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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Suddenly Begins to Record an Auracature of the Explosion in Beirut Lebanon

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Suddenly Begins to Record an Auracature of the Explosion in Beirut Lebanon

August 12 updatePsychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Reveals Underground Rooms Below the Beirut Explosion 4 Days Before they were Discovered.

I was sitting on the sofa when suddenly got up, went to my drawing table and this came through.

I had no idea that the explosion(s) had happened.

When I saw a video of the explosion, I ran to the Auracature and it was then at that time, I realized what I had drawn.

Sterling video discussing the Auracature

August 4, 2020 at about 6:00pm Beirut time a massive explosion happened at the port.

Video of the blast

Some people theorize that the explosion was caused by fireworks and Ammonium Nitrate

Was it due to Negligence?

Was it due to a missile or some projectile, allegedly video recorded in this video. Keep watching the blue circle. Just before the massive explosion, something dark is allegedly videoed shooting into the area of the explosion. There are many stories taking off.

But this Psychic drawing suggests that this was no accident (psychic information is not factual and must not be considered as fact).

Will we ever know the truth?

To take this further, why were there explosions in Wuhan and North Korea at about the same time? Could these explosions be somehow related?

Update Aug 7: now the World Trade Centre in Brussels is on fire.

Update Aug 8: Beirut possibly caused by missile – Media is now reporting

You can see a missile/plane/projectile just before the blast. See the video above and keep watch on the blue circle when it gets to the sky.

My love goes out to all people affected by this/these tragedy(ies).

L, S