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Psychic Sterling Sinclair “You Have Likely Ascended,” December 29, 2012

If you are reading this because you just happened to seemingly stumble onto this post or have intensionally opened this post because you felt that you should do so, you have likely ascended.  The reason for this likelihood is that telepathic communication between the ascended people has been hardwired within them.

This past month has been difficult for some of us as we we have changed in our mindsets, belief systems, values frameworks and physical body shapes.  The full moon phase has begun the calling and information phases of our post ascension conditioning.

To me, this morning, the first visions and instructions began being sent.

This is an excerpt from a message I sent to a colleague and good friend of mine.

“December 29, 2012

We at the edge of a new time.  A time that could not be entirely forecasted by even the best of our people’s seers.  The time is by all means the New Age.  The time is something which we have been preparing and preparing for our entire lives.  To walk forth into a new time is our calling.  A new time.  A new age.  A new consciousness. A new sense of life.  A new sense of self.  A new sense of existence.  A new “New.”

There are thousands upon thousands if not millions upon millions who have ascended with us.  But of those thousands/millions, only hundreds of them have weathered the ascension with knowledge of their ascension.  They need support.  They need to see a new age that welcomes them and their glorious gifts.

Long past are the days of psychics and channels for hire as forms of entertainment.  We now find within us telepathy and unspoken communication and personal attraction.  A plan for our mission shall take place over the next month, until January 26/27, 2013.  Under the full moon, our collective ordination as a chosen people will be set in the stars and within our earth.

What I have so far been shown is that a global network is to be formed where people can connect and finding teachings and mentorships.  So much for the period of awakening.  It is time to learn what we have been given and use our gifts within our every day’s lives.

The days of Religious governance has given way to an ascended form of evangelism with the message – You are now home – Live as you were born.

It has many a time been mentioned that alien/human communication would be telepathic in nature.  However, seldom has been mentioned that the communication would happen within the person’s self.  They are here, we are here, we are NOW one.

In a sense, it is easier to think of a race having finally found its home upon the surface of this fine planet.  However, our race is not marked by colour, shape or form, it is marked by our unseen linked telepathic connection.

It is time to rejoice.”

To you, my friends, I send my love on this NEW DAY!



Remember, Embrace the New Day – Embrace the New Time – Embrace the New Age – Embrace the New YOU!