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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: It’s Time to Find Our Feet! When we Question Where We Belong We Avoid Belonging There, Where is Home? August 16, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

It’s Time to Find Our Feet!

When we Question Where We Belong We Avoid Belonging There,

Where is Home?  

August 16, 2014

I am frequently asked questions by clients concerning belonging and direction.  We live in a time of upheaval.  We seem to be trying to locate the beacon to guide us home but our navigation devices seem to be confused.  Do you ever feel this way?  Like you don’t know where to turn OR where to settle down and simply exist?

I spent many years looking for my place to “be.”  I simply could not find my feet.  It was odd because I lived in the same rural neighborhood for 18 years of my life but nothing felt like home.  My own bed felt foreign.  Something just was not right for me.

In 2002, I was in a discussion group at the University of Toronto.  We were discussing displacement.  Of all the things to discuss, displacement was the conversation I was searching for my whole life.  Was I the only one to feel this way?  In the conversation, it was made clear that I had not seemingly entered a conversation by chance but that I was meant to be there on that day with these people.  We all shared one common characteristic – we were all people of the Canadian Algonquin Nation (some 1 generation back and some like me 3+).  We shared the same blood.  As soon as I clued into what had just happened, I asked, “do any of you feel like you cannot find your feet or plant your roots?”  Everybody there felt the same way.  Allegedly, almost all Algonquin people share this feeling at various intensities because Algonquin people have had to move and move and move – the travelling people.

Here I had been looking for something that I could never find.  A memory passed down through the generations.  It was part of me.  I was still connected to my homeland but the location had been long lost or forgotten.  My quest to find my place in this world was a quest not by choice but a quest I was born to live.  There was no way for me to ever reach my quest.

The time to stop searching had come.  I now could stop running away from here.  I could now make my home my home.

After sitting with thousands of clients discussing their directions in life and where home is to them, I have found that home is absolutely where we make it to exist.

When we stop running and assess our lives and look at where we are in those lives we can see where home can be and then set the course to make home there.

When I stopped running and took a deep breath.  You know where I found home?  I found it right here.  I had made my home my home and now it was time to stop running but to build my home where my home already was.

No matter our beliefs and no matter or heritage, we belong where we belong.  We live where we live.  We can choose to spend a life running and eternally searching or we can slow down, stop, assess, and make choices.  Maybe where we are at this time is the place we are to be.  We cannot make that decision if we don’t take time to experience it and ask,

“Is this my home?”

Home is where we make our home.

Here is exactly that…


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Master Oracle Psychic Reading Life Coach Coaching Ontario Canada Madoc Tweed Marmora Belleville Peterborough Kingston Toronto Ottawa Auracature Arrival Alien Here UFO August

I hope I helped you find and celebrate your feet today.

I love you my friends,



Psychic Sterling Sinclair: A Muddy Puddle is Your Playground – Take a Chance – Live Your Life Today! August 15, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

A Muddy Puddle is Your Playground

Take a Chance – Live Your Life Today!

August 15, 2014

I admit it.  Even as a grown man, one of my most enjoyable things to do is to jump into puddles.  Yep.  Just like Christopher Robin. Well – usually without my raincoat and rubbers on that is.

Another thing that makes me feel alive is standing as naked as I can be with my arms outstretched as the rain pelts my skin and washes me clean.

This morning upon waking, I received a cherished childhood memory in the form of a vision.  I was mud sliding in the rain.  What is mud sliding?  Huh?  You mean you haven’t tried it.  I’m sure some of you have.

I grew up in a family with very little money.  When we were small, Dad worked all the time and when we were old enough to shovel dirt and rake gravel, we worked.  It would seem that all I knew to do was work.  Well sometimes work can be fun.  Sometimes what we find fun at work is fun when we get home too.

You see, my parents were building contractors.  They built custom homes.  I don’t remember life as a boy without there being a big dirt pile somewhere nearby.  When it would rain, the clay in the dirt pile would become like grease.  Almost a filthy slime that caked on your bodies and if you stood long enough in one spot, the piles would swallow your shoes like a hungry mountain at lunch time.

Getting dirty was all part of the fun.  Wondering if something beneath the surface would pop out and grab us was part of the thrill.  I grew to look forward to the rain.

When we stayed at the trailer in the summer, my mom would kick us outside to play in the rain.  This is where my childhood vision comes in.  The driveway to the trailer was a few hundred meters long and was gaveled every few years.  But since it was clay beneath the gravel, heavy trucks would push the gravel down the driveway’s throat and the driveway would gladly swallow it up.  Soon, the driveway would return to our own slip ’n slide – a 1000 foot long slime-covered path for us to follow.

But as boys, we didn’t really care to follow a path.  We found it our duty to turn that path of life into our personal playground.

With Speedo bathing suits coving our bottoms, we would take turns running as fast as our bare feet would carry us and when we’d meet a puddle, head first we would dive.  With arms fully stretched and rounded bellies out, we skimmed through the mud with ease.  The joy to freely make the most out of our day on this slick path of life was worth wiping the mud off to see the blood dripping from our knees, palms and chests.

You see, in those muddy puddles, there were always random gravel shards hidden beneath the surface of the water.  They would scrape and cut without warning.  Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn’t, but that didn’t stop us; it was all part of the thrill.  We were boys.  The world was ours on that that muddy path and we embraced it.  Sure it hurt at times, but those memories of pure innocent joy to this day get me through when the chips are down.

This morning my vision was a close up of me pushing the muddy water with my face as I was sliding head first through it.  What accompanied that vision was the memory that no matter how dirty I was, no matter how  scraped and bleeding I was, no matter the how badly it hurt, the rain would fall gently down and before I knew it, I was washed clean, restored and ready to go again.

I can’t walk by a puddle to this day without that boy spirit driving me into the mud again.  I have ruined so many pair of good shoes because of it, but restoration of self and knowing that I am still alive is so worth the price of stained leather and a wet socks.

I share this because many of us face our puddles today.  We stand and look onto the murky surface and consider ways around because the unknown hides before us.  We even consider turning back or finding another path.  I mean what are people going to think of us if we show up bruised and covered in filth?

Today, consider your muddy, slippery path as your playground.  Today, don’t consider the puddle in the road an obstacle but as an invitation to splash around.  Dive into that puddle head first and take a chance.  Live your life.  In that moment, it will matter not what other people think or even if the scars will be remain.  In that moment, you will know that nothing stopped you from living life your way.

In that moment,

You will know one thing…


You are ALIVE!

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Master Oracle Psychic Reading Life Coach Coaching Ontario Canada Madoc Tweed Marmora Belleville Peterborough Kingston Toronto Ottawa Auracature Arrow Live Love Life August

Let’s jump through puddles together.

Love to you,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair: How You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You, August 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

How You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You,

August 13, 2014

I used to be pro-life / anti-abortion, now I am not.  I used to believe that monogamy at all costs was mandatory in romantic relationships, now I do not.  I used to believe that all people after death either went to heaven or hell, now I do not.  I lived a life of rights and wrongs and sat on one of those sides with the middle not existing.  Now, I am neither for nor against the above.  Perceptions and beliefs can sure change if given a chance.

In life, we are influenced by our society, faith, communal consciousness and self-perceptions (just to name a few).  We naturally struggle as humans to commune but in our efforts to commune we compete for belonging – we compete to commune.

Although our choices are our choices, our choices have been set in place by our surroundings and developed perceptions.  Hence judgment becomes a part of our reality whether we like it or not.  No matter what side of the fence you sit on, when you comment about the other side of the fence, you are making a judgment call, good or bad.  Although judgment is not our nature, our nature influences us to judge.

I was raised in rural Christian community. I studied human behavior and sociology in University and became a Christian minister and counselor.  Life seemed right as rain.  I knew what I finally knew and had chosen my path, seemingly to me, a path without the judgment of others.

It was not until I began to live my professional experience and my family life grew into clearer sight that my eyes became more clearly clouded with desires for truth.  Life began to not resemble the life that I knew.  Maybe the life that I had been dreaming about was closer to the truth.

When I left the church and began reading as a psychic, I had a very difficult time keeping my own opinions and judgments out of the sessions.  It was impossible to fully eliminate the bleed.  But progressively I changed.  What I deemed in the past to be less than normal in life was actually far more normal than I could have ever imagined.

Life was life no matter how someone lived it.  My clients and the channels that followed began to open my eyes.  I hated to love.  I had lived a life loving to hate.  No wonder I used to be so angry and tried to cover up my anger through jokes and hurtful comments.

Now, I can barely recall the depth of my despair; life brought me life and love for life accompanied life’s love.

In the air of love, life began to flourish.  Hate began to shed and my judgments faded away.

To commune meant to commune.  I would be loved not because of my hate – I would be loved because I didn’t hate.  I would be loved because I loved.

My clients’ multiple truths showed me the way.  My truth became, “I can Love You!”

I fought hard for this not to happen.  But, it seems that when it is time to be a welcome fiber within the communal existence of life, the process cannot be stopped – AND thankfully so.

I thank you.

You Opened My Eyes and Made Me Love You.

In turn,

I finally loved myself.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Master Oracle Psychic Reading Life Coach Coaching Ontario Canada Madoc Tweed Marmora Belleville Peterborough Kingston Toronto Ottawa Auracature Love Hate Judgement August

Love to you on this day,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, Modern Day Prophets, Spirituality and Evangelism, January 20, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day

Modern Day Prophets, Spirituality and Evangelism

January 20, 2014

Is Your Spirituality Truly Open to Newly Awakened Teachings?

If New Prophets Prophetically Speak, Will You Listen?



Spirituality is the center every society.

Whether embracing a common spirituality or shunning it, societies revolve around it.

It is impossible to eliminate spirituality from any society.

Without it, no human society exists.

In my thesis on modern tribalism in western culture, I identify several commonalities of all tribal communities.  The three main commonalities of all tribes are: 1/ Spirituality; 2/Music; 3/a Matriarch.

The number one commonality is spirituality.

This is why places of worship exist first in new communities.

In lesser evolved societies, the following concept still rings true – controlling the spiritual focus of a society means controlling the society.  This primal belief procreates “Holy” wars and religious battles for domination.

Therefore, rooted deep within the depth of the human existence is spirituality.  Often avoiding spirituality through means of logic, simply raises the argument of spirituality to the forefront of people’s minds.  A person may be so set to prove that “God” does not exist and “Heaven” is a fantasy that he/she places the thought of “God” and “Heaven” to the front of his/her conscious mind.  It is possible that the atheist himself/herself thinks of “God,” “Heaven,” and other spiritual matters far more often and intensely than a devout practicing Christian.  Whether one avoids spirituality, tries to prove spirituality is an illusion, or embraces spirituality, it exists around and within.  The center of the tribe remains, Spirituality.

Competition exists in the world or spiritual thought, belief, faith, life and so on.  Whether you are an individual flowing with the Universe or a member of a particular faith, religion, denomination, spiritual group or consciousness movement, you feel that you are in the right place for you at that time or you are seeking just the right place.  At your time in your existence, your spirituality will feel right to you or it will not.

If your spirituality/spiritual stance feels right to you, you will likely look further into it and try to grow in/with it.  When this is the case, you feel ok sharing your beliefs, experiences and sharing with others.

If your spirituality/spiritual stance does not feel right to you, you will likely try to turn from it and look for something else.  When this is the case, you feel ok sharing your experiences and reasons for rejecting the beliefs.

Whether you are talking with a friend, sharing your experience, or delivering a flier to a random stranger, you are spreading the word of your current spirituality/spiritual stance.  You want to share.

On Facebook, my newsfeed streams of posts from people of various faiths and people who claim not to have any faith.  The picture posts and statements are posted as means of evangelizing/counter-evangelizing.  If you make a public post about a spiritual issue, whether directed toward a particular group or as a personal statement, it is still sharing your belief/experience/spirituality/spiritual stance with others.  Even though this form of evangelism/counter-evangelism is exercised through a seeming detached medium, when you post, you are doing the same thing as people delivering fliers (about their spirituality/spiritual stance) to your door.

I know many people who act cruelly to the Jehovah’s Witness people when they deliver fliers and then go on Facebook or call their neighbors to complain about being interrupted by these people sharing their spirituality/spiritual stance.  By posting on Facebook and calling their neighbors to complain and vent, they are exercising their abilities and desires to share their spiritualty, spiritual belief/faith/situation/stance and so forth.  They kick a person off their steps because the person is evangelizing and through the means of their complaints, they too engage evangelism/counter-evangelism.

I run into this more in the “natural,” flow with the “Universe,” “earth celebration” communities than I ever did within the church.

Although this is contradictory to the behavioural belief of acceptance of all people and being open to new ideas, these communities are just as protective of their spiritualties/spiritual stances as any other structured religious group that I have experienced.

Why?  No matter the spirituality, spirituality exists at the center of the tribe.  Spirituality exists at the center of society.  Spirituality exists at the center of life.

When new (seemingly new) spiritual thoughts are shared from dreams and prophetic verse/visions, the thoughts are quickly placed on the back side of the spiritual mind.  The newness of it has very little place in the mind/spirituality/spiritual stance of a person who has a particular spirituality/spiritual stance.  The prophet and the prophetic information is rejected or distanced.  If the visions/verses/dreams align with a particular spirituality/spiritual stance, the prophet and the prophetic information is less distanced and sometimes welcomed.

The modern day prophet or “God-Program Messenger” is sent the visions/verses/dreams in order for them to be shared.  Since they are prophetic, their chance of aligning perfectly with any current spirituality/spiritual stance is sizably reduced in comparison to someone who channels within an already accepted and celebrated spirituality/spiritual stance.

The prophet is to open the eyes and channels for new beginnings.

Our modern culture has become rationality based.  The need to explain the spiritual system and its interconnectivity with humans and God has become paramount.

Prophet verses/visions/dreams, no matter their means of record, are meant to be shared for the sole  purpose to help people move forward through lessons, new concepts, images, reflections and so on.

Is a prophet a form of evangelist?  Absolutely.

The prophet proclaims the word of the “Universal God-Program Origin” that is needed to be shared at the time of sharing and recorded at the time of recording.

The familiar phrase, “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” applies here.

We can be so deeply connected with our spirituality/spiritual stance that the messages from a/the prophet are never seen or heard.  They can even feel like ramblings of a “crazy” person or negative criticisms.

The modern day prophet accepts his/her prophetic position and his/her evangelism qualities/directions/efforts.  The modern day prophet can choose to be silent and in turn fall desperately ill OR share and receive health.  The prophet must allow for loved ones to leave him/her and the prophet must accept the love of other people and eventual community belonging.

The prophet is modest and usually introverted.  Unless the prophet gives into his/her Universally ordained position, he/she will struggle with the realities of public life and the acceptance of others.   Although the prophet is not the type to seek a following, the prophet must allow a following to develop.

We all have many gifts and we all can use those gifts in ways we choose.

The prophet faces a choice of life or no life.

The prophet is an instrument of the “God-Program Origin.”

Whether your spirituality/spiritual stance aligns with the prophet’s visions/verses/dreams, take a moment to consider the weight of sharing that the “Universal God-Program Origin” has placed upon his/her shoulders.

Whether or not the prophet’s words/images/sounds/etc. resound with you at the time you experience them, they are shared for Universal pathways to flow and align as the “Universal  God-Program Origin” has set forth.  Sometimes, the prophet’s visions/verses/dreams are to be seen/heard/experienced by someone so that another person may be touched by them.

We are all part of this magnificent Universal program that we call life.

Spiritualties and spiritual stances will continue to shift and change.

The prophet is a central part of the spirituality.

Spirituality thrives at the center of life.

Many blessings and much love,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message – Dreams and Dream Filters, January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

Dreams and Dream Filters

January 14, 2014


The current life condition and preoccupation of one’s mind act as memory filters affecting memory acknowledgment and memory retention.

In our sleeping or “daydreaming” moments, more vivid memories jump to the forefront of our human sorting mechanism.

Since the flood of information can be alarming and unhinging to the current functioning thought processes, the filters sort out what you will attentively retain.

Therefore, if a person is preoccupied with the current life events, the memories of relatively current happenings (past/present/future) will be more predominantly retained.  This is why a person will seem to have dreams related to the person’s current perceived state.

To alter the dream retention, one must alter the filter through which the tidal waves of memories flood one’s awareness.

Alter one’s state of mind and/or life condition and alter the filter.

One of the most prominent hang-ups humans have regarding not seeing visions is that they cannot do such a thing.

They have developed the self-perception that they are not gifted or simply cannot do so.

However, that perception is far from the truth.

The truth is that all people are wired with the same God-program origin.

The ability to remember is wired into all people within the program.  The only difference between one person who can see and the person who cannot see is the filter.

Change the filter, change the sight.

Change the filter, change the memory retention.

When I was 16-19 years old, after a many years of unwelcome experiences,

I felt as if I were an expendable person who was born into a family for the purpose of being treated cruelly.

I felt like an imprisoned scapegoat tortured by the ones I entrusted with my life.  No one seemed to hear my cries.

During this heightened state of injury, the filters of destruction and demonic notions of personal invasion surfaced.  Every sleep induced dream I had was a nightmare or a night terror.   Eventually, I stopped sleeping, but my life condition continued to slide out of my grasp.  The nightmares eventually entered my daydreaming moments.

As my life condition changed over the years, I found the love of friends.  Hope began to build and my filters began to build new screening methods.

About 8 years ago, I still had the odd nightmare.  One night, I had enough of being killed in dreams or watching my loved ones being killed.

I decided to change my life direction and at the same time conquer the demons of my dreams.  By altering the filters within the dream as the dream was happening, I survived.  The nightmares stopped.  I have been almost 8 years nightmare free.

The memories that we see as dreams can be more easily accepted as dreams (artificial creative events and manifestations of wishful thinking and/or anxieties) because they can alter our self-perception without our choice to do so.  However, they are memories.  Because they are memories, we can adjust how the memories affect us by altering the memory filter.

As life is altered, the filters are altered.

As filters are altered, the sight is altered.

As filters are altered, memory retention is altered.

As the filters are altered, life is altered.

Many blessings and much love,


I am frequently asked how I see what I see when I see it.  One of the methods I employ is external filter duplication.  By temporarily adopting a person’s filter, I can access the memories being screened by my client.  Through accessing these memories, I can follow them back through the God-program to a moment before they reach the client’s awareness.  This method aids the process of discernment/understanding and has the capacity to alter the filters before the same information reaches the client’s awareness (if so chosen requested by the client), thereby altering the client’s response of the information being received.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message, No Dream is Too Big! Really? January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

January 14, 2014




No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

We dream of what could be and what we want to inspire.

We dream of better times and dream of flying.

We dream of peace and someday walking even though we have no legs.

Sometimes, dreams seem attainable and then we fail.

Upon failing, we cease to dream.

Sometimes, dreams are so distant from our current situation that only a miracle could seemingly make the dream a reality.

When the dream is distant, we have a tendency to neglect holding onto the dream.

So why dream at all?

The dreams we have of the world and ourselves are not dreams.

They are God-program memories either grafted onto our genetic codes or written into our basic life design.  Our spirits retain all memory because they are our eternal, universal life-force God-programs.

When we dream, we remember.

We do not fantasize or hope for better times because we are unhappy with our current position; we dream because we remember a current alternate life, a preferred life, or a life experience than the one we currently live.

The memory surfaces and calls us to that reality – no matter the perceived time frame.

If we were not human and did not have human bodies living a human condition at this time on this planet, the freedom to move between memories would be sizably more possible than it currently is.

The memories can be distractions.

No dream is too big? – Yes!  BUT, it may be unattainable at this time or in this life/life form/place.

Many years ago, I taught dream building.  I did not understand this then.  I, however, knew that there was something correct and incorrect with what I was teaching.

Although we are encouraged to embrace the entirety of being, the materialization of such an embrace can be too overwhelming.  It can shut down our entire life system – hence, requiring a God-program REBOOT.

Do you stop dreaming then?  No.  Absolutely not!

By converting your perception of dreaming to remembering, you are able to fulfill the dream requirements needed to see the dream through till it is attained in its entirety.

Therefore, by viewing the memory and relating it back to your current condition, you are awakened to the immediate steps, protocols, lessons, energies and movements required at such stages, beginning with the current one.

In short, by creating a workable vision (using a vision board is tremendously helpful) whereby the memories are entered and protocols are shifted/rewritten, the path to dream attainment is made visible and walkable.

The secret to dream or memory fulfillment is to implement methodical steps by using your own memories and lessons that are written into your God-program.

It has been said, “If the Dream is Big Enough, Anyone will do ANYTHING to Attain that Dream.”

The catch – the dream must be your dream – YOUR MEMORY – YOUR GOD-PROGRAM!

When it is your dream/memory/God-program you will be able to successfully access the memories of the requirements needed to successfully attain the dream.

Are you prepared to remember?

If so…


Love and Blessings, S

This is why I love being a Psychic/Life-Coach/Spirit-Body Reunification Specialist – I help people remember and help them attain their dreams.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Channeled Message “Eternal Waltz,” After Death – We Continue, November 11, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Channeled Message

“Eternal Waltz”

After Death – We Continue

November 11, 2013

Here begins the channeled message:

“Without you in my life,

I see a world filled with strife.

The noise so loud,

I reach for you – my wife.

I gather you flowers,

I place them by your gentle ivory towers.

You see me daily,

But look on through.

Would I do different

If I wore your shoe?

I left in the morning

To wake a night – full of mourning.

I meant to come home

Enough with the scorning.

Let’s wipe our tears

Eternally flowing throughout the years.

Now, my hands be rough

Let that be your fair warning.

Can you feel your heart that I’m warming?

I know…

It’s always time to pray.

But please…

Let’s break and play.

Cuz Darling,

I’m here with you today.”

Here ends the channeled message.

I present to you Auracature “Eternal Waltz.”





We are never alone.