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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Happy New Year’s 2014 2015 Auracature and Channeled Prophetic Message

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Happy New Year’s 2014 2015

Auracature and Channeled Prophetic Message

The following is a direct transcription as the channel was revealed while I spoke.

Self identification shall be the theme of 2015 as we face the state of this world.

Who are you?  What is your calling?

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature New Year's Eve 2014 2015 Birds Prediction Prophecy Channel Message

Here begins the channel:

New Year’s Auracature 2014/2015

“With winds of change upon eternal tides fly geese

With time and yet no sides

A wondrous day in red suns shall meet

Where children play

And dears shall greet

My time to dance has come and has gone

I whistle for wonders

Of songs to be sung

A new day is born

A day

To be run

In a winless race

A lover’s embrace

Reflected in tears

We now find our place

Hope shall greet us

A new time shall bear

Identifications of self we shall wear

The new year demands

Truth from the soul

No man shall hide truth no matter how ole

The ugly shall cry

An beauty cry out too

The difference this year

All will see you

Embrace who you are

Question you no more

Traumas have passed

It’s you at the door

Answer your call

No time you shall waste

The future waits for no one

We run a winless race

Cheers my dear sisters

May our brothers once cry

There’s no time for fighting

For now we must fly”

Here ends the channel.

Love and Blessing, S


Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Year`s Eve and Day Auracatures 2013

I just recorded these two Auracatures.

They depict a movement from a flood of logic to a new release of personhood.

What has been hiding behind a false reality will be finding its accepted voice in 2013.

A New Day – A New Year – A New Life – A New Age.

Happy New Year’s!

Sterling Sinclair Auracature New Year`s Eve 2012 2013 ss123112


Sterling Sinclair Auracature New Year's 2012 2013 January 1 2013



All the best in the new year.

The New Age has begun.