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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Poem, I Choose to Have a Good Day: When I wake up bothered by a possible past. November 26, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Poem,

I Choose to Have a Good Day:  

When I wake up bothered by a possible past.  

November 26, 2014

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I Choose to Have a Good Day


I woke up this morning with life considerations competing with possible youth outcomes.

Confusion did not contaminate my visions of the past.

Memories void of my recognition streamed past my eyes.

Do you ever wonder if life happened the way that you thought it happened?

It can be far easier to place guilt upon a ghost than upon a man.

If I cannot see what has been stripped from my sight, is it best not to look?

If you seek then you shall find.

So, why seek the things you hope not to find?

In our world and in this life we face down horrors and celebrate joys.

None can escape the truth of life dancing upon a knife’s edge.

If I were to see the terrible abyss, would joy fade from my sight?

Would I ever recover or simply stay lost?

Bad things will happen and good things will happen too.

To hide from the truth shall poison the ground upon which I choose to tread.

But to purposely search out the pain that is hidden deep down inside

Digs a bottomless well into which I could drown.

I look in the mirror.

I brush my teeth.

I go down the stairs.

I sing to the radio.

I look outside.

I see the fallen leaves glistening with dew.

I watch cotton ball clouds drift way up high.

A cool breeze turns my head.

My face is bathes by the warm, rising sun.

No matter my past.

No matter what may have been.

No matter what happened.

No matter all of that.

The world kept on living.

Today the future was once again born.

Whether I greet the good or meet the bad on this day, tomorrow will still be born.

Concerns for what was flee from the stage, well curtained in my mind.

Is it okay to let go?

Is it okay if it never was?

Does really matter?

Is it worth my time?

I look to the sky.

I reach to the heavens.

My day begins again.

Just because my waking moments processed mysteries of yesterday,

I did not have to be possessed by the fascination of pain.

The impossible quest for a dark curse of truth does not need to be my path.

I, in my conscious awareness, choose to step onto the green pastures of this day and jubilantly dance into the future.

The tricks of dreams.

The lures of demons.

The fragility of sleep.

They shall not guide this day.

I jump in the shower.

I stand dripping nude at the window.

I close my eyes.

I see buttercups, reflecting pools and pixie sticks.

I smell the scents of roses, sweet brandied pipe smoke, and thawing Christmas tree needles.

I hear my aunt sing, my puppy bark and my babies saying “Dadda.”

My life is once again awakened.

My life’s joy powerfully washes away my early moments of pontification.

When I was half asleep, my thoughts were hurtful and confused.

When fully awake I chose to restore joy in my life.

With the recollection of special, happy times, I choose to open my eyes one more time.

This time, my day begins with a smile.

I choose to have a good day.

by Sterling Sinclair 11/26/14

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: To Seek the Same or Choose Something Different? That is the Question. An Essay on the Driving Function of Memory. August 20, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair:

To Seek the Same or Choose Something Different?  That is the Question.

An Essay on the Driving Function of Memory.  

August 20, 2014

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When I travel, I like to taste different foods, see new sights, hear sounds I don’t recall hearing before and meeting new people.  I like to experience something new.  But at the same time, I seek out cheese, chocolate, a hamburger, fish and chips, a flower garden, trees with shade and a clean, safe, comfy room in which to rest my head.  I travel to experience life but I have a tendency to gravitate back to what is comforting and familiar.

I have observed that friends of mine do the same.  Every year, year in and year out, they find a resort that offers all you can eat and drink and a beach on which to sunbathe.  They may venture off the resort for small day trips and may even mingle with the locals for a short time but at the end of the day, they return to their recognizable comforts.

Are we creatures of habit?  Maybe?  Maybe there is more to it than that.

A woman I know dates and has dated the same sort of man – an uneducated, hurt, grease monkey with baggage, power issues and who desires a mother- lover.  They all seem to like muscle cars and trying to live on the edge.

A man I know is married to an older, divorced woman who has 2 small dogs, a little girl with long, dark hair.  He has a close friend who fits the exact same description but the women’s hair colours are different.

Even though the people are different, the different people they found are still the same.  Why?

In the depths of our mind revolves a recognition function.  Psychologist after psychologist have pointed out that we seek what created us and/or nurtured us.  We seek to return.  Our emotional connections and the need to curl up in our egg shell drive us to live the familiar.

Ever catch yourself saying, “Why do I always do that?”

Past life theorists claim that our repeated actions, desires, and senses of home are determined by our unresolved past life issues.  But what if we repeat and we don’t have unresolved issues?

In the deep recesses of our minds where our soul greets its fuel – its spirit – a spinning ball of timeless memory fires our mutual multiple lives with sparks of the same memory.

If you burn the same size bonfire under the same tree and feed the fire new wood, the tree will repeatedly wither from the heat.  No matter the wood, the tree still gets singed.  Only when the sparks stop hitting the branches does the tree begin to grow back.

However, in this memory, we must consciously and deliberately alter its spark.  Where it may be flames it must be changed to electrical frequencies or splashes of tears for life to change.  The memory will still fire, but a change is when it fires something different.

How is that done?

Because we already possess the memory, it is not making new memories that we seek.  The quest is to trigger other memories to spark.  New memory triggers are required.  It is not about learning something new in this life, it is about freeing the memory of what it already knows.

Is it alright to seek the familiar and rest in the comfort of a recognizable, cyclical life?  If you like it, then it is.  However, there will be a time, whether in this life or the next, when the comfortable will feel uncomfortable.  When that time comes, the quest to free memory will commence.

We can choose to be slaves to our past lives and repeated patterns or we can choose to investigate, experience and search for new ones.  No matter the choice, the choice is ours to make.

If you hear yourself asking, “Is this all what life is meant to be?”  OR “Is this all I was meant to do?” You are ready to embark on your quest – the quest to free your memory.

When your memory begins to spark different memories, familiarity will meet newness and together they will stimulate your heart.  You will be driven to run or to stay put.  You may be driven to do both at the same time.  Life will begin to look different and with that new sight, your previously familiar surroundings and context will suddenly be unfamiliar.  You will know things about yourself and other people that you did not before know (or thought you didn’t know).  Ideas will come to you.  Ideas that you had no idea existed.

Will you lose you if you embark on your quest to free your memory?  No.  Your memory is already there.  You are not finding a new memory.  You are remembering what your memory already knows.

Will you be different?  You may seem to be different.

Different Good or Different Bad?  Neither and both at the same time.

To free your memory is to free you.  Once free, you can never turn back.

The choice to free your memory is yours.  When the time comes that you choose to embark on the quest to free your memory – it will be the right time to do so.  There is no rush.  But no matter what time it becomes, the choice will be yours to make.

Is it time for change?

You choose.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, Are You Really in Control? You decide. January 24, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day

Are You Really in Control?  

You decide.  

January 24, 2014

This fish has no mouth or anus…




A question worth serious consideration.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing, March 4 2013, “A Choice Must Be Made”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel Writing

March 4, 2013

“A Choice Must Be Made”

When channels are written through my hand onto a page, they come in two ways: 1/ streamed through my hand with no thought process of my own; 2/ a flood of words and corresponding images enter the front of my mind and then are recorded by writing/drawing them down or typing them into my PC.  The 5 most common characteristics of them are: no punctuation, random capitalization, random spellings, words that mean other words (sun-son), and lyrical rhyme.

Sometimes they come in languages that I don’t know but somehow understand.  These languages may even have their own script.  Inter-dimensional channeling will often be this way.

When I post them on Facebook as status updates, the words are often typed into my blackberry while I am in a partial trance.  Once I have recovered from trance, I am prevented from making changes.  Because the channels are time, situation and emotion sensitive, I do not have time (or in many cases, the ability to break the channels) before posting to correct the spelling and/or grammar.  If I do not post within the window, the writing is lost and most often deleted.  Although I do my best to clear it up before posting, the words do become muddled.

In seminary, learning to read Hebrew scripture was frustrating and frequently confusing because of the lack of punctuation and phrase-meaning formation.

Here is an example of a channel without punctuation.  This one is quite understandable in comparison to many others.

“contamination caused cataclysmic collapse of THOSE crossing the vast expanse blue to the site  blond to the touch blinding when still yet clear when billowy gusts cross the pillars silhouette in the horizon where the SON sits resting on the plain” October 22, 2009 – Sterling Sinclair

The following was written in a script that I cannot read, however the meaning I am told through the channel is “Have a good day my brother.” OR “Have a good day my brethren.”


March 4, 2013 - Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

March 4, 2013 – Translation: Have a good day my brother / brethren.

Another issue with posting a channel, by the time the channel is posted, letters and punctuation (if I have put any in) seem to change, get added, or simply vanish.  I read it over if I can and it reads fine.  After it is posted and the trance is no more, I read the post and it does not compare with what I can remember reading or writing in the trance (some things stick to the memory for a short while, some things seems to be imprinted onto the soul, and some things just vanish).  This happens because in the trance, my state of mind and language interpretation is clear.  The translation in the physical world is distorted (or so it would seem).

Maybe the language publicly posted is supposed to be written and ordered the way it is posted rather than edited and arranged in such a way that fits the current language format of the day. [The jury is still out on this one.  Different people have different opinions.]

The thing about successfully channeling pure information is, the channelor cannot get between the channel and the recorded text because the channel is severed and no information is then transmitted and/or received.

Therefore, I ask for your tolerance when it comes to my posts not making sense sometimes.  With each post of this sort, I have to decide between suffering the embarrassment of appearing language deficit AND not relaying the information as I receive it.  In short, take the chance of posting wrong OR not posting at all.  This is a fight that I must daily face because my near death experience healing event of 1996 traded conventional language with channels and forms of trance communication.


As my career and personal acceptance have developed, my choice to simply let the words flow has become more dominant than my choice to remain silent.

With that said, I both apologize to you for my loose writing skills and I am thankful for the ability to share life affecting channels with you.

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Sterling Sinclair