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Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing, February 26, “Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing

February 26, 2013

“Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

This is a rare public vent so forgive the tone:  “What didn’t kill me made me stronger.”

What the hell?


What didn’t kill us simply did not kill us.  In most cases it makes people weaker.  Let’s not be thankful for the benefits of the horror we experienced because it didn’t kill us.  It is our choice to learn from experiences.

Our CHOICE to not let the experience kill us is what makes us STRONGER.

We choose to be strong.

Women survivors of domestic violence often use this phrase as a banner – their strength for moving on.  Although I am a strong supporter of doing what you must do to survive and each person’s method is different, this phrase has so often presented itself as a way of not casting blame or placing ownership of the event(s) onto the spouse/lover/partner/child/etc.

If someone purposely hurts you by throwing you down the stairs, then person was not purposely trying to make you stronger.  It may not have killed you, but now the you are afraid to walk at the top of the stairs when the other person is near you.  Now you are tentative when it comes to trust.  These are not examples of being stronger.

To finally find a way to not let that happen to you and to move on – that makes you stronger.

To overcome your fear – that makes you stronger.

To demand on healthy relationships – that makes you stronger.

Today is a day to be stronger.

It is your choice to be stronger.

You can do it.

You can be strong!

L, S

FB Status:  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  You can do it. You Can Do It!   YOU CAN DO IT!!!!  I Love You, S  – Comment: Sometimes, some days just say: Quit!  Toss it in.  Sometimes, we fall prey of the defeatist energy to hold us in place long enough till we believe it and in turn focus the same energy upon ourselves.  Today is a day that we say, “We will NOT quit!  We will DO it!  Yes We WILL!”