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Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead – So Don’t Do It: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater October 24 2017

Before Committing Suicide Be Clear that You will be Dead: Former Medium Sterling Sinclair Channels a Psychic Message, an Auracature image, and a Spirit Drumming and Chanting in Memory of his Nephew Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater 

October 24 2017

2 years ago today, my nephew Zach fell to the sways and distortions of suicide.  I never really grasped the concept of suicide and I truly don’t think any one studying the living can ever really understand it.  Over the years of offering mediumship sessions, I developed another view than the one as a person who studied it academically and as a person who had attempted in the past. Suicide is not just a perversion of thought, it is a psychic suggestion placed upon the spirit of the victim.  The suggestion filters through the self until all things align, not just mentally.  All facets believe the trickery of suicide.  I think suicide, like “Evil,” deserves to be named as personified destruction, thus named “Suicide.”  “Suicide’s” false promisses and forked toung manipulations can even spread to loved ones like a deceptive virus, contaminating the gameboard upon which nobody knows they stand. “Suicide” may also call itself “Sacrifice” if the rebranding is required. We need to view “Suicide” as a creature whose only function is to rip appart lives and feed off the pain.  Ever notice how, loved ones can spiral into a sort of insanity or deep depression or even disassociation over the weeks, months, and years to follow rather than heal.  “Suicide” amplifies the pain so that pain it can consume.  “Suicide” never can eat enough. It must always have more.  Survivors must at all costs, see “Suicide” as who it is – it is the Ultimate Destructive Trickery.  

If you are considering Suicide to solve your problems or to free yourself from others or to even make a friend stronger or your family’s life better, please know that such reasoning, logic, and justification are all lies.  Life does not get better.  Life does not go on.  Every single person, including your spirit and corpse will fall into an incermountable pain as death spreads and “Suicide” smiles.   Find someone to talk to. Find some way to banish “Suicide” from your existence.  “Suicide” is not the choice you really want to make.  

Sadly, my nephew Zach, fell by the lurings and false promises of suicide. 

Zach’s Obituary Posting
Friends and family are desvistated. Whatever promise “Suicide” made him, it was a lie. 

In the following inspired message, Zach from beyond the grave calls out the lie and the mind altering nightmare of knowing what was about to happen.  
Please, please, please, understand that life is worth living and you do not live life once you are dead.  As a medium, that was the biggest awareness of the dead: dead means dead – dead does not mean keep living.  

This is the Auracature Art drawing that I believe Zach wanted to pass on as a memory tattoo.  

If I were to interpret the lines, it basically means that his spirit is accompanied by a sibling, parent, aunt or uncle, and that he has an angel pulling him out of his darkness while he is gaining a clearer understanding of what happened to him. In short, the lines suggest that Zach’s spirit is being prepared to fully cross over into Love’s Light or in faith related terms – into Heaven.

These are the words that wrote through my hand during the drawing of the above Auracature:

Message inspired by Zach

“Where they put me

I had no escape

I thought that I wouldn’t die

That I’d be better off

That I’d live forever

I never wanted to die

Here I am because of a lie

Nothing was done

From truth they’d run

How did I ever believe them?

Death is NOT fun

I found myself in trouble

So I wrapped myself in my bubble

I knew my life was done

Before the week begun

If I knew that I’d be dead

I’d have never put that gun to my head

You cry

You try not to point fingers

You cast blame at yourself

You watch the world turn

Looking for the lesson that you were to learn

The only thing you didn’t see

Was how trusting naivety can be

I wave from here

I try to be near

But my end was my end to you my family and friends

Today is worse than last year

I think it’s sinking in

That this is not some awful dream

I am never coming home again

No matter the amount of trying 

To understand that last day

The only thing I know for sure

Is that I lost my way

I am not asking for forgiveness

I don’t think it can be forgiven

But try to give yourselves a break

I’m the one who fell asleep 

I’m the one who did not wake

I wonder what this year will be like

Time is strange here on this side

Sorry for not being there

To spend it with you.”

Here is a Spirit Drumming and Chanting that I did for Zach and other loved ones who have fallen to the prey of suicide:

Video: In Memory Zach Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums and Strangely Chants.

In Memory of Zachary “Zach” Bridgewater, His Uncle Rich, Strangely Sterling Sinclair Spirit Drums. I seldom drum or chant this this odd. The oddness of it is very reflective of such which is played by the dead through mediumship and channeling. I thought that it would be something pretty and peaceful, instead, it depicts the process of shedding pain. I posted this once already and then I took it down. Then this morning on the 2nd anniversary of Zach’s death by suicide, I received a written message and image that justifies this song.

My sincerest condolences.  

If you are alive and reading this, please stay alive. Never give up living.  You are meant to stay alive until old age opens the doors for your passage onward.  

Much love and Many Blessings, S

“Uncle Rich”


Sterling Sinclair Counselling Rebranding, Tweed and Belleville, Ontario, December 14, 2015

Sterling Sinclair Counselling Rebranding,

Tweed, and Belleville, Ontario, December 14, 2015

(+ Madoc, Marmora, Trenton, Stirling)

logo 1

Today, I officially launched my newly rebranded counselling service.

The rebranding process and extension of services has been a lengthy but enriching process.

I have a new site and blog in development.



I thought I would launch before the holiday season before us.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported this rebranding and expansion of services time.

Many Blessings, S



Angels Descend Upon Passengers and Crew – Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash in French Alps Update: April 1, 2015

Angels Descend Upon Passengers and Crew

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art

Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Crash in French Alps

Update: April 1, 2015

Oracle Strerling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 D-AIPX DAIPX Crash inf French Alps Update April 1, 2015 Angels Heaven Hope Prayer Catholic Mass Love Dead Passengers 1


The energy is changing. Prayers are being heard.

I cannot see them yet but the channels of the ones who died on that mountain are becoming clearer.

Today’s Auracature “Angels Descend,” is clear that the airline is there to trust and look after the best interests of the deceased and their families.  They have business issues and international diplomatic troubles overwhelming the halls of their offices.  Logistics.  Logistics.

The Auracature came with a channeled written message as well.

The eternal resting place, memorial and place of visitation is being asked of the survived loved ones’ families, corporations and lawyers to pressure the airline for that to be included in their settlement packages.  Do not be bought out.  The truth is on the way and your settlements may be much, much more sizable than what initially is being estimated.

Oracle Strerling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 D-AIPX DAIPX Crash inf French Alps Update April 1, 2015 Angels Heaven Hope Prayer Catholic Mass Love Dead Passengers 2

This is the channeled message to the survived loved ones and organizations helping them:

“Recovery has begun.

Prayers are being heard.

Remains unseen spilled at the scene

Call to family, for they must be seen.

A movement and path to grieve;

Negotiate for places where love conquers hate.

Till the time loved one(s) can come ,

Heavens of angels come on the run.

Seek truth – accept no lies

But plant the seeds of good times to come.

The(y) want to live too –

At least life they’ll become.

Stake your claim where blood has been spilled,

For eternal life many have been willed.

Pray to the angels

They’ll bring them home

Beside you in Glory

They’ll forever roam.”

Here ends the channeled message.

I am unsure if it makes a difference if you are Roman Catholic of Orthodox but I kept seeing both churches conducting masses for the fallen begging in Christ’s name that love resound, angels come to help, evil be vanquished and truth be revealed.  An essence of forgiveness is there in the visions but not near the forefront.  The time to grieve, find truth and seek justice appears to be more dominant energies than healing and forgiveness.

My heart goes out to all of the survived loved ones.

May God help you all.

Love to you, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Through the Eyes of a Shut-In – Where did you go? September 4, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Through the Eyes of a Shut-In

Where did you go? 

September 4, 2014

In the woods, I have been a shut-in since 2007.  My first blackout came the day after I had hernia surgery almost 5 years before.  At first, if I kept walking and being busy, I would just simply get loopy and lose some movement coordination for a few minutes.  Then they got worse.

I owned a store.  I had to close it because I was unable to look after it due to this condition.  In the blacking out phases, I would put things places and not remember.  I would go to pay bills and then not pay them but thought that I did.  My employees discovered that it worsened when I would put stock on the top shelves at my store.

What was happening?  The story to recovery is a long one and I still suffer from them to some degree.  They progressed into stopping breathing, pulse stopping, losing nerve sensations, and seizures.  Nonetheless, I was unable to run my store and I was unable to hold down a job.

I tried to sell my property and the market crashed in that year.  So that meant, at 40 years old with three degrees, a lot of experience, children to raise and big debt, unable to drive, or eat or cook alone, my life as I knew it had ended.  My primary care physician said simply, “these are the cards you’ve been dealt, you will learn to live with it.”  I still receive no medical treatment.

Before I became a shut-in, I lived with vitality and really enjoyed visiting with people.  Being around people and helping them and having fun were really important to me.  Actually, I never imagined living a life where that would never be the case – until it was.

I was raised to believe that my family was everything.  As I grew up, I had very few friends outside of my family.  When I fell ill, first from my car accident head injury and then the blackout/seizures, my family no longer came to visit.  Other than 2 family picnics that I threw at my place, I have spoken on the phone to my parents about 8 times and they have come to see me about 3 times each in 7 years.  My sister came two of three times and my brother has been unable to see me.  I have not had one friend who I had before 7 years ago (outside of business) come to see me in 7 years.

As a shut-in, I not only became separated from the world I knew, I became ostracized by it.  I have been blamed many times for being hurtful towards others because I have not gone out of my way to visit them.  I have had people ask why I want nothing to do with them any more like I chose to live this way.

Isn’t it strange how a person falls ill or has a loved one die or suffers a major loss of income/career that people have a tendency to shun a person and then accuse the person for leaving them and becoming cold toward them?

When a human cannot deal with a reality of a loved one’s pain, a human will tend to turn away from the person.  In so doing, their guilt rests so heavily upon their souls that they find a way to recover – humans tend to survive.  Sometimes, blaming the injured/ill/grieving person is the easiest way to do it.

After several years of wondering where they went and what I did to deserve this treatment, I gave up wondering.  I was suicidal; I had even written my last note.  Imagine… I considered taking my own life so that my reminder of suffering would end.  I am glad that I didn’t.

As a shut-in, I had a choice to ignore my situation or start living with my “disability.”  I found care professionals and made new friends.  I started my psychic business and people started coming to see me.  Strange as it may seem, 7 years later, I visit with people so often that I am not alone and if family ever did want to come see me, they would now have to be put on a waiting list to get in.

When we face the decision to start again and we choose to do it – we simply start again.

We live a life in our new reality and we live happily in that reality.  We become different.  Our lives become different.  Our priorities become different.

It may seem strange to many people, but the trees and fish and the forest animals became my everyday companions.  I began looking at the world and communing with her.  I became not a person of other people’s expectations but my own person.

A person’s life journey is a long one.  As a medium, I often have passed people write through my hand as they talk to their loved ones.  Their message is loud and clear, life after death is the life journey continued.

Shut-ins either give up or they learn to live a new and different life.

I referred to myself as a “shut-in” in this short reflection because categorically that is what I am.  But, I do not feel that way anymore.  I like my life the way it is and I have no aspiration at this time to change it.  I have new friends who I consider family.  I love my family as much as I did before they stopped seeing me.  That has not changed in my heart.

The reason that I am writing this is for 2 reasons:

1/ I have kept this part of my life publically quiet in the fear that I might be rejected and I have come to a point in my life of honest portrayal of self and wanted to share this life experience/lesson with you.

2/ No matter your situation in life, it is your choice to view it in the way you choose to view it.  This can be difficult to believe in some situations, but it is true.  The extent of our joy and/or pain is a matter of our own perceptions.

If you are a shut-in or feel that way sometimes, please know that in some way, I understand.  You are not alone.

When the time comes to feel at peace with your life and the way to want to live it, you will live a restful moment of love.

If you have found your life your way, please share the good news that we need not view our lives as being shut-in.  We need not give up.  We can view our lives as a new life paths to discover and as a life adventures to travel.

Thanks for listening.

We are not alone.

Never give up!

Keep moving forward.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Psychic Messages to the Families of the Lost People of Flight MH370, Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, 370, April 3, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auractaure Psychic Messages

to the Families of the Lost People of Flight MH370,

Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, 370

April 3, 2014


You see, this images make me really wonder is really going on.

The big question these two Auracatures ask all of us is:

“Who most wants your loved ones to be safe and come home to you?”

If the answer is, “Me.”

Then ask yourself, “What am I doing to help my loved one?”

We live in a mad world.

May your love prevail.

They will return when hope meets constructive meaningful search guided/manifested by the people who most want them home.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370 370 April 3 2014 4


As wild as it seems, there are skilled retrieval specialists out there in this world.

Is this an image of them?

If so, who would hire them?

Maybe it’s something else.  What do you see?

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370 370 April 3 2014 2


My prayers are with you all.


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day “Stares to Home” March 31 2014, Together, We Will Find our Ways Home

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day

“Stares to Home”

March 31 2014

Together, We Will Find our Ways Home

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Stares to Home Stairs to Home March 31 2014


No matter how high the hurdle nor the seemingly impossible height of the stairs on life’s path home, do not give up.

Do not stand and simply stare.

Together the way home is possible.

Bring them home.

Can you hear them calling.

Never give up hope.

Love and Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Psychic Medium Message Auracature Image to the Families of the Missing Passengers and Staff Flight MH370, 370, Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, March 21, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Medium Message

Auracature Image

To the Families of the Missing Passengers and Staff of Flight MH370, 370,

Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370

March 21, 2014

I have been contacted by other psychics since I have gone public with my channels and messages.

Every single one of them have stated that a few people have died but most are alive (as of 2 days ago).

Today, I was prompted to send a message home.

I received only 4 words and the following image, “Do Not Yet Grieve.”

Does this mean that they have not died?  This can mean many things but it does suggest either, they are still alive or that they don’t know that they have passed.

When I ask, “Are all the passengers dead?”

As of posting this message, the answer remains, “No.”

I do not recall this ever happening to me when all people have passed.

Could there be confusion?  Yes.  If there is a confused message being sent to many psychics, then a psychic mask or radio wave or metaphysical blur is in place for a particular purpose.  The strange thing is, I normally pick up a blur.  This time, the message seems authentic.

No matter the what sense we make of this message, I find it hopeful.

No matter how many people have gone missing, I have always held out hope that they were alive until they were found.

Never give up hope for these people.

Do not give up hope.

Their collective message to their families is “Do Not Yet Grieve.”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Psychic Message Missing Passenger Staff Family Families Missing Plane Malaysia Flight MH370 032114

As a psychic and medium, I have come to learn that loved ones’ hope, best wishes, prayers, thoughts and fight for the people missing, helps them survive trauma, be strong to endure what they are experiencing and guides them/authorities to them.  Whether alive or passed, the missing people need our help.  Keep them upon your hearts.

I am a believer in miracles.

Life continues.

Keep hope and love alive.

Many Blessings,


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