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Empaths: September 10, 2019 day of Headaches, Anxious Shaking and the White House gone Wild. Sterling Sinclair starts day with pain and ends with painful laughter on YouTube.

YouTube call for information regarding this odd agitation and headache

Okay, so many Empaths in Canada and the USA awoke with dreadful headaches and an odd empathic quiver. I refused to draw and seek an answer in my state.

Empaths wrote in about having similar reactions to this disturbance: from astrological identifiers to today’s White House events.

It was brutal. I am sure that you survived it.

I felt the urge to wish everyone a restful sleep and to wake up refreshed and without a headache. If you can’t laugh about it…

YouTube Wrap up of the Day and what a Day that Was

After posting the above video, I suddenly recalled, “Wasn’t that a Party.” Yes! The Irish Rovers. I loved that song when I was young and it still lifts my spirit. So I attached it to my YouTube video.

Lighten your day and have a listen. People with alcoholism issues may find this video offensive and therefore should exercise caution if you still choose to see it.

Otherwise, have fun tapping your toes to Wasn’t that a Party

Much love and sleep well.

I love you, Sterling


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Nature Photos of the Day, September 10, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Nature Photos of the Day,

September 10, 2012

There was a chill in the air this morning, but no frost.

The weather forecast is calling for temperatures to drop below zero C at night this week.

Enjoy these early fall photos that I shot along my way.

A maple leaf left its mark on my deck last night

before the lake’s breezes carried it away.




This World is Worth Saving.

Try to spend time with her today.