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Former Medium, Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writes a Poetic Message Inspired by Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip. Downie Calls on Canadians to Work Toward Alieviating the Suffering and Alienation of Canada’s First Peoples. October 19, 2017

Former Medium, Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writes a Poetic Message Inspired by Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip. Downie Calls on Canadians to Work Toward Alieviating the Suffering and Alienation of Canada’s First Peoples. October 19, 2017
Gord Downie writes a poem /lyrics through Sterling Sinclair a couple of days after Downie died. 

For David Bowie, I sat down and let him inspire words to be written through me during a trance state. It was a beautiful piece. It was well received by few and violently opposed by several more. Nonetheless, it was a magnificent moment for me. I was glad to record such an amazing piece for grieving Bowie fans. 

So this morning, I felt an urger to draw to process my emotions and as I was drawing the Auracature lines, words began to pour out upon the page. In these words, he calls for all of us to seek fair compensation, reconciliation, justice for Canada’s first peoples.  

Video: Sterling Sinclair Reads Poem / Lyrics Inspired by Gord Downie Post-Death
Gord Downie poem

Oct 19, 2017

“Her Children Die from Centuries of Pain

Kick off your shoes – go dance in the rain.”
“Together We Are One”

By Sterling Sinclair
“Remember not me

Remember the work to be done

It was never about my battle

Their stories had to be sung
The battle’s not over

Much work’s need done

We fight the battle together

Until the battle is won
Upon blood soaked prairies

She gathers her young

How’d she wake in her mourning

Her fallen knight was her son
How can she see the light

From fear we mustn’t run

Look into her black brown eyes

Reserved, her soul was shunned
The fight to live’s not over

The fight has just begun.

Oh Canada, do you even listen?

Sorrow is being Sung
Grieve not my recent passing

Seeking justice is not fun

My death is not the message

I’m a husband, father, son
First peoples are in danger

No matter the spin that is spun

Pour your tears upon the lands

Cuz, healing’s barely begun
If you honour my memory

If I am Canada’s true son

Instead of being saddened

Go out and help someone
The war will be over

The battle will be won

When all people come together

And together we are one.”
Much love and Many Blessings, S

Did they Die? I Cannot Contact the Deceased Passengers of Germanwings A320 4U 9525. Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Sterling Sinclair Update March 31, 2015

Did they Die?

I Cannot Contact the Deceased Passengers of Germanwings A320 4U 9525.

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Update March 31, 2015

[EDIT APRIL 1: Post and Auracature Update: “Angels Descend.” ]

Original Post as follows:

As many of you know due to media, chatrooms, and the internet that I have been working as a medium for years and have communicated with many passed people during murder/missing persons investigations.

What happens is that the dead will find me.

I relive their death over and over and over.

As an oracle, my sight is different from a medium or a psychic.

I experience the universe and communication is both cellular and visual impressions coupled with a sense of the universe.

In short, my experience envelops the multiple dimensions of options and issues surrounding things like tragedies for example.

The mass sense of loss has a way of leaving me with stigmatic reactions.

So even when I don’t see it, or hear it, I experience it.

In the situation of 9525, I have not been hit with grief or a sense of passenger death.

It may be delayed but it would be strange for that to happen to me too.

For the entire week, I have been searching for passenger family interviews.

I could only find comments regarding Yvonne Selke.

I have been searching for phone calls and texts and instant messages from them while flying or crashing on that fateful plane.  I have found nothing other than a man who posted a pic of himself allegedly on the plane, but I cannot tell when it was taken or even if it was taken on the plane.

I found a passenger list of a sort and only 123 passengers’ families were being contacted rather than 144ish.

I cannot find concrete conclusive information about the co-pilot.

There is seemingly no media coverage regarding the families’ losses except for ever changing insurance pay outs.

When I try to see the dead passengers, I see blank.  I see an absence of existence.  I try to see them approaching their death.  I see nothing.  Like a psychic block or an impossibility.

I want to offer the loved ones of all the people who allegedly died on that flight a gift of knowing that their loved ones are not suffering.

But I cannot see them.

When I look for them, they are alive and some seem to have never existed.

I am still creeped out by one televised news broadcast that said that there are almost no body remains – it was like they must have vaporized.

Vaporized.  Vaporized.  Like – Disappeared? or Zapped by some sort of weapon or laser that wipes out any trace the person was ever there.

But a person has a spirit.  The spirit lives even when the body dies.

The spirit is who I connect with.

I can only imagine how messed up this sounds, but did all those people actually die on that mountain or in the sky that day?

Is this some sort of illusion?

This is the image I got through my guides.  Since I could not contact the dead I went through a channeled remote ethereal route.

What do you make of this?

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 Dead Killed Passengers Medium


So are all those people dead or is this one magnificent show?

God help them.  God Help us all.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message – Dreams and Dream Filters, January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

Dreams and Dream Filters

January 14, 2014


The current life condition and preoccupation of one’s mind act as memory filters affecting memory acknowledgment and memory retention.

In our sleeping or “daydreaming” moments, more vivid memories jump to the forefront of our human sorting mechanism.

Since the flood of information can be alarming and unhinging to the current functioning thought processes, the filters sort out what you will attentively retain.

Therefore, if a person is preoccupied with the current life events, the memories of relatively current happenings (past/present/future) will be more predominantly retained.  This is why a person will seem to have dreams related to the person’s current perceived state.

To alter the dream retention, one must alter the filter through which the tidal waves of memories flood one’s awareness.

Alter one’s state of mind and/or life condition and alter the filter.

One of the most prominent hang-ups humans have regarding not seeing visions is that they cannot do such a thing.

They have developed the self-perception that they are not gifted or simply cannot do so.

However, that perception is far from the truth.

The truth is that all people are wired with the same God-program origin.

The ability to remember is wired into all people within the program.  The only difference between one person who can see and the person who cannot see is the filter.

Change the filter, change the sight.

Change the filter, change the memory retention.

When I was 16-19 years old, after a many years of unwelcome experiences,

I felt as if I were an expendable person who was born into a family for the purpose of being treated cruelly.

I felt like an imprisoned scapegoat tortured by the ones I entrusted with my life.  No one seemed to hear my cries.

During this heightened state of injury, the filters of destruction and demonic notions of personal invasion surfaced.  Every sleep induced dream I had was a nightmare or a night terror.   Eventually, I stopped sleeping, but my life condition continued to slide out of my grasp.  The nightmares eventually entered my daydreaming moments.

As my life condition changed over the years, I found the love of friends.  Hope began to build and my filters began to build new screening methods.

About 8 years ago, I still had the odd nightmare.  One night, I had enough of being killed in dreams or watching my loved ones being killed.

I decided to change my life direction and at the same time conquer the demons of my dreams.  By altering the filters within the dream as the dream was happening, I survived.  The nightmares stopped.  I have been almost 8 years nightmare free.

The memories that we see as dreams can be more easily accepted as dreams (artificial creative events and manifestations of wishful thinking and/or anxieties) because they can alter our self-perception without our choice to do so.  However, they are memories.  Because they are memories, we can adjust how the memories affect us by altering the memory filter.

As life is altered, the filters are altered.

As filters are altered, the sight is altered.

As filters are altered, memory retention is altered.

As the filters are altered, life is altered.

Many blessings and much love,


I am frequently asked how I see what I see when I see it.  One of the methods I employ is external filter duplication.  By temporarily adopting a person’s filter, I can access the memories being screened by my client.  Through accessing these memories, I can follow them back through the God-program to a moment before they reach the client’s awareness.  This method aids the process of discernment/understanding and has the capacity to alter the filters before the same information reaches the client’s awareness (if so chosen requested by the client), thereby altering the client’s response of the information being received.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message, No Dream is Too Big! Really? January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

January 14, 2014




No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

We dream of what could be and what we want to inspire.

We dream of better times and dream of flying.

We dream of peace and someday walking even though we have no legs.

Sometimes, dreams seem attainable and then we fail.

Upon failing, we cease to dream.

Sometimes, dreams are so distant from our current situation that only a miracle could seemingly make the dream a reality.

When the dream is distant, we have a tendency to neglect holding onto the dream.

So why dream at all?

The dreams we have of the world and ourselves are not dreams.

They are God-program memories either grafted onto our genetic codes or written into our basic life design.  Our spirits retain all memory because they are our eternal, universal life-force God-programs.

When we dream, we remember.

We do not fantasize or hope for better times because we are unhappy with our current position; we dream because we remember a current alternate life, a preferred life, or a life experience than the one we currently live.

The memory surfaces and calls us to that reality – no matter the perceived time frame.

If we were not human and did not have human bodies living a human condition at this time on this planet, the freedom to move between memories would be sizably more possible than it currently is.

The memories can be distractions.

No dream is too big? – Yes!  BUT, it may be unattainable at this time or in this life/life form/place.

Many years ago, I taught dream building.  I did not understand this then.  I, however, knew that there was something correct and incorrect with what I was teaching.

Although we are encouraged to embrace the entirety of being, the materialization of such an embrace can be too overwhelming.  It can shut down our entire life system – hence, requiring a God-program REBOOT.

Do you stop dreaming then?  No.  Absolutely not!

By converting your perception of dreaming to remembering, you are able to fulfill the dream requirements needed to see the dream through till it is attained in its entirety.

Therefore, by viewing the memory and relating it back to your current condition, you are awakened to the immediate steps, protocols, lessons, energies and movements required at such stages, beginning with the current one.

In short, by creating a workable vision (using a vision board is tremendously helpful) whereby the memories are entered and protocols are shifted/rewritten, the path to dream attainment is made visible and walkable.

The secret to dream or memory fulfillment is to implement methodical steps by using your own memories and lessons that are written into your God-program.

It has been said, “If the Dream is Big Enough, Anyone will do ANYTHING to Attain that Dream.”

The catch – the dream must be your dream – YOUR MEMORY – YOUR GOD-PROGRAM!

When it is your dream/memory/God-program you will be able to successfully access the memories of the requirements needed to successfully attain the dream.

Are you prepared to remember?

If so…


Love and Blessings, S

This is why I love being a Psychic/Life-Coach/Spirit-Body Reunification Specialist – I help people remember and help them attain their dreams.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Receives an Invasive Dream within which President Obama Speaks to Him, July 17, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Receives an Invasive Dream

within which

President Obama Speaks to Him

July 17, 2013

I woke on the morning of July 16, 2013 during a response I was giving to President Obama in a dream.  The dream suddenly interrupted another dream I was already having.  President Obama was taking a tour through a cheese factory/cookie factory.  He and his entourage were about three floors below and I was standing behind a table watching through a railing with 2 black horizontal bars.  He reached the centre of the floor, stopped and looked up at me.  Almost immediately, the tour was over and he was on his way up a staircase.  Before I knew it, a large man in dark blue or black stood to my right hand side.  President Obama stood in front of me between the railing and the table.  Men stood on either side of him as he talked directly to me.  He never smiled.  His face expressed intimidation like a father/gang leader/mob boss would stare one down while imparting words of wisdom.  I cannot recall the words of most of what he said but the gist of it was to stop what I am doing.  With a facial expression that appeared to be purposely given to impart a threat, his last words were, “You know what I mean?!”  As I began to explain that I have no intention of overthrowing or threatening a government or people, the dream was broken.  I was unable to share my thoughts and explanations.  It appeared that nothing I had to say in defense or otherwise was permitted in the dream sequence.  Intimidation from another source seemed to be the sole purpose.

The dream entered and left in the same way dreams and messages do while under psychic attack.  To me, this is a very difficult thing to achieve.  Something really crafty or powerful would have sent it if it made its way into my dreaming state.  It did not seem like a cautionary note from my guides.  It felt more like an invasion.

Whether or not the accuracy of the dream matches the intent of the dream – something/someone interrupted my dream state and either sent the dream or inspired it.

What could cause, create or send such a thing?

The following Auracature is an image that I channeled in an effort to see what would have done this to me.


This morning, I channeled this talisman.

It was even really difficult for my computer to save it correctly.

This is the best I could pull off at the time.

You will notice a bottom dot/small rectangle/block.  For you, you may feel no dots, or 2/3/4/5 dots work for you.  Through adding or removing the dot(s), you can tune it to you.



Your Mind is Your Property – Protect IT!


Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

I found the linear fashion of time as revealed through the order of events in Alien Interview to be surprising.  In circles of discussions, I have heard that time is artificial, an illusion, or can fold onto itself.  However, the alien speaking makes it clear that time was directly related to the order of events.  How then is it possible for time travel, seeing into the future or dreaming about past and future events that exist outside of the dreamer’s current lifetime?

Within the Universal Construct exists program codes that relate the being’s bodily program with time while not affecting the being’s spirit program.  The conversation between the nurse and the alien is conveyed through a human perspective.  Since the nurse was using her human brain and logic system of ordering existence, the alien provides an explanation that makes sense to the nurse.  Therefore, time references are made within the confines of a mathematical logic system of order.  For humans to manage life within the amnesia program, a start and an end to time must exist because the human body is expected to have a max life span of about 120 years.  If no time existed, how else could aging and progressive development be explained in a tolerable fashion to the human body program?  Time exists for one purpose only, to comparatively explain the aging process of existence.  Outside of that purpose, time really has no relevance.

The threat of this revelation alone threatens the effectiveness of the amnesia program.  Although to the human logical brain, the nature of the spirit means that it has existed before any calculation of time and will exist for ever – “eternal” does not mean this at all.  Rather, the spirit’s “eternal” characteristic is a Universal Construct Program Code that is written into the entire construct not bound by the amnesia program.

Do spirits exist at different times in the past and the future? Yes and No.  A past and a future within the means of an ordered time understanding does not really exist.

The amnesia program cannot alter the eternal spirit program; it can only control the concept and related memory of the mind program related to the spirit program.  As with all digital programs, the construct has limitations.  Therefore the past, current and the future are all programs written in a patterned set meant to be looped and run over and over and over.  This explains why different ages of existence occur with seeming leaps in between them.  The earth is a program construct designed to accept the loops of existence.  Although it would seem that the earth is aging, it is actually programmed to look that way while multiple existences are looped within its construct.  In short, the earth construct is simultaneously running multiple loops.

In the absence of time, a collection of looped existences designed to work in conjunction with each other, yet not remembered by the being powered by the spirit living within the multiple loops simultaneously, memory is not of a past or future operated by a construct of time, but rather of the multiple lives one is simultaneously living.

To live in the complete absence of amnesia, the spirit would recall the universal construct program code within which its eternal existence has been written not only into the earth loops but throughout multiple loops and outside the loop construct.  The eternal nature of the spirit is a program that does not travel but rather exists in another place and hence occupies the bodily being suitable or designed to exist within that particular existence.

To “travel” to other “worlds” and to other “times” (“future” or “past”) means to free the spirit program from the current body program or looped program.  It is possible for some people, within deep sleep, coma, near death/revived life or meditation, to allow the spirit to realize its life in various other programs within the universal construct.  This explains the cataplexy during those states of existence.  The body does not regain movement or animation until the spirit program routes itself into the body program.  By the time the spirit program has completely reconnected to the body program, the memory of the experience for most people is wiped clean and no memory of the spirit’s experience is accessed due to the amnesia program effect on the spirit.

So yes, it is completely possible that one is a super hero or butterfly when the spirit program assumes and powers those bodies.  The dream is not a dream but a living of existence in its loop.  The more the memory is retained, the more powerful the spirit is to power the body program to do things that seemingly only exist in dreams.

As an eternal spirit, the spirit program can achieve anything that the spirit program has been programmed to do.  As people in relationship with our spirits, we are capable of attaining our dreams.  We are not bound by time and space – as we know it.  We are restricted by our accessed memory and perceptions of our existence.  If you free the memory, free the spirit, free life and free dreams you will live a life never before possible.

When it comes to the function of the spirit and body within the parameters of the universal construct, “Anything is Possible” is “TRUE!”


Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracture of Our World – May our Dreams be Reality April 14, 2013