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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Power Grid Shutdown Update Auracature – Another Satellite or Cosmic Image… What is the Relationship? November 11, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Power Grid Shutdown Update Auracature

Another Satellite or Cosmic Image… What is the Relationship?

November 11, 2013


Take a look at these…

Something is up…

If the power grid does in fact go down, these Auracatures do imply that something involving satellites and uplinks from off shore may be involved.

The one for the power grid, shows an island image – but why the flood?

I leave these for you to interpret.





If the power goes down, will it go down to protect our infrastructure, be forced down, be wiped out, or for data and program linkage?  Could this be simply a Big Brother issue or a False Flag event about to preempt a major event?  These Auractures do not seem to eliminate any of the options.  Hang in there.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Canada, Mexico, USA, American Power Grid Shutdown Drill Auracature and Visions, “Will the Power be Going Out on November 13 & 14, 2013?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Canada, Mexico, USA

American Power Grid Shutdown Drill

Auracature and Visions

“Will the Power be Going Out on November 13 & 14, 2013?” 

You Decide – You be Prepared…

Ok so is the power grid gowning down or not?

As for information off the internet – who knows?!

At the beginning of October 2013, I began receiving confusing visions of the possibilities.  The following, is a record of my journal entries regarding these visions.  They were written while recalling visions so they may not be written well.  Please forgive the lack of editing.  S

  • “Psychically, something is going to happen during or after the Nov. 3 eclipse. I have been virtually blocked from vision (strange) between the dates Nov. 4 and Nov. 20th. I researched sun activity and tracking last week, what I found was that up until November 3 – all kinds of planned scans and calculations done by US authorities like NASA (which allegedly closed today due to “shutdown”). After the 3rd -almost nothing. That raised a red flag for me.
  • “As I said, I have not been able to break through that span of time for the future. Anyway, I have been asking for guidance all day. Then at about 5:00ish I started sliding into trance – Asking about the power outage. The first thing was UN still having power.  Is it possible for them to have power and the rest be out?”
  • “Well the vision was blurry in behind – my interpretation was dark and foggy but it was not clear enough to be definite.”
  • “What happened was- in the vision was – I was popped out or climbed out of a large orange tube like a water pipe with no water but possibly power. It came from in the water and up through the ground and when I finally stood up out of it, I was standing at the doors/entrance to the UN.”
  • “I could hear hysteria. I was told that the UN was classified not as US territory but rather UN territory. Somehow, it was a body separate from the US – like an international, diplomatic safe house. The US could not shut its power off.”
  • “Then I was swung into the Security Council chambers and the US was absent. Like what? Does that ever happen? I am confused because it was mixed with current US defense breakdown issues.”
  • “In the vision – the US knows that it is under attack. They are keeping it quiet. The attack is not the US to the US. In this vision, the US had fostered some kind of an attack upon itself. What that was, was not revealed.  Another blank spot.  So has the US been shut out of the Security Council or is it in the future or is something else coming. There is a way in and out of the UN – tunneled I will continue looking for info. Sorry that I cannot be clearer at this time. I keep seeing blood red flags flying seemingly high, and red shirts or coats worn by what seem to be guards. Something about this is not real. Some of this is very real…”
  • “A gold star keeps popping up with red background… I can’t seem to see around it… It is 5 pointed. Trying to tell if inverted or not.”
  • “It is golden. It is upside down. It is not a ram’s head. It is sculpted/patterned with what looks like crawling snakes. It has always shown to me with a fire engine red – blood orange coloured backdrop. But tonight through the red cloth, I’m shown what appears to be silhouettes.”
  • “Sorry black silhouettes of marching men with helmets and gas masks(?)”
  • “The gas masks appear to be there but different. What sticks are the sticks/poles/swords/bayonets pointed upward and bobbing up and down like as if to a march. It is really creepy because all of this is being seen through this blood red veil upon which the opaque golden star adorns.”
  • “I’m finally behind the veil.  When I emerged, I stood in the center of a huge oval table. I think leather/ostrich skin – reddish tan / then a ring around it in light bird’s eye maple and then the outer ring in a naturally blood red color with a grain like mahogany (from an extinct tree – possibly petrified). It looks like huge meeting room without corners but with amber lighting on the walls and a flood light above the table illuminating a symbol.  It could be the lion that keeps swaying me. There are ghostly people – some sitting – some approaching like a meeting just ending or beginning. They are slightly transparent. I try to geo-locate – I am off the east coast – close to Martha’s Vineyard – the UN seems close or accessible too. I saw a new subterranean headquarters within the foundation of a newly built tower then I saw the ship.   The ship is grey, on the exterior not lavish (then as I wrote that a question came to me – was it a periscope device – the pipe – that I crawled out of in the vision the other day? The ship is a freight liner of sorts (as I write that I see Crete and Madagascar and a calm trans-Atlantic shipping lane that only this ship’s fleet can use – like one’s own private highway.  What really angers me in this vision is, they are drinking a special kind of water out of a particular crystal (like clear quartz or diamond).  They won’t drink the water we drink. They will only drink their water.”
  • “Can we be sure that the power grid shutdown is planned for testing or being shut down to protect it from being fried by some cosmic event? Will a cataclysmic EMP come from this? I am not shown these answers but I have an overwhelming feeling that there is way more to all this than simply sinister reasons.” 

I did not receive further visions within this set of visions.

Yesterday, November 7, 2013, I drew an Auracature regarding November 13, 2013.

The following Auracature is today’s illustration regarding the power grid on November 14, 2013.


Be sure to do your own research and try to always be prepared for a power outage.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Power Grid Shutdown on November 13 Auracature, November 6, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Power Grid Shutdown on November 13

Auracature, November 6, 2013

So will the power go out in Canada, USA and Mexico on November 13 & 14 2013?

This is so quiet…  It makes one wonder.

Here is an Auracature message about the 13th…




If you have not heard of the possible outage, these may help guide you to further searching and information:

May the universe guide us.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair USA Domestic Conflict Reflection – “Are You Being Poked by a Stick?” October 14, 2013

Are You Being Poked by a Stick?

The most calm and peaceful person will inevitably snap and defend himself/herself.

How many times will you be poked with a stick by your controller before you attempt to control your controller?

It is possible that a government may not lash out against its own people with weapons of destruction unless the government is threatened by the people.

If a government strips rights, limits arms, gives rights to some people and not others, restricts services the people need, deny entry to memorials that represent the people’s honor, deny food stamps, close down government and seemingly slant media in order to deny the voice of the people being heard, what will the people do as they feel more and more violated and disrespected?


What if citizens lash back and try to over throw the government with methods of force and inevitably use weapons to do so?

What if at that time the government considers itself threatened?

What if the government uses its stored weapons, body bags/boxes, watchdog, etc?

The people lose.

That is… unless the armed forces personnel decide that they are part of the people and refuse to exert force against their own people.

If the forces lash out against their own people, family and friends, then who do the citizens have to count upon?

What if the only people the citizens can count upon are people who the citizens have been led to hate (demonized people from other religions and countries) more than their own controllers?

An isolated country of people will be destroyed if they turn upon each other unless the world comes in to over throw the government and free the jeopardized country of people.

If the country that the world would have to face was the most powerful country in the world, then what would be the chances of the world coming to the aid of the isolated people?

What if the government has set up the war plan, knowing that no country is going to attempt overthrowing it if need be?

Is it possible that that government would continue to antagonize its citizens until they eventually stand up for themselves?

Is it possible that complete martial law would be implemented?

Is it possible that the citizens have no choice but to lose?

How many times will you be poked with a stick by your controller before you attempt to control your controller?

When the threshold is broken, will you regret the consequences of your actions?

How can you change a lose–lose situation while acting out in anger and spontaneous self-defense?

If you cannot

Then ask yourself

Are you being purposely poked by a stick?

Be smart, be safe, be free.


Sterling Sinclair