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Hey Empaths (and Everyone Else) Psychic Sterling Sinclair Teaches How to Maximize Positive Energy and Healing by Establishing Your Personal Energetic Baseline. (This is the third most popular service Empathic Clients seek from SS).

Here is the Free YouTube Lesson

How to Stay Positive as an Empath and How Empathic People Get Sick! Psychic Sterling Sinclair Empath

Most of us live in busy societies. Not all wins are positive and not all losses are negative. It is nearly impossible to remove all negative energy influences.

We can’t easily dump every person in our lives who have even the remotest negative connection to someone or something. We tend to become alone and loneliness is an expression of negative energy.

So we need to learn how to navigate this reality by assessing and reassessing our +/- energies, as well as how sick and healthy we are. By following the steps in this presentation, each person – empath and non-empath, can determine their baseline and how much time they require to become healthy and stay there.

I have been working with clients for years. We assess the health/illness energy process and we repeatedly find ways of maximizing the positive energies and positive outcomes. This process, that uses this graph model, has proven to be very successful in the lives of my clients.

Next to Relationship guidance and Romance Enhancement, Maximizing Positive Healing Energies is the most common service my clients seek. Clients have found this so helpful and positively transformative in their lives that they choose weekly to yearly sessions. The Psychic Auracature Process is a unique Sterling Sinclair strategy that efficiently identifies influences when life can otherwise blur them from sight.

Take a look and give it a try. Comment on how it goes. We all learn and move forward together.

Stay Positive & Stay Well!

Love, Sterling.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Down with Sudden Illness, April 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Down with Sudden Illness

April 22, 2014

If you have been wondering why I have been silent for hte last few days, it is because of a hideous flu-bacteria-something-or-other.

I am doing better today, but not at 100%.

I have not been willing to enter the psychic realm while ill.

Thanks for your patience.

I will be posting once again soon.

What has stricken me is that my posts about Russia and Ukraine being about Jews and history repeating itself (1936-1942) seems to be living itself out before our eyes with the mandatory registration of Jews in Ukraine.

Allegedly the memorandums are part of a hoax, but the sentiment is on cue.

The movement to war in the war seems to point energetically toward the Jews.

Is this simply due to hate, or is it due to equalization of power, injustice, threat of sovereignty, world destabilization, God’s Retribution, or something else?

Nonetheless, we will see how all things play out in the coming months and days.

Stay Well.