the lake barefoot. The water for the end of October is really warm. It was so magical with the light twinking on the lake as the sun set.  

Video: Sterling Sinclair kicks off his shoes and walks into the lake
For us extreme empaths, reconnecting with nature and the elements has a way of giving us a rest.  The above moments gave me times to cleanse and re-energize.  Do you do similar activities too. Do you find nature helpful? 

Much love, S 

Sterling Sinclair Apologizes for the Drama that He Caused after and Possibly, as a Presenter, During the Montreal Edgar Cayce Conference 2017. He asks God for Guidance and He is Told to Part Ways. Oct 23, 2017

Sterling Sinclair Apologizes for the Drama that He Caused after and Possibly, as a Presenter, During the Montreal Edgar Cayce Conference 2017. He asks God for Guidance and He is Told to Part Ways. Oct 23, 2017
Sometimes, things don’t work out as good as one would hope. Sometimes things seem to repeat themselves. 


This year, I was invited back to present at the conference and due entirely to my misunderstanding, I presented an interactive workshop and closed with a channelled drawing and message.  

I really enjoyed the conference and I highly recommend it to you if you are seeking Edgar Cayce teachings and/or spiritual/creative awakenings. It will be held at the end of September, 2018

Although I thought my presentation was enjoyable and experiential, there were a few others who thought otherwise, as usual with pretty much any presentation one gives. 

Sterling Sinclair Channels an Message from God at the Montreal Cayce Conference
In the days and hours to follow a mix of miscommunications and mixed empathic energies drew me into understanding that I was not welcome to speak again but I could drum and draw as long as someone else could speak for me, about me, and about my work. I jumped to conclusion and heard that I was being silenced. My reaction was unjust and I am truly sorry for the upset that my reaction caused. 

These issues have now mostly cleared up so I asked God what to do and how to proceed. This was the written response:


“To bow out is but a hurtful expression of defeat, but a necessary one for the organization. Silent, you can never be, so limit your exposure. Guests come not to learn or hear from you. Stay away and the numbers will still grow. Although the time is ripe for learning through your witness, the opposition [to it] has grown as well. You cannot tolerate the fight. The conference does not achieve your goal of parting this reality. You draw too much negative attention. You gained and lost friends. You will be forgiven of the pain you have caused. You will close that door and open the windows of the future. The Cayce bunch are good people. They have their direction. They will continue moving forward without your drama. The time to part ways is now.”

I will rest upon this to see if the energies change before officially withdrawing my participation in the 2018 conference but I will make my decision soon so that closure may be obtained and that conference goers can depend on me going or not going. This is the link to the channelled message that I did at the end of the workshop. 

Again, I truly am sorry, S

Sterling Sinclair Page