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Sterling Sinclair Oracle Deck Card Draw for Friday the 13th, October, 2017

Sterling Sinclair Oracle Deck Card Draw for Friday the 13th, October, 2017


Let us share compassion on this night/day. Please know that you are never alone and someone out there loves you. 

Video of Sterling turning His Oracle Deck and Drawing the Card for this Friday the 13th
Written on the card is:

“Compassion uplifts within a time of pain and disappointment.”

Please be gentle with you and your loved ones today/ tonght. 

Let’s share compassion with each other. 

Much love and many blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Personally I’m a Person Takes Personal Things Personal, September 2, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

Personally I’m a Person Takes Personal Things Personal,

September 2, 2014

You can choose to psychologize your life or choose to change it. 

Caution: if you honestly choose to change your life – you will change your life.


If we exist within one common, shared consciousness, we share a personal existence.

If we live an energetic interconnectivity, we live a mutual personal experience.

If these two things are true then “Don’t take anything Personally” is an impossible instruction –

a fantasy to relieve a human from personal hurt cast upon them by another person’s perception.

We do not live in isolation or as an inert object such as a discarded chunk of concrete well casing.

We are communal creatures sharing a communal existence.


They may possibly exist (you may even be one), but I have never met a person in my practice or in my social/family life who lets everything seemingly run off their backs like water off a duck unless they are cold, hard, self-centered people.


By not taking it personally, you also refuse to assess what it is that you are, carry, represent, or think that draws actions/comments/beliefs to come in your direction.  You take no ownership of the passing of that love or hate or whatever found in between.


Laws of attraction and arguments of like forces seeking each other out and repelling each other become mute points if you can simply place yourself on an emotionally void island upon the pages of a fiction novel.


As long as we live, we commune.

As long as we die, we commune.

As long as we are persons, we are personal and will take things personally because that is simply the way it is.


To run from this acceptance is to run from self.


So what are you to do then?

Someone is mean to you and so you are to blame for that?


Not entirely.


If someone is mean to you, there is something about you that is attracting that meanness.

It may be nothing that you are aware of.

You may have inherited it.

You may have picked it up along the way from another person.

Nonetheless, if you were not you then it would not have happened the way it did, if at all.


So if someone calls you “stupid” does that mean that you are?  It may.  However, what it reveals is a component of your being that either/both inspired, extracted and/or provided an avenue for the statement to come in your direction.  If deep down you kind of wonder if you are stupid then you will likely be called stupid.  If you mess up something and still did a better job than the person yelling at you it is likely because the person depended on you and “you are stupid” is a reflection of himself/herself coupled with his/her disappointment with your performance (he/she thought you could do something you could not).  No matter the situation, you were called stupid because you in some way brought it on.  Maybe you simply allowed the statement to be made and didn’t even know it.


What I help my clients do is understand the ripple effect they create and then help them change the ripples.


When someone throws a rock in your pond and your shore is altered by the waves they created, remember that it is your pond and you can reverse the waves or swallow up the rocks they toss and then stack them nicely upon the shore.  You can alter the waves.  But only after you realize that your pond has stray rocks laying around waiting to be thrown at you can that be done.


By taking it personally, you can choose how to behave.

A punching bag is not what my clients want to become.

They want to stop the punches.

They may even want to punch back.

But only with personal responsibility is that possible.


Choose to feel good by becoming Teflon or choose to feel good by affectively changing how people treat you are two different things.


To gain power and stand tall.

To understand the depths of oneself and abilities to alter ones world including nasty comments sent in your direction is how one empowers their sense of what they view is personal.


Instead of getting hurt by others, one eventually becomes stronger, more aware and more authentic.  One does not have to avoid the sense of something being personal, one simply changes the pathway.


Sounds easy?  Well it is relatively easy.  But it requires you to look into your truth and the possible triggers and welcoming devices that you have.


Once identified, you can try to rid yourself of them or do one of 2 really magical things – use them as part of your personal identity and embrace you as you are OR choose to change them.


It really is like changing a piece of lint into a Corvette.  You can change it.

Once the path is altered, so to do the projected comments and behaviors toward you.


But what about in times of war?  The same principle happens.  However, the energy and hate has become so overwhelming that it is nearly impossible without many people altering it, hence the reason for the prevention of war rather than ending one.


Remember, no matter what you change in yourself changes everything else.

Everything is personal.

You choose to change the path, the path not only changes direction but also changes in its quality.  By taking it personally and changing it, you change the person who delivered it in the first place.


We live in community as one body.

You hurt me – I hurt you – you hurt you – I hurt me.

You love me – I love you – you love you – I love me.

We can choose to live as we live.

We are personal people and we take things personally.

We are communal people and we live in communion.

There is the secret.

Our symbiotic nature has interwoven a carpet of life within which we all live.


Today, you choose what to do with how you live.

By doing so, you will affect the way I live.

Today, I choose what to do with how I live.

By doing so, I will affect the way you live.


We live together.

Please take this statement personally,

I love you.


May we together be love.


Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracatures of the Day, November 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracatures of the Day

November 25, 2013





Many Blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day, “The Full Moon and Father Issues,” January 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Reflection of the Day

“The Full Moon and Father Issues”

January 25, 2013

The full moon is accompanied with father issues.  Memories and reconsiderations of life with our fathers and life as fathers swell within our hearts and minds.

Why do we wrestle with such matters?

During this magnificent moon phase, matters of life and death, beginnings and endings, reflections and future projects juggle in our collective circus we call life.  We are sent forward during this moon – sent forward with a suitcase left for us to fill.

What of our fathers will we pack and what will leave behind?

Like some other spiritual leaders, extraterrestrial abductees, dreamy romantics with undying desires to build a home, I have father issues that have been instrumental in the formation of my life.

A few years ago, I seemingly stumbled upon a common link between clients of this collective.  They either did not know the confirmed identity of their birth fathers, their birth fathers had died while they were young, or their relationship with their birth fathers was either distant or non-existent.

Some male created them, yet they were left outside without that male to nurture and usher them along.

These people, predominantly male, had grown missing a piece but yet had found a way of building a piece to replace it.  A puzzle with a replaced misshapen piece still makes a misshapen puzzle.

To these people, the misshapen puzzle was not misshapen.

Their puzzles and my puzzle were us, our identities and always being shaped and reshaped.

No matter the father situation, in the recesses of the mind there continues to exist an acknowledgement of the father’s participation in the person’s development.

Even to people who perceive that an angel had created them in some way, they have had notions of the angel has watched over them or punished them and steered them or left them in some way or other.

As we move through this new moon, we are reminded of who we are.  Yes we may be new in this New Age.  Yes we may have ascended during this ascension, but we still are here because we were at least once created.  Our creation, we shall not escape, nor are we asked by the universe to escape it.

As we move forward as new people, with new purpose, with new hopes, with new dreams, we must not forget that we are here and how we got here.

We let go of pain, resentment, upset and blame, we take what we can that acknowledges who we are.

Be careful not to throw out your passport to live while packing your luggage of life.

Be patient and understanding today.

This day really matters.

Love, S