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Sterling Sinclair Photographs Fairies – Faeries and a Forest Guardian on His Afternoon walk. October 9, 2017

I was sitting on the sofa yesterday around suppertime when I suddenly had the urge to take photos out in the field and forest. 
 These three photos were taken by me without looking through the view finder of my Nikon. I heard little high pitched voices say, “over here!” So I turned and shot. I was thrilled to see what was in these photos when I processed them this afternoon. 

Some of you will see them and some of you will not. 

As for me, this is a big confirmation that I am never alone.  

I have been drumming for a year and within this week I have:

grieved the death of the forest goddess tree, 

sung with my animal spirit guides, 

received etheric mist blessings

received visions of my ancestors, 

an ancestral anointing and mission instruction

stirred and calmed the wind 

and to top it off 

I got photos of orbs, forest sprites, faerie people, and a forest guardian spirit looking directly at me.  

What a magical week it has been for me. 

With these photos, I hope that those who are ready to see them will find and be blessed with eternal magic, awe, and restored hope.  

 This world is worth saving, just as the ancient ones are trying to save us too. 

May these photos brighten your day. 

Love, S 

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Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art: Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash – Do Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz and Pilot Patrick Sonderheimer Exist? Where are the photos? Where is the proof?

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art:

Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash

Do Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz and Pilot Patrick Sonderheimer Exist? 

Where are the photos? 

Where is the proof?

March 29, 2015

I must be missing something or cannot search the internet or media well enough OR this is like a War of the Worlds episode and nothing is real.

What the Hell is going on?

Who really is Andreas Lubitz and what proof is there that he was flying the plane when it went down?  Is he even a pilot?  If so, where is the proof?  Just because news reports say so does not make it true.  Where are the photos of him becoming a pilot?  The story is that it was his life-long dream.

Who is this girlfriend with no pictures on the web without being blurred out?  Who is she?  This was a young couple allegedly about to be married and now I read that she was a school teacher.  Well, where are the selfies, LinkedIn profiles, and pictures of being at the bar together or sitting in the class with students?  Where is there any photo of the two of them together that illustrates partners about to be married?

Allegedly, according to the Telegraph (lol) the un-named English and math teacher of Krefeld’s Gesamtschule Kaiserplatz was expecting his baby.  Oh yes, you heard it and read this shit here.  Allegedly, the “Headteacher Jochen Adrian did not return calls for comment.” – Now look at the name: Jochen Adrian – Joking Adrian – Joking Adrean – Adrean’s Joking – Andreas Joke… Could be just a coincidence.  Do you believe in coincidences?  I don’t.

This is the messed up article quoting tabloids:

Let us not forget the pilot who slipped out of the Cabin for no known reason.  My images suggests that the pilot – whoever it was stepped out to meet with a woman on the plane.

But where are all his pictures.  He trained, became a captain, was married and had little children.

The pilot was allegedly 34 and the co-pilot allegedly 27.  And no selfies littering the web?  Really?  And to believe that a 34 year old pilot with children and a wife at home did not have a phone on him as the plane was crashing to call or write for help is absurd.

But for the sake of this blog and those who want so see the photos and the official records of who was flying that plane and who these 3 people are, I ask for some help locating these.

Please send me photographs of Andreas Lubitz and Patrick Sonderheimer in uniform as pilots, in uniform for Germanwings, and sitting in the cockpits of planes. I cannot seem to find any such photographs and Lubitz’s facebook has been memorialized and taken down the last I checked. If you find these photos, they would be a big help to my blog articles. Also, please forward photos of him and his ex-girlfriend that are not blurred out or photoshopped.

Thanks for your help.

L, S


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Chemtrails Photos – I’m Going to Attempt Registering a FB Page to This, June 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Chemtrails Photos

 I’m Going to Attempt Registering a FB Page to This

June 22, 2014


Please send me your articles and photo of the trails.

Since they are allegedly a hoax (not to me – to me, these are real what ever is in them), the photos and articles should cause no problems.  Should they?

If we look at these trails in the sky left by planes as being visual pollution then maybe we can get traction that way.

“Visual pollution is an aesthetic issue, referring to the impacts of pollution that impair one’s ability to enjoy a vista or view. The term is used broadly to cover visibility, limits on the ability to view distant objects, as well as the more subjective issue of visual clutter, structures that intrude upon otherwise “pretty” scenes, as well as graffiti and other visual defacement.

Read more:























A hoax?

Bill Gates on Chemtrails:

Chemtrails vs Contrails:

Desiree Rover Presents Chemtrails Lecture to the EU: 

On April 9, 2013, in a hearing of the EU Parliament, I gave a presentation on the health effects of chemtrails.
See my slides on

Nanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeon

I could build a limitless post with arguments for and against the existence of chemtrails.  If we all agreed that they are chemtrails, then what chemicals are being sprayed would become the next list and why are they being sprayed the next list and by whom would be the next list.

I welcome discussion, please feel free to comment.

What I am going to try is a Visual Pollution – Trail-Art slant.

Please email your photos to me at

Please include where and when it was taken and if you do OR do not want your name mentioned.

The simple observance of trails (ie chemtrails – I think) in one visual image collection shall speak for itself without conspiracy.

They are in the sky – that is not argued by anyone I have found.  What they are, by whom and for what purpose forms the chemtrail conspiracy theories.