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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Cliven Bundy Malitia Nevada USA Standoff and Yellowstone Earthquakes form a 5 Pointed Star Is it all about to Blow? April 11, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Cliven Bundy

Malitia Nevada USA Standoff

and Yellowstone Earthquakes

form a 5 Pointed Star

Is it all about to Blow?

 April 11, 2014


All this within days of the mars-sun-earth alignment and the April bloodmoon (2014 is the year of 4 bloodmoons that means war).

Today the earthquakes in the region form a 5 pointed star.

I have been drawing a 5 pointed star on a blood red background for about a year.

The Bundy standoff is near the centre of the earthquake star.

The real media story is this event.

The malitia in the USA have been preparing for this for years.

No tasers will stop them from this rite.

Civil war is at hand USA or it seems, far worse – Yellowstone is growing impatient with you.

Will it all blow?

Is this observation just a coincidence?

You decide…

Sterling Sinclair Cliven Bundy Nevada Malitia Bunkerville Overton Yellowstone Earth Fight Cleanse April 11 2014

God help them.

God help us all,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Some January Auracatures Posted on Facebook, January 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Some January Auracatures Posted on Facebook

January 13, 2014

















We exist.

We must accept our existence.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Dreams of Civil War Possibilities, April 24, 2013, “How To Turn People Against People.”

At about 9:00 pm last night, I started blacking out and some of the visions I received showed how a country can turn its own people against each other.

Silently push one part of civilization in to poverty and then publicly give them gifts in order to appear as the savior of the people.

Actively and publicly collapse the spirit of rebellion by removing rights and weapons while invoking fear.

The visions were not isolated to a country or world – that was ambiguous, but it did show streams of hurting immigrants marching across borders up alongside a large body of water.

This came out of a reflection this morning: if a government wanted full control over its people, it would have to: remove their rights; remove their voice; remove their ability to defend themselves.  If this was not enough, the people would need to turn on each other.  Now how would that be possible?  Would it be possible if the government was viewed by 1/3 of the population as bringing it healthcare, giving “illegals” citizenship, providing food, higher pay and alleged understanding to the poor?  It works in international diplomacy.  Why not in a domestic situation?


From the visions and the reflection, I grew concerned for my friends in the USA.

Here is why…

2012 Population in USA – 313,914,040

This varies year to year. For example, in 2006, just over 700 000 people were naturalized in US. In 2007 that dropped slightly to just shy of 660 000 people. In 2008, it’s estimated that over 1 million people will be naturalized.

As for naturalizations by top 10 countries of origins, for 2006 were:

Mexico,India,Philippines,China,Vietnam,Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Korea, Haiti

3.7% of USA Population is believed to consist of un-naturalized citizens (illegals) – this represents 11,614,819 people.

29.5 % of USA Population – 100,000,000 people are thought to be poor

14% of USA Population – 45,000,000 people have no health insurance (40 million go without healthcare)

12.7% of USA Population – 37,700,000 people are over 65 years old

1% of USA Population –  According to the US Department of Defense Website (as on October 6,

2007) . . . “. . . over 1.3 million men and women on active duty, and 669,281 civilian personnel, we are the nation’s largest employer. Another 1.1 million serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces.”

57,700,000 children under 18 who do not live in poverty.

These numbers account for almost half of the USA population.  The Obama administration seems to be trying to help many of these people, while ramping up domestic “watchdog” programs and trying to alter the constitution.

Is there any plausible relationship?

Just something to think about


I pray for the Universe to find peace and balance.

As a global people, we must not turn against each other.

We must find another way.


I send love and wisdom out into the world today.

Sterling Sinclair

Fairies Light Up the Legs of Psychic Sterling Sinclair, September 3, 2012

I led a small tour through the forest and across plateau,

On our way, I heard some trees calling me over to hug them.

After I hugged them I noticed the morning sun shining through the tops of the trees.

So I stood for about 5 minutes looking into the sun and standing with the trees.

During that time, my partner took these pictures.

This shots are quite rare.

I love my forest people, orbs and rainbows.

Please take time to notice that there is not just one forest person but rather two of them, one larger than the other.





Now Hang ON!

Wait till you see this.


We are not alone!

This world is worth saving.

I send out love to you.