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Empaths are NOT ALONE. Sterling Sinclair YouTube Channel Fills the Empath Void.

I was born an Empath.

If we are all empathic, what makes us Empaths? Basically, Empaths experience the waves and wonders of our existence in such acute ways that what we experience shapes who we are.

We do not shut it off. We cannot ignore what we sense because what we sense is everything.

We are not all psychics, healers or martyrs. We are not all spiritual leaders or mediums. We are not “hairy fairy” and “float about” people, as some onlookers might deduce.

Some of us, like me, are extreme Empaths and there are Empaths more sensitive than me. You see, our very cells, blood flow, nerve synopses are somehow developed, not just or minds and energies, in such a mysterious way that enables us to navigate every situation but in so doing, we can find ourselves hiding our beauty.

We are typically very talented at many things rather than a few which leads us to have many jobs, hobbies, interests, and relationships.

We embody beauty but so often see the ugly in us instead.

We are so often judged as the “freaks” and the “crazies” and “the social butterfly loners.” Our society values some of our skills but fails to wholly embrace us as “normal.”

What you may see in us a abnormal and needs to be fixed are the same things that make us Empaths normal and unbroken.

I have lived a life of rejection and of near deification. But what I wanted for so many years has been – a guy people like having as a friend. As years passed, I gave up trying.

I decided that I would embrace my Empath.

I would be like all Empaths to be as we were BORN to Be:


All of us Empaths were BORN as Love:

Beacons of LOVE!!!

Please join us as we grow and support each other. My YouTube channel is: Sterling Sinclair

Note: Sterling Sinclair means PURE HOPE!

I Love You,
Sterling Sinclair B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Div.

(Psychic Artist, Medium, Empath

and Spiritual Creative Counsellor).


Psychic Sterling Sinclair is Back on YouTube with a Sudden Surge in Views and Subscribers Due a Seemingly Mistaken Identity. The Universe does Work in Amazing Ways. August 28, 2019

Psychic Sterling Sinclair is Back on YouTube with a Sudden Surge in Views and Subscribers Due a Seemingly Mistaken Identity. The Universe does Work in Amazing Ways. August 28, 2019

Hi! I am baaaaaack… (insert the “Poltergeist” sound effect) on YouTube – that is.

But when I posted this blog post and video announcement, I was hit by a mega nasty negative intention directed toward me and a sudden drop in YouTube subscribers. I took down the video for a few hours the I tried again and the same but worse happened. So I took it down again. Sometimes, it seems, things do not change – at least in this reality. I healed by retreating into my nest. With in a week of stepping out of my safe place, I am encouraged to climb back in. Sterling may have come back but maybe the energy needs to go. We shall see how things go over the next short while.

This is my new alternate video: a storm is brewing. My apology & life

The following was my announcement of my wellness. The account remains true. I am sorry if I gave any false hope by posting the following. Much love to you, S

As you may know, 6ish years ago, I started falling prey to an illness. I have been dealing with ill intensions and curses being directed toward me since the time I began my Psychic Art Business.

Eventually, the purity of my spirit, mind and body simply collapsed. The effort it took me to continue being Love, Universally True, Positive, and Help Others Heal became too much for me.

If there is one Universal Truth about me, that is commonly shared among most of my friends, it is that I am Self-Sacrificial. Without hesitation, I give of my time and self so that others may move forward and find their ways home.

It nearly killed me to stop: offering sessions, writing blog and facebook posts, teaching courses, communing with others, and recording videos (including ones intended for YouTube).

In a span of a few months (just before I retired) I did not recognize longtime clients or their Auracatures, clients wrote me with follow-up questions and I could not recall our conversations, and my rebound strength just bottomed out.

I did not want to put myself first. I did not want to be so selfish (to me). But I was dying. Multiple organ function problems, arthritic problems, connective tissue problems, memory impairments, neurocognitive and neuopsychiatric decline, my diabetes was out of control, loss of hearing, impaired vocal chord function, I lost the function of my right hand, my sense of existence drifted away. I was choking /aspirating on my food, and Incontinence coupled with my inability to wash or dress myself extensively worsened. My care became palliative. My family and I plus my care team embarked on a journey to lessen my suffering and improve my accessibility options.

Then I stopped answering to “Sterling Sinclair.” Had the “Sterling Energy,” that was keeping me alive, left me? Was I left with only my crumbling earthly form?

During this approach into death, I found a twinkle of truth. I found an open door. I found a way to heal. From my darkest health and identity related moment, I saw “Sterling” glowing like I hadn’t seen “Him” before. “Sterling” had changed too. In the winter of 2019 for just a few days, the “Sterling Energy” returned. For those few days, I exhibited no layers of illness, only strength. Then, the collapse returned.

Then at the end of July / early August 2019, I started doing things that I had not been able to do. A few days went by and then I noticed a bottle of water beside my bed-stand. The bottle had my birth name, “Richard,” written on it. I did not recognize my name. I thought someone had broken into my home and left his bottle of water there. When a loved one asked what my name was, I did not know my name. This is common when a Walk-In walks in. Three days later, I was acknowledging my birth name as Richard but preferred Sterling as my name.

On August 15, 2019, I suddenly had the urge to record a video for YouTube.

Then on August 16, 2019, I sent texts to some friends: ” Just wanted to say: I Love You. Gonna have a great night. Sterling. ”

I had even forgotten about Love and its many facets. I noticed that I had signed the messages as “Sterling.” I had not gone out to visit anyone for almost a year ( except for once at my birthday). But within the day, I started wanting to visit with people. It was all very sudden.

Sometime just before August 15, Linda Grindel Linda G’s Website posted an audio recoding of Sterling Psychic Medium Sterling Psychic Medium Website. On that post, I can’t seem to find it now, she gives a shout out and session link to Sterling Psychic Medium. But the Sterling Psychic Medium she referred people to was not me. It was another gentleman. Linda G has quite a faithful and sizeable following and when Sterling Psychic Medium was promoted, people found me Psychic Sterling Sinclair. There had not been views or subscriptions on my YouTube channel for almost 5 years (except for a few hundred featuring me walking barefoot in the woods and hugging trees).

Earthing: Walking Barefoot in the Forest YouTube Video

Barefoot Tree-hugging in the Woods (I am wearing shorts – I am not Naked lol) YouTube Video

In a manner of 3 days, my posted video (5 years ago it was posted) regarding my recovery from a Psychic Medium event got over 4000 views and my channel got a bit of a boost in subscribers.

Sterling Sinclair’s Psychic Medium Event Recovery Video that has Almost 5000 views suddenly.

This is a static photo. The link is above it.

All of this lines up with the “Sterling Energy” leaving me and once again coming upon me. The Sterling Energy left and I fell tragically ill (and people stopped viewing/interacting with my posts) and then the Sterling Energy came back and I found a jolt of wellness and people started viewing my YouTube channel.

I do not believe in coincidences. The alignment of all these things are no coincidence.

And THIS MORNING – YES – WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS BLOG POST, Kim (my wife of 30 years and business manager) found this at her school as she was preparing her classroom to teach next week. I have never seen this shirt. It is new and crisp and sitting on top of the bucket. Is this CONFIRMATION or what?!

This shirt example is how the everyday STERLING SINCLAIR life rolls!!!

So how could a mix up happen with the name “Sterling?” First it may not have been a mix up but rather an intentional movement by the Universe and Sterling’s announcement that he is back.

But with that aside, when the name “Sterling Sinclair” and “Sterling Energy” claimed me, there was a Sterling Sinclair gas station in the states and the name was used for a character in a novel. In 2007/2008 I could only find me under the names “Psychic Sterling” and “Sterling Sinclair.” After a few years, there were over 100k search results on Google using those search terms and I was almost all of them.

I had bought multiple web addresses to protect the name and the use by other people. I can’t recall if “Sterling Psychic Medium” was one but multiple forms of these words were purchase by me. When I started getting ill I could not afford all of the addresses and started to let them go.

Now when I search the words Psychic Medium Sterling Sinclair (or other combinations) many hits are found. Many not me any longer. But there are psychics and mediums using the Name Sterling and/or Sinclair.

I do not know if the gentleman Linda G referred has “Sterling” as a birth name. It matters not. I wish him all the best and much business success. I am also thankful for Linda G recommending “Sterling.”

Personally, I hope that my “Sterling Energy” walk-in continues to heal me. Although I am not yet offering sessions or courses, I hope that the “Sterling Energy” enables me to get back at it. I am grateful for the YouTube viewers and their encouraging words shared in the comments.

If you have not viewed my YouTube channel: Sterling Sinclair / Psychic Sterling Sinclair , here are some post links to my videos. On this channel, I share lessons for Empaths, Psychics, Mediums and Spiritual Guides and Seekers. I try explaining things in layman terms so that beginners can understand and use them in there personal lives and professions.

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Love to you all, S

My life is like a rollercoaster. LOL.