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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, “Who is Running the Show?” April 16, 2013

The following channeled message was written on the page after the Auracature was recorded.


“Who is Running the Show?

Desired Broadcasts Drop off the Map.

The Battle to Wage is Societies’ Rage.

People Awake Rise Up for Earth’s Sake”



A call for peace and collective awakened thoughts are at hand.

The people are asking questions.

Unrest builds within the minds of people looking through the veil.


Think before you act.

Do not react out of anger.





Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Year`s Eve and Day Auracatures 2013

I just recorded these two Auracatures.

They depict a movement from a flood of logic to a new release of personhood.

What has been hiding behind a false reality will be finding its accepted voice in 2013.

A New Day – A New Year – A New Life – A New Age.

Happy New Year’s!

Sterling Sinclair Auracature New Year`s Eve 2012 2013 ss123112


Sterling Sinclair Auracature New Year's 2012 2013 January 1 2013



All the best in the new year.

The New Age has begun.