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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: It’s Time to Find Our Feet! When we Question Where We Belong We Avoid Belonging There, Where is Home? August 16, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

It’s Time to Find Our Feet!

When we Question Where We Belong We Avoid Belonging There,

Where is Home?  

August 16, 2014

I am frequently asked questions by clients concerning belonging and direction.  We live in a time of upheaval.  We seem to be trying to locate the beacon to guide us home but our navigation devices seem to be confused.  Do you ever feel this way?  Like you don’t know where to turn OR where to settle down and simply exist?

I spent many years looking for my place to “be.”  I simply could not find my feet.  It was odd because I lived in the same rural neighborhood for 18 years of my life but nothing felt like home.  My own bed felt foreign.  Something just was not right for me.

In 2002, I was in a discussion group at the University of Toronto.  We were discussing displacement.  Of all the things to discuss, displacement was the conversation I was searching for my whole life.  Was I the only one to feel this way?  In the conversation, it was made clear that I had not seemingly entered a conversation by chance but that I was meant to be there on that day with these people.  We all shared one common characteristic – we were all people of the Canadian Algonquin Nation (some 1 generation back and some like me 3+).  We shared the same blood.  As soon as I clued into what had just happened, I asked, “do any of you feel like you cannot find your feet or plant your roots?”  Everybody there felt the same way.  Allegedly, almost all Algonquin people share this feeling at various intensities because Algonquin people have had to move and move and move – the travelling people.

Here I had been looking for something that I could never find.  A memory passed down through the generations.  It was part of me.  I was still connected to my homeland but the location had been long lost or forgotten.  My quest to find my place in this world was a quest not by choice but a quest I was born to live.  There was no way for me to ever reach my quest.

The time to stop searching had come.  I now could stop running away from here.  I could now make my home my home.

After sitting with thousands of clients discussing their directions in life and where home is to them, I have found that home is absolutely where we make it to exist.

When we stop running and assess our lives and look at where we are in those lives we can see where home can be and then set the course to make home there.

When I stopped running and took a deep breath.  You know where I found home?  I found it right here.  I had made my home my home and now it was time to stop running but to build my home where my home already was.

No matter our beliefs and no matter or heritage, we belong where we belong.  We live where we live.  We can choose to spend a life running and eternally searching or we can slow down, stop, assess, and make choices.  Maybe where we are at this time is the place we are to be.  We cannot make that decision if we don’t take time to experience it and ask,

“Is this my home?”

Home is where we make our home.

Here is exactly that…


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I hope I helped you find and celebrate your feet today.

I love you my friends,