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Is it Child Abuse if a Parent wants Bigger Unsafe Classrooms with Fewer Supports for Success and Less Teacher-Student Interaction?

What is going on in Ontario? Is this mind control? Is the hatred toward teachers blinding parents from the truth that cuts to education will indeed lessen the chances of students’ success in classrooms?


Do parents truly want their children to receive less? Do parents believe that their children do not deserve more and better services and opportunities? Do parents really want their children hurt at class or being taught in a chaotic classroom war zone?

If a child is having difficulty learning in a classroom with the current level of supports and teacher:student ratios, it is nonsensical for parents to think that their children will learn better while receiving less supports in classrooms with higher teacher:student ratios. There is no logic – unless – parents want their children to have greater learning challenges. Has this become the new child abuse? Is this parental movement to correct the years of pampering their children have been receiving in schools for the last 10 or so years?

Where are the parents who have fought for the rights of their violent children to be part of a non-violent classroom?

Where are the parents who have fought long and hard for their children to have IEPs written and implemented?

Where are the parents of children who live within the autistic spectrum who wanted their children to have opportunities to learn in mainstream classrooms?

Where are the parents who demand that the teacher spend more time teaching their children to read?

Where are the parents who insist that their children’s low math test scores are due to a lack of alternative math opportunities and teacher support?

Where are the parents who report time and time again that their children are being hurt, assaulted and bullied in the classroom?

Where are the parents who fear for their children’s safety in the classroom?

Where are the parents who are dealing with their children’s emotional hurt caused by watching teachers get viciously attacked by students?

Where are the parents of children with ADHD who need silence and a controlled, peaceful classroom atmosphere, but can never get that right filled under current situations?

Where are the parents who want their children to succeed in school?

Where are all of the parents and why are they not fighting the Ford Government cuts to public education and the progressive privatization and non-classroom e-learning?

If you are one of these parents but repeatedly say, “We had bigger classroom numbers when we were kids,” you need to stop. There is little to no comparison between 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60+ years ago. The homogenized classroom student body is no more – at least in Ontario classrooms. Students cannot be punished, nor forced to do their school work. Students cannot (except very dire circumstances) be failed or held back a year. The current rubric assessment strategy in Ontario instructs educators to give almost all students 2s and 3s out of 4. 3 is provincial standard. 4 is above provincial standard and 1 is far below provincial standard but is considered a pass. Even if a student chooses not to hand in any assignment or refuses to write a test, the current Ontario mandated protocol is: the classroom teacher must provide alternative assignments and assessments (alternative basically means – something the student is willing and able to do).

Just for a moment consider, better being a teacher having to offer that to every student in the class. With current classroom numbers it is impossible to do much of the time. Larger student numbers will be the straw that broke the back of Ontario’s education system.

By parents supporting the Ford cuts and privatization, parents are supporting the worsening life and learning condition of their children. Purposely inflicting worsening conditions upon one’s child must be a form of child abuse. If not, it is a shameful and hurtful position to take rather than trying to make things better for their children.

These cuts, privatization and mandatory e-learning will certainly harm students for years to come – and this is just this year’s cuts and destructive efforts by the Ford government in Ontario.


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Poem – Child Abuse – Domestic Violence – When a Son Still Loves His Mom, Nov 20, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Poem – Child Abuse – Domestic Violence

When a Son Still Loves His Mom

Nov 20, 2014

Mom and I Dance in the Rain


She sat on the step that day

She rocked me in her arms

My lips were all but silent

My eyes were screaming alarms


Here hands swung with a belt so wide

Here voice squealed of banshees

My back bruised and welted

My legs dropped like fancies


She looked as if she died that day

She wet my head with tears

I felt my mother’s worries

I breathed in all her fears


She could not stop once she’d begin

She love to hate the pain

I was her little special boy

I used to dance in the rain


Why Mom would you hurt me?

Why Mom would you start?

Many years of silence passed

I pushed Mom’s sorrow cart


She came by to see me one day

I stood outside my store

Upon the cold sidewalk

Where was my mom anymore?


She looked that day like no mom should look

She’d weathered every blow

I knew she felt what she gave me

I knew she had come to go


No words were really needed

No words could ever explain

She came to me to do one thing…

Mom and I danced in the rain.


Written by Sterling Sinclair (11/20/2014)


Love, S