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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Teaches Auracatures – You can be a Certified Auracature Artist Too – Here is a Refresher Illustration of what is an Auracature, October 20, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Teaches Auracatures – You can be a Certified Auracature Artist Too – Here is a Refresher Illustration of what is an Auracature, October 20, 2016
Here is an Auracature refresher to those who are learning to record them and fans of them. 
Auracature images are principally characterized by their simplicity, interpretive quality and most of all their characteristic drape. Auracature is a language that is cellularly (not spiritually) communicated through each individual line bearing the specific drape. Anything not fitting these qualities are not Auracatures. 

We can think of it this way – the symbol for love in American Sign Language is NOT shoving your middle finger into someone’s face, OR the letter “A” is not written as: “flower” in one English word ( such as “flowerflowerrdvflowerrk” for “aardvark”), and “sky” for another english word (such as “cskyt” for “cat”). Although Auracatures can look like amazing pieces of art, they are read by each individual characteristic line corresponding to the Auracature language. 

In the Auracature illustration, these are the gold standard of Auracature images. Entire 4 hour readings are done from these simple, elegant lines. I will be able to teach you how to read these.  

To become a certified Auracature Artist, the artist will need to master these shapes and understand their meaning. I am here to teach this and help you achieve that goal. If you are drawing, keep up the good work. After successful completion of the LVL 3 course and assessment, Auracature artists will receive their Auracature Artist Certification. How cool is that?!

Until that time, and at any level, the Auracature Process may be very helpful to the aspiring Auracature Artist. 

If Auracatures have inspired you to be a traditional psychic or spirit artist, that is fabulous. That fills my heart with joy. 


Please try not to publicize or mistake inspired pictures as Auracatures. Most authentic Auracatures almost look like random lines or scribbles. 

Auracature Web Page
Auracature Volunteer Workshop 3 Event
Blessings, S


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Universal Construct Program Codes and Auracatures, Life, Death and Memory in Relationship to Alien Interview , June 1, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Universal Construct Program Codes

& Auracatures, Life, Death and Memory

in Relationship to Alien Interview

June 1, 2013


In Alien Interview , it is written that beings, humanoid or otherwise, were created over many years of fabrication throughout the universe.  Once the beings were created, they were given spirits to animate the being and give it life.  The notion that evolution exists is argued against because of the beings having been created in labs and then with spirits placed on earth.  It is further told that when bodies die, the spirits continue live on.  On earth, when a body dies, the spirit leaves the body and then is stripped of its memory and put back into another body and is born again on earth; a life and death cycle, or rather, a life and another life cycle that continues to turn over and over again.  Where it gets confusing in Alien Interview is the memory stripping part.  Because Earth is a prison planet (as mentioned in Alien Interview), the spirits are stripped of their memories of previous lifetimes.  This allows for a new beginning to exist without each person’s sense of how long one has been imprisoned.  However, the memory strip is not a stripping or cleansing of memory, it is rather a form of amnesia placed over top of the memory where by the memory of existence, eons old, remains within the spirit but is not known to the person with the spirit because of an implemented amnesia program placed upon the spirit and the mind of the being.

How is this possible?

Consider a spirit as a life force with a life and identity of its own within a universe that is really a universal construct.  The universal construct is formed by a digital (the word escapes me, “digital” as most people know of the term at this time on earth is too limiting but it is the only term close enough for this description at this time for this blog post’s purpose) program or better yet a series of digital programs.  Imagine the most advanced animation program whereby what it produces is seen and experienced as real and alive.  Like any digital program, an ordering and grouping system exists in order for the program to produce individual entities specific functions.  It is through this concept that we approach the life, death, memory and Auracature processes.

Within the universal construct exists many program codes; each code accessible and operated by their creators (which could be codes themselves).  Life and death are in themselves program codes “hard-wired” in the beings and universal cycles.  The only way to alter the life and death program codes is have access to the operation and design codes plus the creator’s access code and understanding of the program.  While under a haze of amnesia, any chance of this would be impossible to attain.  Thus, making the life and death codes virtually impossible to change.  As beings on this planet we are assured of two basic truths – we are born and we will die.  These truths are accepted by humans and humans frame their existence within these two truths.

How can lives be saved or ended if the life and death universal construct program codes cannot seemingly be changed?

First, the spirit does not die.  The program that is the spirit is the life force of the sentient being.  It is a thriving program code that powers the engine of a being.  To end a bodily life on earth is to free the spirit from that body.  Until the amnesia program is implemented, the spirit will remember relationships it had in the previous lifetime resulting in a sense of still living with the same people but without a body (why hauntings and spirit overlays can exist).  This is why prayers for the dead are helpful to the spirits without bodies; until the amnesia, they can hear and connect to the prayers.  If will and intent are also functioning components of the code, then the spirit’s code is affected by those prayers even after the amnesia process and the spirit returns to a new being.   This offers an introduction to the explanation for people meeting time and time again over their many lifetimes but having little to no memory of that meeting (that discussion will be saved for a later time).

Second, prayer, spells, will, intent, love, hate, etc. have the ability to affect the being’s life and death because the seemingly unlimited number of codes within the universal program construct affect every being’s life.  All the codes within the construct are designed to function as a unit.  So if a code or system of codes affects a life in one way, a new code or system of codes can affect the life in another way.  Although the life and death codes themselves are not altered, the quality of life and the seeming length of life can be affected.  Therefore, if a society can be kept silent, drone-like, mindless or within a system of complete trust, then the intent of the society and the individuals within that society can control the existence and function of that society.  If individuals, groups or societies alter their intent, they alter their life condition, thereby altering their quality and quantity of life in the body.  Wars are started and continued when enough people believe that war is needed and/or is best.  The same can be said for peace and the absence of war (that is why I kept drawing Auracatures with messages of peace when the recent North Korea – USA pre-war condition continued to escalate until it faded or for a time, relaxed).  The intent program code is extremely efficient in altering the outcome of existence because it functions within the universal construct program.

Third, if a spirit is scheduled or programmed to enter or leave a body, there is nothing that can be done by the human to change it.  However, the timing and nature of that entry or departure can be altered.  The concept of cheating Death results in Death stalking the being whom cheated it (At this time however, I will not go into the programmed function of the death program code to seek out infectious viral codes or manipulations).  The death program is in place and will continue to achieve its function.  However, because the array of codes may put a person in a condition whereby the person may die prematurely, the interruption of death by altering the codes surrounding the life rather than the life code itself will alter the timing and condition of the bodily death.  In this case, Death is not cheated but rather the conditions leading to premature death are altered. Thus, making prayers and exercising will with the intent to clear the life and death path or condition is more effective than focusing on extending the life past its time to die.

Auracatures, functioning as a fluid form of universal construct program code, communicate with other codes within the construct thereby affecting the condition of life for the spirit whether with or without a body.

Also, Auracatures, communicating within the universal construct, provide the ability to access memory from outside and inside the amnesia program.  Auracatures presented to me 19 (and counting – people born after 1993 are being found to have different types than people born during or before 1993) different spirit types (each with/as programs).  The Auracatures both voice the memory and direction of the spirit(s) while communicating within the construct itself and the programs within the construct to the spirit.  Auracatures do not retrieve psychic information but rather communicate the messages of the construct working within and with the construct itself.  By recording, meditating upon, viewing or discussing Auracatures, the being’s memory is progressively restored as the amnesia program is fragmented and loses its ability to affect the being’s memory.

Viewing our universal existence through the lens of a universal construct program code opens doors for the mind to ponder and motivations for technological, spiritual, and physical reflection.

As far as Alien Interview is concerned, could the effect of art (Auracatures for one of many forms) upon a people and life condition be the reason for artists being imprisoned on earth?  Is art truly the universal language?  What other forms of universal construct code communication and languages exist but are viewed as art?  Is all true art a form of universal construct code communication and/or language that that frees the mind to remember?


Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing, March 4 2013, “A Choice Must Be Made”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing

March 4, 2013

“A Choice Must Be Made”

When channels are written through my hand onto a page, they come in two ways: 1/ streamed through my hand with no thought process of my own; 2/ a flood of words and corresponding images enter the front of my mind and then are recorded by writing/drawing them down or typing them into my PC.  The 5 most common characteristics of them are: no punctuation, random capitalization, random spellings, words that mean other words (sun-son), and lyrical rhyme.

Sometimes they come in languages that I don’t know but somehow understand.  These languages may even have their own script.  Inter-dimensional channeling will often be this way.

When I post them on Facebook as status updates, the words are often typed into my blackberry while I am in a partial trance.  Once I have recovered from trance, I am prevented from making changes.  Because the channels are time, situation and emotion sensitive, I do not have time (or in many cases, the ability to break the channels) before posting to correct the spelling and/or grammar.  If I do not post within the window, the writing is lost and most often deleted.  Although I do my best to clear it up before posting, the words do become muddled.

In seminary, learning to read Hebrew scripture was frustrating and frequently confusing because of the lack of punctuation and phrase-meaning formation.

Here is an example of a channel without punctuation.  This one is quite understandable in comparison to many others.

“contamination caused cataclysmic collapse of THOSE crossing the vast expanse blue to the site  blond to the touch blinding when still yet clear when billowy gusts cross the pillars silhouette in the horizon where the SON sits resting on the plain” October 22, 2009 – Sterling Sinclair

The following was written in a script that I cannot read, however the meaning I am told through the channel is “Have a good day my brother.” OR “Have a good day my brethren.”


March 4, 2013 - Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

March 4, 2013 – Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

Another issue with posting a channel, by the time the channel is posted, letters and punctuation (if I have put any in) seem to change, get added, or simply vanish.  I read it over if I can and it reads fine.  After it is posted and the trance is no more, I read the post and it does not compare with what I can remember reading or writing in the trance (some things stick to the memory for a short while, some things seems to be imprinted onto the soul, and some things just vanish).  This happens because in the trance, my state of mind and language interpretation is clear.  The translation in the physical world is distorted (or so it would seem).

Maybe the language publicly posted is supposed to be written and ordered the way it is posted rather than edited and arranged in such a way that fits the current language format of the day. [The jury is still out on this one.  Different people have different opinions.]

The thing about successfully channeling pure information is, the channelor cannot get between the channel and the recorded text because the channel is severed and no information is then transmitted and/or received.

Therefore, I ask for your tolerance when it comes to my posts not making sense sometimes.  With each post of this sort, I have to decide between suffering the embarrassment of appearing language deficit AND not relaying the information as I receive it.  In short, take the chance of posting wrong OR not posting at all.  This is a fight that I must daily face because my near death experience healing event of 1996 traded conventional language with channels and forms of trance communication.


As my career and personal acceptance have developed, my choice to simply let the words flow has become more dominant than my choice to remain silent.

With that said, I both apologize to you for my loose writing skills and I am thankful for the ability to share life affecting channels with you.

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Sterling Sinclair