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Sept 14, 2019 Harvest Moon Breaks a Week of Physical Agony. Psychic Sterling Sinclair Celebrates a Good Day: Finally.

YouTube post of Sterling Celebrating the Full Moon

That week was brutal for empaths. Oh my goodness. Aches, pains, spinal tension, tiredness, nausea, and an inner anxiety-like shivering quiver – but worse.

YouTube link to the First Disturbance – Seemed Like Disease or Some Impending Disaster

Then when I thought it was over, the headaches and migraines and burning joint pain, oh my.

YouTube Short Update. Sterling is giddy from the pain.

So I had enough of it. So many explanations. I think all that I heard were true – to some degree – well except for the Whitehouse and the Trump Administration causing Universal energy distress – hence causing my physical manifestations. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount anything – and that one I did. Why? Some Trump Opponents and Trump Haters have come to give the President of the United States far too much Credit. Psychic after Psychic after Tarot Reading Psychic all hatefully bitching and moaning about Trump to the point of never seeing beyond their convinced perception that he has become or is bigger than our Creator(s) and the Universe itself. I have not read or heard it yet, but I am certain, somebody believes that he is the personified manifestation of a black hole sent to swallow the earth and all reference to earth ever existing. I am not one of them. I don’t hate Trump. I don’t know him well enough to hate him. I’m not even sure if I hate anyone. AND, I am Canadian. He doesn’t represent me or my Country.

A couple years ago, I made a controversial Facebook post it said:

When I thought that I had a break in the pain, I posted another YouTube video addressing the Whitehouse the other day:

Sterling Sinclair Punch Drunk from the Day’s Energies and Happenings

As you can see, almost nobody watched it. LOL.

I thought that the Irish Rovers was a good Pick Me Up tune:

YouTube: Irish Rovers Wasn’t That a Party

But that did not attract a favourable response. I thought it was a fun distraction. I guess I was wrong. LOL.

So I decided to flex some Psychic muscle: I wonder if all the newly publicized psychic stars named “Sterling” would do what I did. Maybe, just maybe, they are smarter than me and new better than to do a reading like this:

Psychic Sterling Sinclair’s Reading: Inter-Dimensional Energy Weaving

Seemingly, for the first time in 3 weeks – YouTube comments almost dead. A thank you and an instruction to ground myself. No conversation. Not a mention of what went down or what people watched or even how they felt. Nothing. Was it too far out? Was it to bizarre? I have no idea.

Then, I had people write me the day after and today saying that they too could hear the vibrations that I mention in the “reading.” They mentioned that they were witnessing a positive frequency correction related to my session.

Then today, I got my new reading table, high energy green plants and my new Sterling Sinclair phone number set up. It was a good day. The First one in a week.

But for some other people, I heard that they found this Full Harvest Moon Energy making them loopy and kind of stoned.

I know I can’t sleep and it is almost 3:00 am. I guess that is why I am writing this post.

But I got my new studio entrance / kitchen 8′ long concrete planter planted:

YouTube video of the planter but high energy blur.

After we got the plants into their new homes – and before I videoed the Full Moon video that opened this post, my dear friend Anita posted this singing crystal bowl music that she recorded under this Full Moon.

I wanted to close off this post with the link to her piece. I sang along with it. You might too:

I hope this link takes you to her YouTube Recording. It is beautiful.

With much love and many blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Aquarian Full Moon Reflection of 911, God and Purpose – “Looking Through the Eyes of Our Neighbors,” July 23, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Aquarian Full Moon

Reflection of 911, God and Purpose

July 23, 2013


The Aquarian moon will tend to inspire, resurrect and free pain, matters of internal judgment and self-debilitating concepts.  The process will reveal memories that we may have thought were dealt with over time.

This morning, after awaking early under the glow of the Aquarian full moon, previously recessed emotions and memories of 911 flooded to the surface of my mind, gushing tears from hidden places in my body.

I am Canadian and I live outside of a rural community but I was still affected by the happenings of that day and the days thereafter.

That day, I was in Toronto at seminary.  When I first heard about the towers, I thought it had to have been a joke.  I was in a shock-like state.  Then progressively reality set in.  While wondering if Toronto would be next, my professors who had trained in NY were scattered, trying to do their jobs to train and educate future congregational ministers.  Their faith had been shaken, their confidence in God put into question, their concern for friends in NY flooding their abilities to think.

When I got home, the congregation that I was serving at the time and the community was distressed.  Something had hit home too.

As an empath who is sensitive to mass trauma, I could not run from the visions of terror and fleeing spirits.  There was no spiritual training for me to deal with my telepathy and such congregational despair.

At that point in my life, people looked at me for consolation while I sought a way to control what was happening to me too.

The things that hit my community were fear, panic and questionings of faith.

We sat together.  We held each other.  We supported each other.  We shared with each other.  We sang together.  We prayed together.  We gathered together.  We cried together.

Over the next weeks, I sat with people and spokes words of love while the initial anxieties dissipated.

Over the next weeks, when I would close my eyes, I saw visions of unspeakable horror – as if I were looking through the eyes of people who died that day.  But through their eyes in the visions, I never saw God.

When I went to my last ordination interview, I was asked by the interviewing committee a seemingly justifiable and easy to answer question and when they asked it, I broke down and began uncontrollably crying.  The question was – “Where do you see God.”  During my 911 experience – I did not see God anywhere.

Through my tears, I responded the following to the answer, “A homeless man curled up by a building looked up and into my eyes.  He said, “Bless You.  I will pray for you.  God loves you.”  Through the eyes of an elderly homeless man on the streets in Toronto, I saw God.”

Through his despair, cold, and hunger, he reached out to me and restored my spirit.

Through his eyes, I saw hope.  Through his eyes, I saw God.  Through his eyes, I saw life.

This morning as I sat under the glow of the Aquarian full moon, I am reminded that we do not live alone.  We are all part of a greater community.  Even within our tragic depths of suffering, we can reach another person – restoring their drive to move forward.

No matter your faith stance or belief system, today, look into someone’s eyes and think and/or say “I love you.  We are here together.  I believe in you.”  You just might change someone’s life and help them move forward.





Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day, “The Full Moon and Father Issues,” January 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day

“The Full Moon and Father Issues”

January 25, 2013

The full moon is accompanied with father issues.  Memories and reconsiderations of life with our fathers and life as fathers swell within our hearts and minds.

Why do we wrestle with such matters?

During this magnificent moon phase, matters of life and death, beginnings and endings, reflections and future projects juggle in our collective circus we call life.  We are sent forward during this moon – sent forward with a suitcase left for us to fill.

What of our fathers will we pack and what will leave behind?

Like some other spiritual leaders, extraterrestrial abductees, dreamy romantics with undying desires to build a home, I have father issues that have been instrumental in the formation of my life.

A few years ago, I seemingly stumbled upon a common link between clients of this collective.  They either did not know the confirmed identity of their birth fathers, their birth fathers had died while they were young, or their relationship with their birth fathers was either distant or non-existent.

Some male created them, yet they were left outside without that male to nurture and usher them along.

These people, predominantly male, had grown missing a piece but yet had found a way of building a piece to replace it.  A puzzle with a replaced misshapen piece still makes a misshapen puzzle.

To these people, the misshapen puzzle was not misshapen.

Their puzzles and my puzzle were us, our identities and always being shaped and reshaped.

No matter the father situation, in the recesses of the mind there continues to exist an acknowledgement of the father’s participation in the person’s development.

Even to people who perceive that an angel had created them in some way, they have had notions of the angel has watched over them or punished them and steered them or left them in some way or other.

As we move through this new moon, we are reminded of who we are.  Yes we may be new in this New Age.  Yes we may have ascended during this ascension, but we still are here because we were at least once created.  Our creation, we shall not escape, nor are we asked by the universe to escape it.

As we move forward as new people, with new purpose, with new hopes, with new dreams, we must not forget that we are here and how we got here.

We let go of pain, resentment, upset and blame, we take what we can that acknowledges who we are.

Be careful not to throw out your passport to live while packing your luggage of life.

Be patient and understanding today.

This day really matters.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Get’s Back on Line with PC to Blog, January 18, 2012

Yep, you read that correctly.

I got my computer back with repairs completed.

I will be up and posting more regularly again.

Nice to be finally back at it.

There is a lot happening in this new age as the ascended one finds their ground.

As the January full moon comes into its glory, ascension adjustments align with new post ascension missions and purposes.

This is surely an exciting time.

You can follow me at where I post inspirational messages for the day as the daily channeled messages come.

This is the time of the ascension.

This IS the new age.