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Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter, August 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter

August 23, 2014

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The part about working as a psychic that I dislike is the request, “tell me about my future.”

Impatience in life drives us to want to know what is next.  We want to know that we are headed in the right direction but what if our direction has not yet been written?

Sure we want to go on another trip and have love that lasts and have the home of our dreams and we want someone to tell us that it is all going as planned and stuff will work out fine.  I get that.  But in the real world, sad to say, “stuff” happens.  Also, the belief that fate will solve the puzzle in life is a belief that limits choices in our life direction and restricts chosen manifestations.

Futures are as written as the most vastly collected libraries are written.  Your future path is reflected upon the pages of book you open.  Your life story will be told differently depending on the views of the authors.

With this thought in mind, self-fulfilling prophesies may also be true.  If they are true then why should we believe another author’s view of our life and seek to live it out rather than writing our own book series with many new chapters as we choose to write them?

When I draw a picture and it shows a blurred future, I am thrilled by the visual, psychic confirmation that my client has many, many chances to write my client’s future.  The past shall not hold you.  Your life can be what you aspire it to be if you simply take time to pick up your own pen and start writing.

When we write our own story, we write it not for others to buy but for us to live.  We navigate our life through a barrage of other stories upon the shelves of the Universal library.  We become the authors of our own lives.  If fate then exists, then when we write our own story we have enter our story into the collection of fates and we manifest our story into reality.

Life is not all blooming roses and chocolate bon bons all of the time.  Life stumbles and sometimes covered in the gravelly dust along the bumpy highway of life, we look back and wonder, “Where did I go wrong?”  This question, a worthy question of learning, has a tendency to paralyze our vision of life and as we sit in the ditch licking our wounds, someone else picks up our pens and begins to write other chapters in our books with their thoughts and foci changing our perceptions of our lives.

At all costs, do not let someone else write your chapters of life.  Hold your quill tightly to your chest and no matter what life throws you, keep writing your story.

The reason I dislike the request of telling the future is that I prefer to help my clients choose their own futures.  I prefer to help my clients open their books, pick up their pens and start writing again.  No matter the story that I read on the day that I am asked about the future, their futures can be different if they choose.  I desperately believe deep down in my bones that our futures are our stories that we either choose to let someone else write OR choose to write for ourselves.

If you are embarking on a new venture in life or simply stuck, find your pen and turn the page.  A new chapter waits to be written by you.

It is exciting to once again pick up your pen, do you know where yours has been placed?  Is your pen in your hand writing away as you read this short essay?

A new adventure calls you to turn the page.

Let this be the day that your new chapter in life is written by you.

Happy writing…

Your future is in your hand.




Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Life’s Thrift Shop and Memories Worth Keeping – Remember, It’s time to Move Forward! August 17, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Life’s Thrift Shop and Memories Worth Keeping

Remember, It’s time to Move Forward! 

August 17, 2014

I must confess, I am a thrift store junkie.  I even owned one a while back.  What astounds me is what I find on the shelves.  Discarded cherished memories of special times and life events get there because someone decided to throw them out.  A thrift shop is not a place where junk is thrown; it is a place where memories exist.

I cannot help but think that life is like that sometimes.  Without memories, where does life go?

It is not uncommon to find cups, plaques, plates, shirts and ornaments that were bought on trips from around the world.  Sometimes they are dated 20-50 years back and still labeled with special messages and the names of people who went on the trips.  To someone, these souvenirs represented fun and happy times that were meant to be preserved.  But something happened in their lives that resulted in these items being tossed.

I also find an abundance of photos filled photo albums, collectors’ plates and ornaments as well as entire sets of fine bone china, and 25th / 40th/ 50th/ 60th anniversary plates, cups, picture frames with pictures still in them and tea stained tea services.  Sometimes, all of the anniversary years show up on the shelf on the same day – like someone simply threw out many years of marriage.  The previous owner of these items collected them, cared for them and likely met fond memories every time he or she thought of them or saw them.   Then, something happened in their lives and their memory triggers were discarded.

A thrift shop is not a junk graveyard but rather an inexpensive depository of memories.

As a psychic and life coach I meet many people who are going through difficult times.  When we have a divorce, for example, the relationship becomes clouded.  We look at years and years of bad times and have a tendency to overlook the good times.  Sometimes, we overlook years of good times because of one bad time.  The negative darkens the mind and the positive is forced deep back into the shadows.  We forget how we felt at one time for our partner.  We prevent ourselves from acknowledging that we had really good times at times.  The ridding ourselves of those memories, do not free us but rather trap us in the negative.  We inevitably prevent ourselves from living.

I often hear, “I was so stupid to fall in love with him.”  Do not do that yourself.  Love is a strange thing.  When we fall in love, we fall in love.  When difficult times hit, we punish ourselves by stripping the last notions of our lives from us.  We lose identity and personal value.  We forget who we are.  We simply toss them to the side – sometimes hoping for another person to pick them up and them home.

When loved ones die, the people remaining grieve in their way.  Some people grieve by immediately cleansing.  Some people hold on.  Some people get angry and clean up.  Some people do nothing.  We all do it differently but one thing remains the same – we face blurred memories of life while we are grieving.  We make decisions that we would normally not make, like donating our mother’s international bell collection or sand art dogs to a thrift shop.  Some of us decide to throw out “junk,” “clutter,” and stuff just because that is what it is in that mindset.

Recall the old saying, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater?”  Well this is an example.

The bathwater goes out in our lives and the babies end up buried in junk piles or carelessly heaped upon thrift shop shelves yearning for someone to adopt them and take home and care for them again.  Once they are gone, the memory triggers are gone too.

In a state of hurt, anger, frustration, sadness, or confusion, we look at our lives and start ridding ourselves of the painful.  In that process, we often accidentally rid ourselves the most special memory triggers in life.

Be careful not to discard special, love filled times when you are cleansing yourself of the negative.  not let the negative blanket your life.

As a reader of memories and as a communicant with the other side, I truly believe that it is the living memories of fond times that keep us moving forward and our passed loved ones actively rejoicing in our lives, minds and hearts.  Our memories transcend death.

A fond memory may very well be the most special thing you have.

By preserving your special memories, the good times in life help us move forward.  We are reminded that we are/were loved.  We see life through a positive light.

Sometimes, a memory trigger, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, may to us, be a priceless gift worth keeping.

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Today, remember good times.

I send you my love.


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day, “The Full Moon and Father Issues,” January 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day

“The Full Moon and Father Issues”

January 25, 2013

The full moon is accompanied with father issues.  Memories and reconsiderations of life with our fathers and life as fathers swell within our hearts and minds.

Why do we wrestle with such matters?

During this magnificent moon phase, matters of life and death, beginnings and endings, reflections and future projects juggle in our collective circus we call life.  We are sent forward during this moon – sent forward with a suitcase left for us to fill.

What of our fathers will we pack and what will leave behind?

Like some other spiritual leaders, extraterrestrial abductees, dreamy romantics with undying desires to build a home, I have father issues that have been instrumental in the formation of my life.

A few years ago, I seemingly stumbled upon a common link between clients of this collective.  They either did not know the confirmed identity of their birth fathers, their birth fathers had died while they were young, or their relationship with their birth fathers was either distant or non-existent.

Some male created them, yet they were left outside without that male to nurture and usher them along.

These people, predominantly male, had grown missing a piece but yet had found a way of building a piece to replace it.  A puzzle with a replaced misshapen piece still makes a misshapen puzzle.

To these people, the misshapen puzzle was not misshapen.

Their puzzles and my puzzle were us, our identities and always being shaped and reshaped.

No matter the father situation, in the recesses of the mind there continues to exist an acknowledgement of the father’s participation in the person’s development.

Even to people who perceive that an angel had created them in some way, they have had notions of the angel has watched over them or punished them and steered them or left them in some way or other.

As we move through this new moon, we are reminded of who we are.  Yes we may be new in this New Age.  Yes we may have ascended during this ascension, but we still are here because we were at least once created.  Our creation, we shall not escape, nor are we asked by the universe to escape it.

As we move forward as new people, with new purpose, with new hopes, with new dreams, we must not forget that we are here and how we got here.

We let go of pain, resentment, upset and blame, we take what we can that acknowledges who we are.

Be careful not to throw out your passport to live while packing your luggage of life.

Be patient and understanding today.

This day really matters.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day, “A Time to Dream Again,” January 23, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day,

“A Time to Dream Again,”

January 23, 2013


When you were a child, do you remember what you dreamed of doing when you grew up?

What happened to that dream?  If you achieved reaching your dream, was it as fantastically romantic as you dreamed it would be when you were younger?

When we logically assess what life would be like in the future if we attained a goals, our logic misses fine, delicate nuances that come into our lives as time goes by.  In the process of attaining that goal, we live a life that is affected by people, situations, energies, powers and so forth.

Over the years, I have taught, counselled or visited many people who thought that they did not reach their goals, even though on the surface it sure seemed that they had met them.  Why?

We can paint a picture, we can write a story, we can create a fantasy, we can even journal and track our performance, but we will continue to miss the fullness of what is happening to us and around us unless we become part of that fullness.

We can get so immersed in the activity of achieving our dreams that we can miss wonders, blessings and new dreams that come along.

In this New Age, we are reminded to be flexible and develop as our dreams develop.  Sometimes our dreams may take us down a path upon which we are no longer comfortable, willing or called to take.  Sometimes a new dream develops.

As ascended beings, our lives will change as our lives changes.  We can make choices and set goals and not be fixed within the framework of those goals.

Because of the elevation in manifestation response, the ascended ones are reminded to be as clear as can be while manifesting things like happiness, wealth, health and success.  If one is not as clear as one can be when defining what these 4 things mean to them at that time, one may achieve the manifested goal and not recognize it.

This is an exciting time for dream, goal and purpose fulfillment.  We are reminded to be open minded, flexible, aware and clear.  It is time to take chances.  Where our paths are leading us is up to us to map and decide.

When we reach our goals, we can rejoice and even make new goals.  We will no longer deny ourselves of celebration and acknowledgement when our goals have been achieved.  By doing so, we will be open to positive, wondrous possibilities, relationships and experiences.  We will be present and with gratitude, move forward.

Today, we take a moment, no matter how short, to be like a child again and dream fantastic dreams.

Today, we take another magnificent step into the NEW AGE.

Sending love,


Today’s FB Status:

The spirit elevates today as you gain strength,

wisdom and power to make good decisions and life choices. 

This is a good day to celebrate opened and opening doors. 

Assess and take chances. 

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection of the Day, “Do Not Give In to Pre-Ascension Powers,” January 22, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection of the Day, January 22, 2013

“Do Not Give In to Pre-Ascension Powers”

If you have had to deal with matters of injustice (as you would interpret them) over the last few days, then you will want to read this post.

Issues and crises scream a violent plea of injustice.

Pre-ascension powers become desperate to monopolize the programming of our minds. They attack our lives, lifestyles, beliefs, values, and rights by repeatedly hitting us with injustices and matters which cause us to defend, recoil, retaliate, plea for fairness and add fuel to destructive situations. We must do our best not react in these ways.

If we do not get caught up in pre-ascension energies, we should find a relief by the full moon – Jan 25-28, 2013.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

This is where pre-ascension energies try to hit us where it hurts; where we are most vulnerable – our rights, our matters of self, our loved ones, our passions.  It is not easy to turn the cheek to such violations and in many situations, seemingly impossible.   To occupy our thought processes and emotional reactions, the pre-ascended powers have brought the battlefront to our lives’  doorsteps.  It keeps knocking till we lose it and let it back into our lives.  Refuse the Entry of Pre-Ascension Assaults and Manipulations!

They will leave.  They will leave.  They will leave.

The ascension provided us with a mind reboot and a new energy system.

The ascension provided us with opportunities to walk paths that we were meant to walk.

The ascension provided us with the ability to recreate the world that we live in together.

The New Age is different is a new age.

We grow with it as it grows.

We are the ascended.

We control the NEW programming of our own minds.

We choose what gets in.

We choose our lives.

We have the power.

We move forward.  We move forward.  We move forward.

Many blessings and much love to you,