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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Response to “Draw the State of the World Today, April 8, 2014” Send Me an Angel, War Can be Prevented!

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Response to

“Draw the State of the World Today, April 8, 2014”

Send Me an Angel

War Can be Prevented


The following is the channel that wrote along the side of the page after the Auracature image had been recorded.

“The hidden shall be found.

The surface draws attention.

They are here.

Remove the cap – they shall rise.

All is NOT good.

Will you stand?

Will you join the heavenly forces to fight the ascent of destruction?

“Pokeaman” in the eye – he punches you back.

Cover the man with a blanket – he loses sight and cannot punch back.

Will you be a weaver of the blanket or a snipper of the golden thread?

The illusion can be broken.”

This is Auracature “Send Me an Angel”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Send Me an Angel State of the World April 8 2014

During the recording experience, I am flooded by visions of Nazi affiliations with extraterrestrial/alien communications and technologies.  I am reminded that Hitler was not truly found dead.  I am shown a vision of a time capsule having dropped from space – the opening of which has begun.

“The grand illusionist’s wand they shall wave with wonder.” (breakthrough channel sentence).

You may or may not be aware, but there have been groups travelling the world for many years.  These groups (under the guise of spiritual earth healers) have been participating in the uprising of the trapped energies [note: because one is a spiritual earth healer does not mean that one is a member of one of these groups).  While you may have trusted some of these groups or the leaders of these groups, their motivations have not been spiritual enlightenment but rather imprisonment of spiritual freedom.  This may sound like a delusional statement, but this IS happening.  I have had many offers by many groups to join their causes.  Each time I have refused, my family or I have come under attack (remember: sudden losses of balance and coordination, sudden emotional sensitivities, sudden menstrual problems, sudden anger, sudden family destruction, sudden impotence,  itches, rashes, blisters, and heart problems that have no apparent cause are quite possibly NOT natural).

Look away from the stage.  Look behind the curtain.

The grand illusionist has a staff of string pullers.

Will you keep watching the show or will you demand your money back?

War can be averted.  The uprising can still be prevented.

Ask yourself, “does this sound possible?”

If you answer with a definitive, “Yes,”  then ask yourself, “what will I do now?”

“Will I be a puller of string?  Will I be moved by the strings? What will I do?”

Wake up!  If you are awake, say awake!

God Help Us All.



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Sterling Sinclair