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Sterling Sinclair Spirit Sings a Song of “The Awakening” a Prophetic Auracature Art Channel Message from 2013

Sterling Sinclair Spirit Sings a Song of “The Awakening” a Prophetic Auracature Art Channel Message from 2013

The Awakening    

Video of me Singing these Channelled Lyrics
Blue gasses consumed 
By a gulf of lost souls

Climbing across

The land of destitution.


The ship’s fluid glass

Engulfing my family


Searching for a new home.


I cry crimson disorder


About our pod 

Of containment.



An invention of avoidance,

Freezes the mind.  

Detaching years of unexplainable experiences.


Can you feel the awakening?

Can you feel the awakening?

OH the awakening.

Can you hear them?


Why must we stop 

In a land without salvation?


Hurling through space.


We slow

Near this netherworld

Of interpretations

And interruptions.


Was our world 

That bad?

I cannot recall

The sight.


I smell

The scent of burning butterfly wings 

It overwhelms 

My memories of home.
I smell

The scent of burning butterfly wings 

It overwhelms 

My memories of home.


Shall we go back to sleep?

Shall we go back to sleep?

Shall we go back to sleep?

Go back to sleep?
The commander says…

Peace be with you, 

Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, Modern Day Prophets, Spirituality and Evangelism, January 20, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day

Modern Day Prophets, Spirituality and Evangelism

January 20, 2014

Is Your Spirituality Truly Open to Newly Awakened Teachings?

If New Prophets Prophetically Speak, Will You Listen?



Spirituality is the center every society.

Whether embracing a common spirituality or shunning it, societies revolve around it.

It is impossible to eliminate spirituality from any society.

Without it, no human society exists.

In my thesis on modern tribalism in western culture, I identify several commonalities of all tribal communities.  The three main commonalities of all tribes are: 1/ Spirituality; 2/Music; 3/a Matriarch.

The number one commonality is spirituality.

This is why places of worship exist first in new communities.

In lesser evolved societies, the following concept still rings true – controlling the spiritual focus of a society means controlling the society.  This primal belief procreates “Holy” wars and religious battles for domination.

Therefore, rooted deep within the depth of the human existence is spirituality.  Often avoiding spirituality through means of logic, simply raises the argument of spirituality to the forefront of people’s minds.  A person may be so set to prove that “God” does not exist and “Heaven” is a fantasy that he/she places the thought of “God” and “Heaven” to the front of his/her conscious mind.  It is possible that the atheist himself/herself thinks of “God,” “Heaven,” and other spiritual matters far more often and intensely than a devout practicing Christian.  Whether one avoids spirituality, tries to prove spirituality is an illusion, or embraces spirituality, it exists around and within.  The center of the tribe remains, Spirituality.

Competition exists in the world or spiritual thought, belief, faith, life and so on.  Whether you are an individual flowing with the Universe or a member of a particular faith, religion, denomination, spiritual group or consciousness movement, you feel that you are in the right place for you at that time or you are seeking just the right place.  At your time in your existence, your spirituality will feel right to you or it will not.

If your spirituality/spiritual stance feels right to you, you will likely look further into it and try to grow in/with it.  When this is the case, you feel ok sharing your beliefs, experiences and sharing with others.

If your spirituality/spiritual stance does not feel right to you, you will likely try to turn from it and look for something else.  When this is the case, you feel ok sharing your experiences and reasons for rejecting the beliefs.

Whether you are talking with a friend, sharing your experience, or delivering a flier to a random stranger, you are spreading the word of your current spirituality/spiritual stance.  You want to share.

On Facebook, my newsfeed streams of posts from people of various faiths and people who claim not to have any faith.  The picture posts and statements are posted as means of evangelizing/counter-evangelizing.  If you make a public post about a spiritual issue, whether directed toward a particular group or as a personal statement, it is still sharing your belief/experience/spirituality/spiritual stance with others.  Even though this form of evangelism/counter-evangelism is exercised through a seeming detached medium, when you post, you are doing the same thing as people delivering fliers (about their spirituality/spiritual stance) to your door.

I know many people who act cruelly to the Jehovah’s Witness people when they deliver fliers and then go on Facebook or call their neighbors to complain about being interrupted by these people sharing their spirituality/spiritual stance.  By posting on Facebook and calling their neighbors to complain and vent, they are exercising their abilities and desires to share their spiritualty, spiritual belief/faith/situation/stance and so forth.  They kick a person off their steps because the person is evangelizing and through the means of their complaints, they too engage evangelism/counter-evangelism.

I run into this more in the “natural,” flow with the “Universe,” “earth celebration” communities than I ever did within the church.

Although this is contradictory to the behavioural belief of acceptance of all people and being open to new ideas, these communities are just as protective of their spiritualties/spiritual stances as any other structured religious group that I have experienced.

Why?  No matter the spirituality, spirituality exists at the center of the tribe.  Spirituality exists at the center of society.  Spirituality exists at the center of life.

When new (seemingly new) spiritual thoughts are shared from dreams and prophetic verse/visions, the thoughts are quickly placed on the back side of the spiritual mind.  The newness of it has very little place in the mind/spirituality/spiritual stance of a person who has a particular spirituality/spiritual stance.  The prophet and the prophetic information is rejected or distanced.  If the visions/verses/dreams align with a particular spirituality/spiritual stance, the prophet and the prophetic information is less distanced and sometimes welcomed.

The modern day prophet or “God-Program Messenger” is sent the visions/verses/dreams in order for them to be shared.  Since they are prophetic, their chance of aligning perfectly with any current spirituality/spiritual stance is sizably reduced in comparison to someone who channels within an already accepted and celebrated spirituality/spiritual stance.

The prophet is to open the eyes and channels for new beginnings.

Our modern culture has become rationality based.  The need to explain the spiritual system and its interconnectivity with humans and God has become paramount.

Prophet verses/visions/dreams, no matter their means of record, are meant to be shared for the sole  purpose to help people move forward through lessons, new concepts, images, reflections and so on.

Is a prophet a form of evangelist?  Absolutely.

The prophet proclaims the word of the “Universal God-Program Origin” that is needed to be shared at the time of sharing and recorded at the time of recording.

The familiar phrase, “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” applies here.

We can be so deeply connected with our spirituality/spiritual stance that the messages from a/the prophet are never seen or heard.  They can even feel like ramblings of a “crazy” person or negative criticisms.

The modern day prophet accepts his/her prophetic position and his/her evangelism qualities/directions/efforts.  The modern day prophet can choose to be silent and in turn fall desperately ill OR share and receive health.  The prophet must allow for loved ones to leave him/her and the prophet must accept the love of other people and eventual community belonging.

The prophet is modest and usually introverted.  Unless the prophet gives into his/her Universally ordained position, he/she will struggle with the realities of public life and the acceptance of others.   Although the prophet is not the type to seek a following, the prophet must allow a following to develop.

We all have many gifts and we all can use those gifts in ways we choose.

The prophet faces a choice of life or no life.

The prophet is an instrument of the “God-Program Origin.”

Whether your spirituality/spiritual stance aligns with the prophet’s visions/verses/dreams, take a moment to consider the weight of sharing that the “Universal God-Program Origin” has placed upon his/her shoulders.

Whether or not the prophet’s words/images/sounds/etc. resound with you at the time you experience them, they are shared for Universal pathways to flow and align as the “Universal  God-Program Origin” has set forth.  Sometimes, the prophet’s visions/verses/dreams are to be seen/heard/experienced by someone so that another person may be touched by them.

We are all part of this magnificent Universal program that we call life.

Spiritualties and spiritual stances will continue to shift and change.

The prophet is a central part of the spirituality.

Spirituality thrives at the center of life.

Many blessings and much love,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Repeatedly Sees the same Crop Circle In Blackouts and Dreams, April 23, 2013, April 24, 2013

Last night at about 9:00pm I started blacking out.  Each time I would regain consciousness, I would be left with this crop circle image.  I never saw the other half.  The image was more complex, but each time I try to record it, this is all that appears on the paper.  It is like I can see it but cannot explain or record it.  Take a look.  Maybe you know where this is…

I was asked by a friend what the whether was like in the vision.

The weather was cool/warm, clear blue skies with a slight wind.  It is bright but I don’t see the sun…  It is like it is in my back and to my right like as if it is almost dusk.




Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Dreams of Civil War Possibilities, April 24, 2013, “How To Turn People Against People.”

At about 9:00 pm last night, I started blacking out and some of the visions I received showed how a country can turn its own people against each other.

Silently push one part of civilization in to poverty and then publicly give them gifts in order to appear as the savior of the people.

Actively and publicly collapse the spirit of rebellion by removing rights and weapons while invoking fear.

The visions were not isolated to a country or world – that was ambiguous, but it did show streams of hurting immigrants marching across borders up alongside a large body of water.

This came out of a reflection this morning: if a government wanted full control over its people, it would have to: remove their rights; remove their voice; remove their ability to defend themselves.  If this was not enough, the people would need to turn on each other.  Now how would that be possible?  Would it be possible if the government was viewed by 1/3 of the population as bringing it healthcare, giving “illegals” citizenship, providing food, higher pay and alleged understanding to the poor?  It works in international diplomacy.  Why not in a domestic situation?


From the visions and the reflection, I grew concerned for my friends in the USA.

Here is why…

2012 Population in USA – 313,914,040

This varies year to year. For example, in 2006, just over 700 000 people were naturalized in US. In 2007 that dropped slightly to just shy of 660 000 people. In 2008, it’s estimated that over 1 million people will be naturalized.

As for naturalizations by top 10 countries of origins, for 2006 were:

Mexico,India,Philippines,China,Vietnam,Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Korea, Haiti

3.7% of USA Population is believed to consist of un-naturalized citizens (illegals) – this represents 11,614,819 people.

29.5 % of USA Population – 100,000,000 people are thought to be poor

14% of USA Population – 45,000,000 people have no health insurance (40 million go without healthcare)

12.7% of USA Population – 37,700,000 people are over 65 years old

1% of USA Population –  According to the US Department of Defense Website (as on October 6,

2007) . . . “. . . over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and 669,281 civilian personnel, we are the nation’s largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces.”

57,700,000 children under 18 who do not live in poverty.

These numbers account for almost half of the USA population.  The Obama administration seems to be trying to help many of these people, while ramping up domestic “watchdog” programs and trying to alter the constitution.

Is there any plausible relationship?

Just something to think about


I pray for the Universe to find peace and balance.

As a global people, we must not turn against each other.

We must find another way.


I send love and wisdom out into the world today.

Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection, March 7, 2013, “Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent? Can You Tell the Difference?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection,

March 7, 2013,

“Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent?  Can You Tell the Difference?”


“Heaven sent” or “heavens sent?” As a channel of prophetic verse, I can attest to these sounding the same and at times even written the same as “heavensent.”  When one speaks of angels does one speak of an angel from heaven, an angel of a person, an earth angel, an alien, and entity, an inter-dimensional traveler or someone/something else?  All of them may very well have come from a heaven, or the heavens.

My first memorable alien abduction experience happened in 1974.  I saw lights swirling out across the road in the field and then beings with flaming heads took me from my bed.  I have a sense of being flown off and the next thing I recall was being back in bed when it was time to go to school in the morning.  Was it simply a dream?  Did beings from the heavens take me for a while?

When I was training to be a congregational minister at the University of Toronto, I found that the biblical passages concerning rings with in rings and staircases out of heaven and the resurrection story as being tangible.  I had some kind of personal, experiential connection with the passages/events.  Also, I found myself questioning whether to pray or not to pray when the prayer would begin with “Oh God.”  I would often ask the leader of the prayer to tell me – “What God am I praying to now?”  The sense of something tangibly bigger and more ordered in a real, almost physical, way sat with me.  This was not my mind doing this by itself.  I was conditioned; conditioned by something other than my everyday life.

As humans, human-hybrids, and beings cloaked as humans, we are held in place by reason.  If we cannot make sense of it, then we discount it.  If it is not good to us, then it is bad to us.  It is with a purposeful effort that we put ourselves in a place to acknowledge the things that make no sense to us. A neighbor of mine, a respected and adored clergyman, said to me when he finally developed his concept of what I was now doing for my career, “I do not believe in the supernatural.  I am not superstitious.” He has seldom spoken to me since.  What confused me by his statement was, if he discounted the work of the supernatural then how could he have ministered by “the Love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Communion of the Holy Spirit?”  How much more supernatural and superstitious can something get?!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing my friend or the entire Christian faith/belief system.  What I am questioning is, “how can the power of one spirit be supernatural and the power of another – not?”  Albeit, some spirits seem to be more powerful than others, but the level of their power does not exclude them from the very essence of being a spirit.  In some way or another, Heaven and/or the heavens have some relationship to them.

When it comes to matters of a heaven, the heavens, superstition, galactic housing, whatever the sort, “humans (and their types)” will continue to view them in their own particular way.

In short, the argument between something/someone being “Heaven sent” or “Heavens sent” is fueled by: 1/ the interpretation of the Universe, 2/ one’s conditioning to/within the universe, 3/ one’s willingness to look beyond matters of understanding.

Many Blessings,