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Time to Reflect: Auracature By Sterling Sinclair – Something Visual to Contemplate, October 20, 2017

Time to Reflect: Auracature By Sterling Sinclair – Something Visual to Contemplate, October 20, 2017
I thought that a post without commentary was needed today.  I hope that these Auracature Images Speak to you. L, S


Much love, S

Belleville Area’s Psychic Sterling Sinclair – We are All Born Psychic – Time to ACCEPT You. 

Belleville Area’s Psychic Sterling Sinclair – We are All Born Psychic – Time to Accept You 


 It is Normal to be Psychic. 

 Accept You and Your Innate Abilities. 

 Religion, Science and Governmental control mechanisms do not want you to awaken. 

But your awakening is happening. 

Do not reject you.  

All of our abilities are different. I think that it is abnormal for a human not to possess innate empathic or intuitive skills. At the most basic level of our human incarnation resounds our sensitivities connected to survival, procreation, and protection. We have been programmed to create, protect and send forth each new generation.

The human’s ability to adapt “psychically” is so well developed that humans must begin to disbelieve or misperceive their innate function in order to be controlled by another party.  
Many religions teach us that our “sight” is evil and must be avoided or cleansed from us. Much of science especially psychology labels our skills as delusions, fantasies, or illnesses. The mission by government, religion, and science (in general) have been to subdue, quiet and control human advancement, expansion and development. 
We must wake up from the self-punitive fog that feeds upon a paralyzingly destructive logic that aims to convince us of our own artificial limitations.  
We have become fractured and dis- approving of our own innate capabilities which has led to our persecution and rejection of others.  
However, another recent push driving a wave of awakenings has prompted the sudden advancement of spiritual leadership. Another moment has been revealed.  
I am often asked, “When did you first notice that you were psychic?” AND “Can you shut it off?” AND “What blessing did you receive that others did not?” AND “Do you think you are evil?” Each of these questions – yes each of these questions – I have been asked at least once a month for much of my life. 
My answers, I never really clued into being psychic. I just couldn’t figure out why people have to lie and pretend so much. I cannot shut it off. I can quiet it and bury it but by doing so I am filled with personal loathing and self-rejection. What I do is ignore, blur, put out of mind the need to see everything I see. Why would I do that? The noise has a way of resulting in life distortion, confusion, and detrimental life choices. As a human with “psychic” abilities I do not feel more special than anyone else. I feel that I was born this way and have struggled my entire life to accept me as being of goodness. I was created as I am. It is only when I refuse to accept this, that my life begins to fall apart. We must at all costs be self-accepting and refuse self-rejection. 
Here is a really cool list of “psychic” abilities different people have. I think that we all possess all of them but to certain degrees. Some may be simply trace skills or skills that appear during pain, happiness, duress, anger, desperation, etc.  
Take a look, maybe you can relate to one or more of them.  
The first step to deprogramming the earthly restrictions incanted by human control mechanisms is to be willing to “see” your “truth” in you.
L, S
Here is Our List of Psychic Abilities
**Based on the individual’s well developed physical senses:

Sterling’s Website

Clairvoyant – the person who can clearly see non-physical realities or dimensions, surrounding energies, auras, physical people’s psychospheres, and also non-physical consciousnesses.

With a well developed clairvoyant capacity, one may also come to be able to use it for autoscopy and heteroscopy.
Clairaudient – the person who can hear eventsoccurring at long distance, in the physical world, and events occurring in non-physical dimensions.
The key to develop all psychic abilities is energy, and hence how your work with energy
Clairsensitive – the person who can feel the surrounding energies and non-physical consciousnesses. You can also train to feel all that touches or could touch your skin at a distance from it, by exteriorising your sensitivity to the periphery of your energosoma, thus producing the effect or becoming a full body/full energosoma ‘radar’.
Some Sensitives are also good at smelling non-physical fragrances.
Remote-viewer – the phenomenon of remote-viewing can also be technically called of travelling clairvoyance. Therefore the remote-viewer can clearly see consciousnesses, places, and events happening at long distance, either in the physical dimension or in non-physical dimensions. The remote viewer can also describe to an audience, even with eyes open, what is being seen, what is happening in real-time.
Based on the natural or inducible looseness or misalignment of the psychosoma:
Lucid Projector – astral traveller or sky walker, the person that leaves the physical body or soma sleeping in the physical dimension and explores with the psychosoma other physical or non-physical locations, thus gathering information the soma cannot obtain during the waking state. The lucid projection amplifies one’s level of physical and non-physical awareness not just of oneself but also of the reality of all consciousnesses.
Lucid dreamer – the person that achieves control of dreams, becomes increasingly more lucid, and can use the trigger(s) of his/her lucid dreams to further increase lucidity and induce conscious lucid projections (astral travelling). During the level 2 of the IAC’s core course – the CDP – we will provide further information and techniques
Precognitor – the person that develops the capacity to gather information from a possible future. To be able to access information from the future means only that you can ‘read’ the possibilities. The future may or may not unfold according to these possibilities, because consciousnesses still have freewill and with it the capacity of choice and change the future.
Retrocognitor – the person that acquires information from past lives or from the intervals between physical lives where the consciousness lived in non-physical dimensions. This modality can bring to the projector information from what was learnt and planned during these periods spent in non-physical dimensions allowing for present increased discernment in the physical dimension.
Telepath – the person that can ‘read’ the information being transmitted mind-to-mind in physical or non-physical dimensions between the consciousnesses. The telepath is a receptor and a transmitter. We all are. In the physical dimension, telepathy occurs when the alpha rhythms of the two communicating consciousness enter synchronicity. Perhaps for this reason it is easier for two consciousnesses that have more affinity to relate and communicate with each other using telepathy.

Psychometrist– the person that can ‘read’ information contained in the energy of objects. The psychometrist can learn information from the past, the present or details of the personality of the owner of an object and the epoch in which he/she lived by reading the energy that got stuck to this object.
The psychometrist reads in the energy of the object the owner’s thoughts and feelings. One of the most positive applications of psychometry is, for instance, in the finding of disappeared people, when associated with precognition. It can also be used to help retrocognition.
Intuitive – the person that can get an intimate clear knowledge of things, and grabs insights that escape the normal thought process. The immediate and instinctive represents a shortcut of the mentalsoma, a jump over reason, it adds to intelligence.
Psychographer – the person that does psychic writing or automatic writing, being at the moment it happens the instrument of the non-physical consciousness(es) that take over the process of reasoning. This means reasoning is eliminated in favour of becoming the medium of the mind of some other non-physical being who dictates.
Medium – person that mediates and brings information from the non-physical dimensions to the physical dimension. We are all mediums, much more than we can think of. We keep bringing information transmitted to us through telepathy by non-physical consciousness around us only too often, and when you don’t know it you think these thoughts you are thinking or these feelings you are having are actually just yours.
Psycophoner – this is when a non-physical consciousness uses your physical body and speaks through you. This process can happen consciously or unconsciously, hence the interest in learning more about it. In mediumship, the medium is the mouth piece of the extraphysical consciousnesses that wish to manifest or convey their messages to the physical dimension.
Physical ectoplasmic medium – the person whose levels of ectoplasmy allow for the dense, almost physical manifestation of non-physical consciousnesses and non-physical objects.
Ectoplasm is a dense semi-physical and non-physical energy that can be produced by some people (ectoplast mediums). It is a very plastic substance that contains leukocytes, epithelial cells, fat, albumin, combined with other non-physical substances and presents an unstable form, looking like tenuous vapours, spirals, threads, cords, webs, rays, and seems to be an intelligent being.
Ectoplasmy is a complex phenomenon that implies temporary dematerialization of the ectoplast medium, materialization of different forms, and posterior re-materialization of the ectoplast medium. During this process people around the medium can see the dematerialization, the materialization, and the re-materialization, so this is a phenomenon that can be witnesses, and to this day there are many people conducting séances during which these phenomena can happen.
Psychic Surgeon – Thanks to the abundance of ectoplasmic energy and well developed mediumship, some people have/can become psychic surgeons, operating intraphysically while guided by extraphysical non-physical consciousnesses. Generally, the psychic ectoplast mediums were not surgeons by profession, but the non-physical consciousness operating through them were. There are ample examples in China, Brazil, and the Philippines.
Telekinesist – the person that can move objects without touching them. Besides making objects move in your awaken state, people can when projected act like non-physical consciousnesses and produce phenomena like finding objects, making them disappear, produce: combustion, electromagnetic, electrochemical, photogenic, mechanical, nuclear chemical, and sonorous effects.
For the specifics of how all this works, we invite you to take the CDP – Consciousness Development Programme at the IAC, the International Academy of Consciousness at any of its educational centres spread a bit all over planet Earth. Welcome.

Full List of Different Types of Psychic Abilities Here

About Sterling Sinclair Services
Psychic Sterling Sinclair is the preeminent spiritual guide specializing in spirit – body – soul – mind alignment. He offers local & international psychics readings, art, custom tattoo designs, life coach, personality profiles, traditional counseling, intuitive counseling & business consultations, specializing in relationships, future direction, spiritual guidance, self awareness & improvement, dating, paranormal, death & dying, grief & loss, life – path & purpose, divorce & marriage, gifts, fears, and careers for adult individuals, couples, groups, home parties, and bridal showers. In – person & phone / email sessions are available. This universally minded, intuitively guided, non – religious, non – judgmental, creative service is informal, caring, and LGBTQ friendly. This Quinte Region, inviting, private, park – like waterfront country cottage studio / office is nestled in the woods along Moira Lake. It is conveniently located 30 min. from Belleville & 45 min. from Trenton ( Quinte West ) between Madoc & Tweed, Peterborough & Kingston, as well as Toronto & Ottawa.


Oracle Sterling (Psychic Sterling Sinclair) Auracature and Channeled Message “I Am He, She is Me, We are We – Free We Must Be!” October 7, 2014

Oracle Sterling (Psychic Sterling Sinclair)

Auracature and Channeled Message

“I Am He, She is Me, We are We – Free We Must Be!”

October 7, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville I Am Free Freedom 2014


“When I wander through swamps of confusion,

I wonder of dangers amid the confusion.

Day and night – rest and flight.

I see the Son, He sits on the sun.

To stay and turn back OR look in deep waters

Wanting to run

Over three moons she skates upon skies,

Sifting my sands as time sinks to cry.

Majesty, marvel, mixed mysteries am I.

A distance to travel, no distance to fly.

I slip in the silt, the surface???

Moon’s quilt.

Feathers float down,

He sees from the sun.

Her toes dance in sea foam, she refuses to run.

I turn to He, I only can see

From inside

I reach that mystical beach.

From my glowing face Death does leach.

Alive from inside; Life is my bride.

I will not drown

My love will abide.

Rise up with me dears,

Time stands still it – it passes man’s years.

My glasses once clouded

Now sparkle and clear.

He lifts my soul up.

She’s ME


Oracle Sterling: Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Images of the Day, Amid the Sorrow – We Must stand Tall, October 7, 2014

Oracle Sterling:

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Images of the Day,  

Amid the Sorrow – We Must stand Tall,

October 7, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville not alone 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville sorrow 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville fortress 2014


We must never give up.

No matter the depth of our sadness, we must keep moving forward.

Our lives, are worth saving.

Life is worth celebration.

I send you my love,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter, August 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Turning the Page to an Unwritten Chapter

August 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Master Oracle Psychic Reading Life Coach Coaching Ontario Canada Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Toronto Ottawa Spiritual Retreat Auracature Arty Life Fate Choic


The part about working as a psychic that I dislike is the request, “tell me about my future.”

Impatience in life drives us to want to know what is next.  We want to know that we are headed in the right direction but what if our direction has not yet been written?

Sure we want to go on another trip and have love that lasts and have the home of our dreams and we want someone to tell us that it is all going as planned and stuff will work out fine.  I get that.  But in the real world, sad to say, “stuff” happens.  Also, the belief that fate will solve the puzzle in life is a belief that limits choices in our life direction and restricts chosen manifestations.

Futures are as written as the most vastly collected libraries are written.  Your future path is reflected upon the pages of book you open.  Your life story will be told differently depending on the views of the authors.

With this thought in mind, self-fulfilling prophesies may also be true.  If they are true then why should we believe another author’s view of our life and seek to live it out rather than writing our own book series with many new chapters as we choose to write them?

When I draw a picture and it shows a blurred future, I am thrilled by the visual, psychic confirmation that my client has many, many chances to write my client’s future.  The past shall not hold you.  Your life can be what you aspire it to be if you simply take time to pick up your own pen and start writing.

When we write our own story, we write it not for others to buy but for us to live.  We navigate our life through a barrage of other stories upon the shelves of the Universal library.  We become the authors of our own lives.  If fate then exists, then when we write our own story we have enter our story into the collection of fates and we manifest our story into reality.

Life is not all blooming roses and chocolate bon bons all of the time.  Life stumbles and sometimes covered in the gravelly dust along the bumpy highway of life, we look back and wonder, “Where did I go wrong?”  This question, a worthy question of learning, has a tendency to paralyze our vision of life and as we sit in the ditch licking our wounds, someone else picks up our pens and begins to write other chapters in our books with their thoughts and foci changing our perceptions of our lives.

At all costs, do not let someone else write your chapters of life.  Hold your quill tightly to your chest and no matter what life throws you, keep writing your story.

The reason I dislike the request of telling the future is that I prefer to help my clients choose their own futures.  I prefer to help my clients open their books, pick up their pens and start writing again.  No matter the story that I read on the day that I am asked about the future, their futures can be different if they choose.  I desperately believe deep down in my bones that our futures are our stories that we either choose to let someone else write OR choose to write for ourselves.

If you are embarking on a new venture in life or simply stuck, find your pen and turn the page.  A new chapter waits to be written by you.

It is exciting to once again pick up your pen, do you know where yours has been placed?  Is your pen in your hand writing away as you read this short essay?

A new adventure calls you to turn the page.

Let this be the day that your new chapter in life is written by you.

Happy writing…

Your future is in your hand.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel of the Day – While Watching Cloud Atlas? – October 21, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Channel of the Day

While Watching Cloud Atlas?

October 21, 2013



Today while watching the movie, Cloud Atlas, the following channels were written through my hand upon my note pad pages.  May these words resound with you.

I now begin reading our channeled message for today, October 21, 2013:

“The scorpion’s tail shall wrap around the serpent’s neck.

The depth of green shall merge anew, deepening deeper down drifts of blue.

Toxic tales of times gone by vanquished vomit free from vacuous volumes of virtual vastness.

Whither thou goest thou wither for weather withers one without wings o’ weather.

Risk wrongly wrinkled rights the wrongs wrestled, rested, reused and recompensed.

We wish we would work where work would work, but worked up wonders whip up wisps of wonderlust where wings whistle with the wind.

Dost blue eye agonize over blue skies sociably sumptuous.

Simple sips of desire don’t drip beneath the soul.  They dive above the crimson clouds contaminated with concoctions of cacophonous caverns of crisply captured quaffs killing cures caught between wives of gods controlling the skipping sky.

They the night like night stalkers stalk, yet they, like the night, stalk that which stalks the stalkers.

Catch you queen before she catches you.

The winds reveal footsteps blinded from calmness above all unworthy arbors.

Ask what you will ask when the asking has been asked upon the doneness of dastardly drawn dimples wrinkled by dimensions caught between our worlds reaching to link each other to each other.

Why do you ask questions of the questions that you ask the questioner of questions?

He breeds himself a woman’s form, freely blessed with breasts heaving of milk, feeding a civilization of horror horrifically haunting handfuls of Existence’s salt shakers shaking – simply shaking stopping sings simply signing signs of stopping.

Our trials are not humps upon the universal dromedary’s back.

Trials are trails dangling off tails too tortured today to reveal its temptuous tempters.

Jane, she knew I would lose the lost’s sheep; shorn so soonly, so singly, that Jane jumped Jainism, consuming only offerings set before her.

The darkness draws near.  I can hear them climb the walls of my mind altered mindset set upon the cliffs crashed cleanly by shores shrinking into the sea.

Simply sing my songs so that so many shall sing my praises into the night of a world haunted by tails of poison stinging the sea serpents sensual desires to consume another helpless world without wings of wonder.

When shall you jump from the depths of sanity into the pits of reason?

Reason is the feeble, inescapable attempt to control one’s vacuous mind from nonsensical dreams.

Dreams are files of real realities formed from freshness found finger deep within the eagerly receptive holes of her majesty The Universe.

Do not claw your way out, for sensitive skin rips and scars the veil selectively sorting simple songs sung by seamen anchored deep at sea and swallowed whole by her flushing glandular waters waiting to welcome home truth within truth above truth inside outward truth.”

Here ends the channels for today, October 21, 2013.

May universal blessings be available to guide you today, tonight and tomorrow.

You have been listening to Psychic Sterling Sinclair.

I send you my love.


Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Sons and Passed Fathers, Inspirational Photo, June 10, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Sons and Passed Fathers

Inspirational Photo, June 10, 2013





Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection of the Day, “Do Not Give In to Pre-Ascension Powers,” January 22, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection of the Day, January 22, 2013

“Do Not Give In to Pre-Ascension Powers”

If you have had to deal with matters of injustice (as you would interpret them) over the last few days, then you will want to read this post.

Issues and crises scream a violent plea of injustice.

Pre-ascension powers become desperate to monopolize the programming of our minds. They attack our lives, lifestyles, beliefs, values, and rights by repeatedly hitting us with injustices and matters which cause us to defend, recoil, retaliate, plea for fairness and add fuel to destructive situations. We must do our best not react in these ways.

If we do not get caught up in pre-ascension energies, we should find a relief by the full moon – Jan 25-28, 2013.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

This is where pre-ascension energies try to hit us where it hurts; where we are most vulnerable – our rights, our matters of self, our loved ones, our passions.  It is not easy to turn the cheek to such violations and in many situations, seemingly impossible.   To occupy our thought processes and emotional reactions, the pre-ascended powers have brought the battlefront to our lives’  doorsteps.  It keeps knocking till we lose it and let it back into our lives.  Refuse the Entry of Pre-Ascension Assaults and Manipulations!

They will leave.  They will leave.  They will leave.

The ascension provided us with a mind reboot and a new energy system.

The ascension provided us with opportunities to walk paths that we were meant to walk.

The ascension provided us with the ability to recreate the world that we live in together.

The New Age is different is a new age.

We grow with it as it grows.

We are the ascended.

We control the NEW programming of our own minds.

We choose what gets in.

We choose our lives.

We have the power.

We move forward.  We move forward.  We move forward.

Many blessings and much love to you,