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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Question: Is a Missing Collection of Lithium Batteries Dangerous? Missing Malaysian Plane Flight MH370, 370, March 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair


Is a Missing Collection of Lithium Batteries Dangerous?

 Missing Malaysian Plane Flight MH370, 370

March 22, 2014

You will read on my other blog posts that something will burn bright that was on that plane.

Also, something that appeared of value but wrapped up in a safe form of containment package.

Now we hear about the Lithium Batteries.

Lithium Metal burns bright white.

Lithium produces tritium in a nuclear power reaction.

Lithium-6 and lithium batteries are affiliated with nuclear/hydrogen bombs.

Now if there was enough lithium on that plane, would those batteries be of major interest to countries, organizations that have had sanctions placed upon them do to nuclear power or nuclear threat?

As a psychic, I keep seeing a link between what seems safe becoming very unsafe in the hands of dangerous people.

The channels I get, provide clues.  Not one of them guides in the direction we are to notice.  It is the collection of them that pieces together the puzzle.

Here are some links about lithium and lithium batteries.

God Help Us All,



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Psychic Channel Message Missing Plane, “Where Can Truth be Found?” Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, 370, March 21, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Psychic Message Missing Plane

“Where Can Truth be Found?”

Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, 370

March 21, 2014

Do you find it odd that we are told about Lithium Batteries but nearly nothing else about cargo.  As a North American, I find it odd that the media is not all over the alleged Canadian and American passenger family members.  Some countries don’t seem to be involved in searching.  Not all search areas are receiving focus.  The Airline itself seems to be silent.  The list goes on.  Why?  This channel says that truth can be found not at the show but behind the curtain.

Here begins the channeled message:

“When everyone sees, look 4 the blind.

When the noise becomes too noisy, look 4 the silence.

When chaos erupts, look 4 the stillness.

When the dick measuring contest becomes violent in the locker room of Hell, look 4 the demon holding the yardstick.

The answers of truth are found not in public proclamations, not on the news, not by volume of ships, not by voiced commitment – answers of truth are found in the seldom, if ever, focused upon.


What is missing?

Who is missing?

Why are they missing?

The answers are in the darkness of night – in the silence of day – in the reflections cast upon the eyes of a great fly in the corner.”

Here ends the channeled message.

Sometimes when we something important, we need to stop looking for a moment, regroup and go back  to the beginning.  I keep being told that 36 hours leading up to the flight departure up to 12 hours after the plane went finally missing.  That is a 50-60 hour time span.

The answers are out there.

God help us all,


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