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Do Taboo Deaths Require Silent Grief? Sterling Sinclair Posts about his Nephew’s Death by Suicide Twice on Facebook and Receives One Condolence Comment.  Is such a Response Expected?  If so, why? October 24, 2017

Do Taboo Deaths Require Silent Grief? Sterling Sinclair Posts about his Nephew’s Death by Suicide Twice on Facebook and Receives One Condolence Comment. October 24, 2017  

To be fair, my post was a comment with a link to the following post regarding both mention of my nephew’s death and the topic of suicide.  It wasn’t a “I’m feeling down today because I miss him” post, which would have invited a supportive response.  I wrote the post in such a way because I felt that maybe he may be able to save a life out there.  

Link: to the Blog Post Regarding Suicide and the Death of Sterling’s Nephew
I have a Master of Divinity from Victoria University and the University of Toronto. I concentrated my studies and training on counselling – primarily grief/death & dying/infirm/hospice.  

Taboo topics were seldom raised in the university classrooms but were common concerns during my training. The secret pain people carried became even more so prevalent as the people I visited grew older or faced their own approaching death. 

One of the most powerful lessons that I learned was that as we face our own death, we begin to purge ourselves from our guilt, negative perceptions, awful memories, hate, and more than anything else – suppressed grief. 

Before we die, we grieve.

As for accidental death, it is difficult to confirm this pre-death grieving process but if we take a moment and reel back the days before our loved one died by accident, we often recall him/her/they making grief and/or other purge related statements.  

Sometimes, we recall the person’s behaviour changing in ways indicative of the purge.  

We more often than not discount or let the statements and behaviours flow on by. We all do. If you did and missed the signs, you are not alone. With no context – without knowing that an accident is to happen – we simply miss the clues. We must not beat ourselves up if this happened to us.  

When I began offering private spiritual sessions (once I hung up my collar) I was shocked to find the extent of secret pain people carried. I have sat with over 2000 people and well over 80% of them carried this grief. In the cases whereby discussion revolved around the topic, almost all of the people were uplifted after purging or revealing the pain that had been long hidden. 

The most traumatizing pain appeared to be related to taboo causes of death. They were revealed in this decreasing magnitude of silence.

1/ terminating the life of one’s own child (death by accident, termination of pregnancy including miscarriage and abortion, and not noticing the signs that could have possibly stopped the death).

2/ suicide

3/ overdose or laced drug

4/ alcoholism

5/ abuse

6/ murder

So it is no wonder that my posts regarding suicide and the anniversary of my nephew’s death were met with one condolence comment. 

One may be surprised by this list but it appeared in this order over and over again. With that said, many women have argued that they have no grief due to abortion. I have been in enough sessions to witness this to be untrue with the majority of my clients who have terminated their pregnancies. It is for this reason that such death (again considered not death by some because they hold the opinion that an unborn child is not alive), is one that involved suppressed grief. I don’t want to side rail this post with the topic of abortion but I felt that I needed to address the controversy.

Nonetheless, we as a culture of selective public grieving pick and choose what is okay and not okay to grieve over. We have our limits to the type and amount of pain that we can handle. We don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings and we don’t want to publicly portray ourselves as monsters, weak, frail, neglectful, bad, people.  

Many of us are unwilling to mention a topic of suicide and when we do, we wash ourselves clean of any guilt or wrongdoing by posting “get help” phone lines and sharing mental health posts. No matter how we paint the picture, if our loved one dies, we deal with it. No matter the level of pain and loss, we experience pain and loss. 

The silence regarding these taboo deaths needs to stop. They need to be pulled out of our closets and thrown into the centre of the street. In so doing, we can more openly support each other. The silence and secrecy and suppression of our grief, feeds debilitating and self-deprecating thoughts. Our behaviours toward others, especially our loved ones is altered, and far too often altered negatively.   

I knew a man who accidentally ran over his child at a construction site.  He never remembered doing it.   He never could find his way again. Everyone suffered. It was almost never spoken of as the years passed. He grieved alone at night, in the truck driving to work, and in prayer. He built a wall around himself and yet at nighttime when alone, he cried himself to sleep for many years. 

I know a woman whose father shot off his head.  She was a young woman with children and young siblings. She still cannot remove from her memory of cleaning up the remains of her parent. She wanted to do so quickly so that her family would not have to see it too. She changed that day, so too likely her siblings and extended family. She felt that she needed to be strong and silent. She turned to alcoholism and she took her grief-fed-pain and turned it into abusive anger. Only a few people knew of the extent of her pain. Now that she grows older, the nightmares are visiting and interrupting her sleep. She even sleeps in another room from her husband because she doesn’t want him to witness these unconscious expressions of her secrets.

We all deal with death in our own ways. Most of the time, we need to keep on getting on. We need to survive and we need to care for our surviving loved ones. We need to keep moving forward. Let’s face it, getting back to everyday, regular activities can be good medicine but not at the expense of our grief.  

I am kind of hurt that only one friend gave their condolences on Facebook when I posted, but I understand any of the reasons why they may not have wanted to do so.  


With that said, I think some friends expressed their condolences by “liking” the post.  Also, I felt heard, however, because some friends shared the post.  It was very brave of them to do so because if just mentioning grieving due to one of these taboo ways to die, then posting about it on social media is waaaaaaaay taboo.  
The point that I wanted to make with this blog post is that whether a friend’s loved one died of a long life struggling with cancer or whether a friend’s loved one died due to suicide, the friend is still grieving over the death of their loved one.  
If we are to remove the taboo label off of certain causes of death, we must as a society view death as death no matter how someone dies. In so doing, we may more openly support each other as we, in our own ways, grieve over the deaths of our loved ones. 
Let go of the shackles of silence.  
We can move beyond this, 



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Sexual Assault Survivor Poem and Auracature “Still Here – Fighting to be Free.” When he comes in your room at night… November 25, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Sexual Assault Survivor Poem and Auracature

“Still Here – Fighting to be Free.”  

When he comes in your room at night…

 November 25, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Sexual Assault Survivor Child Abuse Rape Domestic Assault


I’m Still Here


I looked to the side

I stared at the wall

My lips bled from teeth bites

I never dared to call


I cleared the plate at supper

I feared the setting sun

Soon I’d try to sleep

I wished I wasn’t the one


I covered myself with blankets

I curled way down deep

But when I’d start to close my eyes

I felt him when he’d creep


I was not safe even in my own room

I wasn’t ever there alone

My siblings slept in beds beside me

I don’t know how I got his bone


I guess I was special

I guess from me their backs were turned

Silence screamed loudly as my springs did squeak

I wiped my eyes – Oh his love burned


I never saw him leave

I wouldn’t show my tears

Like a bad dream, the night ate up his shape

I wanted a drink from one of his beers


I coughed up in my mouth

I was sickened by his meat

His fingers would pierce me

I washed the blood from my sheet


I was alone at night

I was alone during the day

If anyone knew, not a mention was made

I wanted to go – Oh why did I stay?


I tried to tell Mom

I told my sister too

But the fingers pointed back at me

I guess I said something untrue


I learned to be quiet

I held these secrets inside

My pain was kept silent by the smiles that I’d wear

I tried to be proud – Where was my pride?


I wanted a good man

I looked for women, but nope

Where did my soul ever find to go?

I think maybe dangling at the end of a rope


I wanted to die

I wanted the sun to stay up

Was it the dishes I washed so well by the sink?

I took care each time I handled his cup


I live my life

I try to love and to live

No one ever showed me so do I know how?

I will find a way – I really want to give


If you see me with eyes all glaze over

If I’m not me sometimes some days

Please understand, I’m still here down inside

I’m dealing with life in my own silent ways


Please do not judge me

Please take time to see

He tried to trap all that I was

But I am still here – I fight to be free.


by Sterling Sinclair, 11/25/2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Intriguing Auracature of a Crucified Head – Is this a Reference to ISIS? To Persecuted Christians? Any Thoughts? October 19, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Intriguing Auracature of a Crucified Head

Is this a Reference to ISIS?  

To Persecuted Christians?  

Any Thoughts?  October 19, 2014


May we someday find peace.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, “Solitude,” November 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day


November 12, 2013


This the first image of its sort that has ever shown up on my Auracatures.

The following message came through too:




Stumbles Sideways

Simply Slipping







2 dots alone through space and time = darkness

Does this forecast the power grid shutdown or is it simply meditative?

You decide…



We are not alone…

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Remembrance Day Auracatures November 11, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Remembrance Day


November 11, 2013

I was raised by 2 grandfathers who were WWII veterans.

Upon their knees I listened to them as they told their stories.

They taught me to avoid war – to prevent war.

They taught me to brave.

They never spoke of their decorations unless asked.

They taught me to stand up for rights and freedoms.

Sadly, I have not done nearly as much as I would have wanted to do.

These two men and the veterans I have met, were/are modesty, bravery and sacrifice personified.

I tried to capture some of that in these Auracatures.

May this be my way of honouring them in my moments of silence.

I shall never forget.









Psychic Sterling Sinclair Annual Halloween Auracature Talismans to Inspire Safety and Protection – Personal & Home, October 29, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Annual Halloween Auracature Talismans

to Inspire Safety and Protection

Personal & Home

October 29, 2013


You may use these as wallpaper, carry them, pin them up or stick them up.

The personal ones are good to have on your phone, pocket/wallet/bag and in/under/above your bed.

The home one can be put in multiple places like windows, points of entry, on vents etc.  I even stick mine up on my mirrors facing into the mirror.

You can boost them by writing your own message on them ( the one says “Protect” – write the guide/spiritual influence/protector’s name before each “protect”).

An additional boost is to burn a copy outside while saying the phrase or words written on the talisman ( say the set of words/instruction/phrase a minimum of 3 times).

You can repeat the process if you want.

The idea is to focus your intent and to build your personal/family/home protection walls.

Feel free to print them or trace them or photo them with your phone.

No matter what, try to sat peaceful and happy this Halloween week.






Have yourselves a happy and safe Halloween week.

Many blessings,