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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Post –Ascension Valentine’s Message, “Depressions & Anxieties – NO. Sensual Life-YES! It is Time to Throw OFF the Covers and LIVE!” February 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Post –Ascension Valentine’s Message,

“Depressions & Anxieties – NO.  Sensual Life-YES!

It is Time to Throw OFF the Covers and LIVE!”

February 12, 2013

Depressions and Anxieties may find voices within today. Spiraling unsettled energies today influence the mind to look upon the introspective funny-house mirrors of distortion.  With Valentine’s Day approaching, notions of romance flood in entrance doors to our houses of mirrors. If you are caught up in seeing your bent and twisted reflection, so too will be your romantic memories and wishes.

The orgasmic phase of romance is not one to be overlooked. The sensuality of life can cleanse the sadness of death. Sensuality can be found by watching the trees bend with the breeze, the snow shrink and swell with the precipitation of the day, a body of water thrusting its waves upon a heaving shoreline,  holding a photo against one’s throbbing breast, or washing music down your soul.

The ascension brought with it a peculiar sexual energy.  Although this seems to be affecting females in general, women, especially 55+ year olds, have become or are becoming even more sexually driven. Although sex drive quivers under the sheets of your everyday, it roars for your partner to pull them off your bed of passion.  This could very well be a Valentine’s Day worth remembering.

Whether we have depression or anxiety, we can still find sensuality in life. Turn from the funny-house mirrors; see the world before you. If you allow yourself to see it, feel it or hear it, smell it, sense it, or envision it sensuality will be there. With sensuality pumping through your soul, your hot, moist, tingling desire for passion will bear fruits of spiritually, youthful fire within.

Love, Cupid Sterling

The Aquarian Valentine’s Baby


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Post of the Day, January 19, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Post of the Day, January 19, 2013

These sure are magnificent times.

The time of the ascension reaches people of all ages.

Physical forms, ethnic backgrounds, places of origins, faith stances and belief structures do not affect the ascension, only our response to it.

The time of ascension is particularly intriguing to follow and rejoice during the ascended development of self and other because no matter how well one channeled visions of the future, to truly and clearly channel this did not seem to happen because the ascending mind could not grasp the fullness of the actual ascension that we living now.

A couple years ago, I had several clients asking me about their post Dec. 21, 2012 futures.  Sadly, I could not see their futures after that date.  This was a major adjustment to my business because it put my validity as a seer into question (at least it did to me).  What was peculiar about this occurrence was that I could see my client’s children and the world they were in 10 years from then – so year 2020.  Why the jump?  This bothered me as I questioned it over the past couple year.  I could tell something was ending, something was continuing and something was beginning – but what?  I knew that if I could see that far into the future one thing was for sure – our existence was not about to disappear on the 21st .  Our future would suddenly change – somehow for the better.    AND IT DID!

Leaving our old selves behind and growing as if for the first time, we have come into the ascension with the ability to change.  We can, like never before, leave or change what once held us back.  We can move forward anew as we are now and as we are becoming.

We have finally found our way back upon the surface of this planet and now we can breathe and taste and feel what we have missed for so many years.

Because we are all moving at slightly different paces and our development is specific to each individual, we will each read this post with a different perspective and understanding.  But what we have in common is that we are experiencing a change – no matter how small or how big.

What we must keep in mind is – We have been shown an open door to become who we are meant to be and do the things we, deep down inside, have known we could do or were made to do.  This is our time.

Let’s create a glorious future.



Today’s FB Status Post at about 9:00 am:

Sensations of senses sumptuously stimulate serenely simple snippets of souls Saturday.  To taste what you have been eating, smelling, feeling and hearing in a more sensual manner will continue to magnify our visceral and emotional responses.  Although progressive, this advancement leaps forward today.  Enjoy this change.  This is a magnificent time to be alive.  Love, S