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Auracature Drawing of Another View of the Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 Crash Update: April 10, 2015, Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art

Auracature Drawing of Another View

Of the Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 Crash

Update: April 10, 2015

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art

This Auracture raises a point to consider.

There has been little or no mention in the media of the farm animals and the wild animals in that area.

I have heard of the threat of wolves and that a farm was near by.

Oracle Strerling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 DAIPX Crash French Alps Update April 10 2015 How did it Happen Copilot crash nature goats sheep farmers witnesses


So I went searching for an article this morning and found that sheep and goats and other animals wild and domestic are in that area.  This article is an interview with a man who was 1500 yards from the crash and he does not mention an explosion.

“Mr Aubin, 63, a retired post master, said he only learned of the significance of his brief sighting after watching the news.

He told MailOnline: ‘The plane went down just behind the mountain by our house. It called the Mountain of Animals, it’s a summer pasture for cattle, sheep and goats.

‘The crash site is about 1500m from our house, as the crow flies.’

Mr Aubin was in his garden after chatting with a neighbours when the doomed Germanwings flight flew overhead.

He said: ‘The noise of the plane was very loud. It was flying very low. It must have been between 10.30am and 10.40am yesterday morning.

‘My wife was sweeping the patio and she heard it too.

‘But I only realised what had happened when I heard the terrible news on the television.’

Mr Aubin and his wife Jeanine had only recently opened up their mountain chalet which had been closed for the winter.

Wild animals including wolves, wild boar, mountain goats and deer live in the woods surrounding the site.

They are crucial because experts are baffled as to why the crew did not send out a mayday or distress signal as the plane went into a terrifying eight-minute dive from 38,000 feet. 

Earlier reports quoted aviation sources in France as saying the pilots issued a Mayday distress signal and requested an emergency descent minutes before it hit the ground.

However, civil aviation authorities later denied that air traffic controllers received any such call.”

It appears that animals and farmers may provide more reliable clues than the investigators are seeming to find and provide.

You may want to compare this Auractaure with previous ones that I recorded concerning “what happened?”

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 What Who Crashed the Plane 1


Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 3 9525


If the co-pilot was a murderer, that is one thing.  It is a horrible nightmare that killed 150 people.

If this is a hoax or set-up to cover-up a sinister weapon or defence system that is making the air far more dangerous in which to travel, this nightmare expands beyond our comprehension.

The Auracature that drew again today, illustrates another force in that sky that took the plane down – a force of nature created by human intervention – there is no mention again of this crash being a murder suicide.

When human lie, sometimes the next best place to look for answers are the animals and insects in the area.  They do not lie.

My heart goes out to all those who have passed and who are suffering from teh passing of their loved ones.

God Help them.

God Help us all.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Chemtrails Photos – I’m Going to Attempt Registering a FB Page to This, June 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Chemtrails Photos

 I’m Going to Attempt Registering a FB Page to This

June 22, 2014


Please send me your articles and photo of the trails.

Since they are allegedly a hoax (not to me – to me, these are real what ever is in them), the photos and articles should cause no problems.  Should they?

If we look at these trails in the sky left by planes as being visual pollution then maybe we can get traction that way.

“Visual pollution is an aesthetic issue, referring to the impacts of pollution that impair one’s ability to enjoy a vista or view. The term is used broadly to cover visibility, limits on the ability to view distant objects, as well as the more subjective issue of visual clutter, structures that intrude upon otherwise “pretty” scenes, as well as graffiti and other visual defacement.

Read more:























A hoax?

Bill Gates on Chemtrails:

Chemtrails vs Contrails:

Desiree Rover Presents Chemtrails Lecture to the EU: 

On April 9, 2013, in a hearing of the EU Parliament, I gave a presentation on the health effects of chemtrails.
See my slides on

Nanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeon

I could build a limitless post with arguments for and against the existence of chemtrails.  If we all agreed that they are chemtrails, then what chemicals are being sprayed would become the next list and why are they being sprayed the next list and by whom would be the next list.

I welcome discussion, please feel free to comment.

What I am going to try is a Visual Pollution – Trail-Art slant.

Please email your photos to me at

Please include where and when it was taken and if you do OR do not want your name mentioned.

The simple observance of trails (ie chemtrails – I think) in one visual image collection shall speak for itself without conspiracy.

They are in the sky – that is not argued by anyone I have found.  What they are, by whom and for what purpose forms the chemtrail conspiracy theories.