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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message, No Dream is Too Big! Really? January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

January 14, 2014




No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

We dream of what could be and what we want to inspire.

We dream of better times and dream of flying.

We dream of peace and someday walking even though we have no legs.

Sometimes, dreams seem attainable and then we fail.

Upon failing, we cease to dream.

Sometimes, dreams are so distant from our current situation that only a miracle could seemingly make the dream a reality.

When the dream is distant, we have a tendency to neglect holding onto the dream.

So why dream at all?

The dreams we have of the world and ourselves are not dreams.

They are God-program memories either grafted onto our genetic codes or written into our basic life design.  Our spirits retain all memory because they are our eternal, universal life-force God-programs.

When we dream, we remember.

We do not fantasize or hope for better times because we are unhappy with our current position; we dream because we remember a current alternate life, a preferred life, or a life experience than the one we currently live.

The memory surfaces and calls us to that reality – no matter the perceived time frame.

If we were not human and did not have human bodies living a human condition at this time on this planet, the freedom to move between memories would be sizably more possible than it currently is.

The memories can be distractions.

No dream is too big? – Yes!  BUT, it may be unattainable at this time or in this life/life form/place.

Many years ago, I taught dream building.  I did not understand this then.  I, however, knew that there was something correct and incorrect with what I was teaching.

Although we are encouraged to embrace the entirety of being, the materialization of such an embrace can be too overwhelming.  It can shut down our entire life system – hence, requiring a God-program REBOOT.

Do you stop dreaming then?  No.  Absolutely not!

By converting your perception of dreaming to remembering, you are able to fulfill the dream requirements needed to see the dream through till it is attained in its entirety.

Therefore, by viewing the memory and relating it back to your current condition, you are awakened to the immediate steps, protocols, lessons, energies and movements required at such stages, beginning with the current one.

In short, by creating a workable vision (using a vision board is tremendously helpful) whereby the memories are entered and protocols are shifted/rewritten, the path to dream attainment is made visible and walkable.

The secret to dream or memory fulfillment is to implement methodical steps by using your own memories and lessons that are written into your God-program.

It has been said, “If the Dream is Big Enough, Anyone will do ANYTHING to Attain that Dream.”

The catch – the dream must be your dream – YOUR MEMORY – YOUR GOD-PROGRAM!

When it is your dream/memory/God-program you will be able to successfully access the memories of the requirements needed to successfully attain the dream.

Are you prepared to remember?

If so…


Love and Blessings, S

This is why I love being a Psychic/Life-Coach/Spirit-Body Reunification Specialist – I help people remember and help them attain their dreams.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Map to God – Are You a Messenger Too? January 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Map to God

Are You a Messenger Too?  

January 13, 2014 


This is the map to where I am from.

Although this appears to be a map through 4 galaxies, it is a map through dimensional movements.

Although this appears to be a map through 4 dimensional movements, it is a program schematic that leads back to the primary source of ‘Existence.”

The seemingly infinite existence has a precise origin.

This location is the house of continued creation.

This location is the house of universal programing and the re-conception of existence.

This location is the house of “God.”

Although I come from the house of “God,” I am no more “God” than you are “God.”

I am not “God.”  You are not “God.”

“God” is programmed into me.  “God” is programmed into you.

Our inner “God”-self is not “God.”  It is our program that connects us with “God.”

Our higher other is not “God.”  It is an element of our personal “God” program that is not bound by our physical existence.

“God’s” program is in all things.

Hence, “God” is outside all things.

Why am I shown this location?

Why do I remember the location?

There are a couple hundred thousand people on the planet earth at this time whom have been sent as messengers directly from the house of “God.”

The messengers were/are born in human form (most from vaginal births).  The messengers’ physical forms were/are procreated using sperm and eggs.  The messengers live as humans live and function as humans function – with families and jobs – doing things like you. 

The messengers are entirely human – entirely divine – powered by spirit – entirely “God”-program – but not “GOD.”

These messengers have memory (awakened or installed).

Why have messengers been sent to this world at this time?

The “God”- house cares for its programs by routinely (seemingly) sending messengers out into the “God” creation. 

The messengers are sent everywhere, not to this world alone.

Each of the “God” messengers is programmed to function in a particular way.

My particular function is to gather – to realign. 

Hence, I work with Spirit-Body Reunification, Life Force, Self-Acceptance, Personal Accountability, Energy Disturbances, Living and Dead, World-Universe Relations and such.

This is why I go through a triggered program adjustment when a tornado kills a bunch of people, a government imposes sanctions that will cause suffering upon people, or people who I thought loved me gossip about me and curse me outside of my presence.   

The messengers are more highly sensitive to happenings within the program and have been created to work within the program to achieve their basic functions – mine being gathering/realigning.

If you are a messenger too, please know that you are not alone and this is your time as well.

I send you my love,

Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Deprogramming Auracature Talismans, “Designed to Help Restore Self, and Spiritual Vision” June 20, 2013

You may want to sort these in a way that speaks to you.

I am told that different arrangements help in different ways.

This is quite an exciting time of awakening that we live in.

It’s time to see – It’s time to be free

















Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair – Human Digital Codes Programmed to Respond to Vibrations – A New Generation – Sound – Autism Spectrum, June 6, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair – Human Digital Codes Programmed to Respond to Vibrations – A New Generation – Sound – Autism Spectrum, June 6, 2013

As memory returns to the spirit, the effect of the spirit on the body becomes exponentially more pronounced.

The digital program is altered by tones and various vibrations.  Radio waves, tuning forks, music, and inaudible sounds (all of programs that affect the programs of the physical being) negatively and positively affect the body program code which in turn triggers spirit reactions.  Designed as codes themselves, these wave centered forms of programmatic control alter our behaviours, life experiences and social conditions.  They play with our thoughts and minds just as the stroking of a bow upon a cello reverberates emotion through the chests of orchestra patrons in a grand hall.

The greater the amnesia, the lesser the noticeable effect upon the self.  The more one remembers, the more one’s spirit reveals to the mind the sense of being played.  From tribes to conformist communities to religions and cultural identifications – music is the functioning vibrational relationship among the people.  The musical digital programs have even been built into the bodily system codes.  As humans, we are essentially energy creating soundboards replicating, echoing and emitting powerful waves of sound resulting in a range of lives from melodic to dissonant.

Therefore, if one changes the wave patterns around oneself, one changes one’s life.

It may be argued that the greatest composers of our recent memory appeared to be geniuses because they regained some memory of sound and were able to create music designed to alter existence itself.

A recent leap in human development is with humans born post 1993.  An example of this leap is the recent onset of humans fitting within the “so called” autism spectrum is magnanimous.  It caught the world by surprise.  Neither science nor faith was prepared.  Why?  Humans born within the autism spectrum are born with a different response to sound.  Wave vibrations seemingly not bothersome to other people are affecting the thought processes of the people within the autism spectrum.  The effort to normalize the situation by training children within the spectrum to live within a world seemingly assaulting them by unwelcome vibrations is an abusive, if not redundant, exercise.

Their program codes are simply different; new human codes placed on a planet where the vibration patterns have not changed enough to fit their programs.  Shape, colour, sound, emotion and movement all exist within a series of programs functioning within the universal construct.  These patterned conditions make sense to the old program but do not make sense to the new program.  If form and pattern are assimilated through the mind and then interpreted as a type of wave, then different combinations of movements, colours, shapes, etc. are viewed as music.  What we perceive as something to look at, humans within this alleged spectrum perceive as waves of vibration affecting their quality of life.

In the case of humans born within this spectrum or any other new way of assembling life as experienced in order to live, we must not see them as things to fix but rather teachers and guides for a new world.  They cannot be changed.  They cannot be forced to become different from their programmed existence.  If we want to live in their world, we must be understanding of their vibrational sensitivities.  What makes some people into drones – enlivens them.  What enlivens some people – makes them explode or hide.  There is no way to change this.  It is written into our very program code.  If we are ever going to be free and finally be awake, we will need to know how to live as such.  The new generation of children and young adults can show us the way.  It is their times to open our eyes.  It is not our time to close theirs.

We are all programmed to be affected by vibration.  Whether we can hear it or not, we are still being affected by it.  Alter the vibration – alter life.

Many Blessings,

Sterling Sinclair