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Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead – So Don’t Do It: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater October 24 2017

Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater 

October 24 2017

2 years ago today, my nephew Zach fell to the sways and distortions of suicide.  I never really grasped the concept of suicide and I truly don’t think any one studying the living can ever really understand it.  Over the years of offering mediumship sessions, I developed another view than the one as a person who studied it academically and as a person who had attempted in the past. Suicide is not just a perversion of thought, it is a psychic suggestion placed upon the spirit of the victim.  The suggestion filters through the self until all things align, not just mentally.  All facets believe the trickery of suicide.  I think suicide, like “Evil,” deserves to be named as personified destruction, thus named “Suicide.”  “Suicide’s” false promisses and forked toung manipulations can even spread to loved ones like a deceptive virus, contaminating the gameboard upon which nobody knows they stand. “Suicide” may also call itself “Sacrifice” if the rebranding is required. We need to view “Suicide” as a creature whose only function is to rip appart lives and feed off the pain.  Ever notice how, loved ones can spiral into a sort of insanity or deep depression or even disassociation over the weeks, months, and years to follow rather than heal.  “Suicide” amplifies the pain so that pain it can consume.  “Suicide” never can eat enough. It must always have more.  Survivors must at all costs, see “Suicide” as who it is – it is the Ultimate Destructive Trickery.  

If you are considering Suicide to solve your problems or to free yourself from others or to even make a friend stronger or your family’s life better, please know that such reasoning, logic, and justification are all lies.  Life does not get better.  Life does not go on.  Every single person, including your spirit and corpse will fall into an incermountable pain as death spreads and “Suicide” smiles.   Find someone to talk to. Find some way to banish “Suicide” from your existence.  “Suicide” is not the choice you really want to make.  

Sadly, my nephew Zach, fell by the lurings and false promises of suicide. 

Zach’s Obituary Posting
Friends and family are desvistated. Whatever promise “Suicide” made him, it was a lie. 

In the following inspired message, Zach from beyond the grave calls out the lie and the mind altering nightmare of knowing what was about to happen.  
Please, please, please, understand that life is worth living and you do not live life once you are dead.  As a medium, that was the biggest awareness of the dead: dead means dead – dead does not mean keep living.  

This is the Auracature Art drawing that I believe Zach wanted to pass on as a memory tattoo.  

If I were to interpret the lines, it basically means that his spirit is accompanied by a sibling, parent, aunt or uncle, and that he has an angel pulling him out of his darkness while he is gaining a clearer understanding of what happened to him. In short, the lines suggest that Zach’s spirit is being prepared to fully cross over into Love’s Light or in faith related terms – into Heaven.

These are the words that wrote through my hand during the drawing of the above Auracature:

Message inspired by Zach

“Where they put me

I had no escape

I thought that I wouldn’t die

That I’d be better off

That I’d live forever

I never wanted to die

Here I am because of a lie

Nothing was done

From truth they’d run

How did I ever believe them?

Death is NOT fun

I found myself in trouble

So I wrapped myself in my bubble

I knew my life was done

Before the week begun

If I knew that I’d be dead

I’d have never put that gun to my head

You cry

You try not to point fingers

You cast blame at yourself

You watch the world turn

Looking for the lesson that you were to learn

The only thing you didn’t see

Was how trusting naivety can be

I wave from here

I try to be near

But my end was my end to you my family and friends

Today is worse than last year

I think it’s sinking in

That this is not some awful dream

I am never coming home again

No matter the amount of trying 

To understand that last day

The only thing I know for sure

Is that I lost my way

I am not asking for forgiveness

I don’t think it can be forgiven

But try to give yourselves a break

I’m the one who fell asleep 

I’m the one who did not wake

I wonder what this year will be like

Time is strange here on this side

Sorry for not being there

To spend it with you.”

Here is a Spirit Drumming and Chanting that I did for Zach and other loved ones who have fallen to the prey of suicide:

Video: In Memory Zach Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums and Strangely Chants.

In Memory of Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater, His Uncle Rich, Strangely Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums. I seldom drum or chant this this odd. The oddness of it is very reflective of such which is played by the dead through mediumship and channeling. I thought that it would be something pretty and peaceful, instead, it depicts the process of shedding pain. I posted this once already and then I took it down. Then this morning on the 2nd anniversary of Zach’s death by suicide, I received a written message and image that justifies this song.

My sincerest condolences.  

If you are alive and reading this, please stay alive. Never give up living.  You are meant to stay alive until old age opens the doors for your passage onward.  

Much love and Many Blessings, S

“Uncle Rich”


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracture Message about Life, Living, Love and Loving… Inspired by a Good Friend, November 29, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracture Message about Life, Living, Love and Loving…

Inspired by a Good Friend

November 29, 2013



I am grateful for you.

I love you.

You live.

You inspire me.

Live life.  Live to Love.  Love Life.  Love to Live.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing of the Day, “Love, Friendship, Grapevines and a Fence,” February 15, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing of the Day

February 15, 2013

“Love, Friendship, Grapevines and a Fence”

The pathways of love wind around like grapevines on a fence.  Pruned and nurtured, they grow fruit for countless years.  Ignored, they quickly grow out of control; struggling to grow small amounts of fruit until they strangle each other.  If the grapevines don’t completely dry up and die, with a little care and pulling out the dead wood, the grapevines begin to grow new shoots and soon, a bounty of fruit they produce.

To have a good friend and not have a fight, argument, disagreement or even a parting of ways is virtually impossible.  The deeper the passion or love for each other and the relationship, the more that friends are inclined to tangle around each other on the same fence.  Sometimes, tangling results in a sense of a lack of caring.  Suddenly, the friends reaching out are viewed as the friends being judgemental and controlling.  In order to avoid being choked out, the vines try to find other fences upon which to grow, but their roots stay put, preventing the vines from growing too far away from each other.

When difficulties arise and best friends are separated (especially by words or establishing personal lifestyle boundaries) love becomes strained.  Love cannot simply find a new fence upon which to grow.  Love remains rooted somewhere back where it once thrived.  Just because the old fence was replaced by a new fence, it doesn’t mean that the grapevines of love simply turn to hate.  No.  They deal with the shock of a new fence being suddenly built and then learn to grow and thrive with each other once again.

Yes, the fence is new.  Yes, we may know something about our friend that we didn’t know before.  Yes, we feel hurt by knowing that our friend doesn’t condone everything in our lives or think the same way that we think or does not always have an open ear to listen.  But NO!  It doesn’t mean that we stop and erase love or the fact that we continue to grow beside or even with each other.

Have you ever had a falling out with a friend/colleague?  Every day at work and home can become a strain.  You want to push pain further away but love keeps driving you close together.  As far as offices are concerned, you both may be driven into the same lunch room, washroom, or meeting room.  There is no way of avoiding each other.  Therefore, mutually agreeing to clear out the dead wood, prune the bad growth and welcome the new growth, and to once again grow upon the same fence is needed to work in a love and peace filled environment.  You may not be able to do all of the same things together, but maybe that is best.  If you both still like the same books, the same music, the same recreational activities, or whatever, you still have more than enough in common to grow with each other once again.  By doing this, the atmosphere at home and the office becomes lighter and more open to an abundant life.

By good friends refusing to face each other and accept each other’s differences and love, the refusal of friendship begins to chop away at one’s own root system thereby progressively and painfully killing oneself off or opening wounds for negativity to enter into one’s life (especially times when you absolutely least expect it).

It is true that your friendship will not be the same as before because the new fence has forced you both to grow and thrive in different patterns, but as you grow, the weight of unspoken pain and anger carried upon the soul will eventually collapse the fence altogether.  As you once loved and friendship once stabilised the old fence, love can and will hold up the new fence too, maybe even stronger this time.

Remember, love is like grapevines growing on a fence – a little nurturing and pruning will bring it back to life, no matter how long after the fence has collapsed and the fruit have dried up.

Love can bring you together and an abundance of happy fruits can grow once again.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Talisman for a Friend, October 1, 2012

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Talisman

for a Friend,

October 1, 2012

This talisman can be printed and carried.

Friends do what they can to help friends.

Many Blessings to you all.


If you are not “S” & All, but feel this talisman builds you up then print it, and carry it or put it up in your home.

If you are not “S” & All, feel free to cut off the bottom name portion and sign your name on the back.

I send out love,



posted at midnight Oct. 1 /Oct. 2, 2012