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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Nature Photos of the Day, September 6, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Nature Photos of the Day, September 6, 2012

What a beautiful day it was for my morning meditation walk.

I followed the call of the woods and when I stopped to photograph the stump below, I noticed a bald eagle sitting above my head in a tree.

What a wonderful experience.

When the mighty bird flew away, its wings thrashed against the branches and leaves so loudly that it sounded like pounding tribal drums calling the warriors and ancestors home.

I am changed.

Today, in some way, I am changed.

This world is worth saving.

This world is worth saving indeed.

I present to you a few of my photos that I took on my this morning.


We are not alone.






Fairies Light Up the Legs of Psychic Sterling Sinclair, September 3, 2012

I led a small tour through the forest and across plateau,

On our way, I heard some trees calling me over to hug them.

After I hugged them I noticed the morning sun shining through the tops of the trees.

So I stood for about 5 minutes looking into the sun and standing with the trees.

During that time, my partner took these pictures.

This shots are quite rare.

I love my forest people, orbs and rainbows.

Please take time to notice that there is not just one forest person but rather two of them, one larger than the other.





Now Hang ON!

Wait till you see this.


We are not alone!

This world is worth saving.

I send out love to you.