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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Collection of Facebook Status Messages for the Weekend – March 8 – 12, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Collection of Facebook Status Messages for the Weekend – March 8 – 12, 2013

This weekend, a window opens for travel.  Not because of March Break, but because of a rip in the fabric of assertive oppression.  If you have not been back to a place since a negative experience because each time you have tried something has come up, you have fallen ill, or your plans have been foiled/rejected by others, then this weekend is for you.  This rip is your opportunity to put bad memories to rest and start something new. So…Where are you going to travel?  What are you going to do there?  Love, S

Today and into the next 4 days, the energy is good for marking your own territory.  The innate requirement of survival is to defend what is yours.  Humans, like other animals, give off a scent that is not recognizable by the nose, but by a collection of all senses.  Most of the time, humans do not know that they are even doing it.  The ability to expand business and personal relationships in other geographic areas spikes over these 4 days, primarily Saturday at 10:28pm – Monday at 8:14am.  Good luck, S

Today, take time to daydream.  The entire day sets up this weekend of prosperity.  Dream the dreams you once dreamed and put them in motion or set them free.  No need for, “What Ifs.”  What about now?  If life has become busy and dreaming has slowed down, then life has become a stagnant circle of daily “stuckness.”  Dream the dreams of life worth dreaming, for dreams make life worth living.  Happy Dreaming, S

The passionate exchange between Ra and Gaea draw us closer to the mysteries of nature.  Communal bonds of mutual adoration and the sensuality of life itself will be amplified greatly when you hug someone (including trees, pets, etc.).  If you cannot physically reach someone, visualize them in front of you and hug them (with your arms and/or visualized energy).  If you have not tried “long distance hugging” before, today is your day to try – Happy Hugging Today.  Hugs, S

Create a great 4 days.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature from Sterling’s Private Archives “Fullness of Sphere” April 2009

I read a post called “The Communal Sphere” posted March 9, 2012 by Knowthesphere.

As soon as I read this post, I was prompted by Spirit to post this image.

I too am often asked about being so “different.”

My response when asked such a question is “my difference makes me normal.”

One of the commonalities within our sphere of existence is “difference.”

Thanks to the above post, this is the first time that this Auracature has been publicly posted.





Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, March 9, 2012