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Psychic Sterling Sinclair – Is there concern for another approaching Earthquake Tsunami disaster? Marianas and Japan? September 22, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Is there concern for another approaching Earthquake Tsunami disaster?  

Marianas and Japan?  

September 22, 2014

Over the last 10 days, my empathic concern with the earth has been once again directed toward the Marianas Trench.

Each day, I have been checking for earthquakes on the USGS website

This morning, the earthquakes in the area of the Marianas trench, Guam and north gave me chills.  Why?

The last time I had these similar feelings about the trench region is when the Fukushima power plant and coastal Japan was hit by the 9.0 Mag earthquake induced tsunami.

The awareness of theses quakes today ( ) flooded in visions that looked like the past but were yet to happen.

I pray this will not come true.

I pray that history will not repeat itself.

With this concern in mind, I searched the web and found this CBS covered a story, released 8 hours ago, considering the reopening of 2(2) of the reactors.

“Japan’s 48 nuclear reactors have been off-line since the disaster. Prime Minister Abe wants to restart as many reactors as possible as part of a plan to revive his country’s economy.”

Possibly world’s worst disaster in recent history: notice the radiation flow through the pacific by year 3 (sort of now)

However, the quakes today are not near those plants, so why the concern.

The concern is that I had the same empathic fear concerning the Marianas region when the Japan earthquake hit.

How is it related?

For that I have no answer.


the trench is not just a cleft in the ocean, it is an active existence of which is not yet understood.

My visions of this area often show it shifting and heaving.  Like if it were to open up, a grand flood or a new world would rise in the pacific .

Notice how the trench’s fault line moves north and intercepts the Japan Trench near the location of the 2011 Japan earthquake.

The following site provides a geological explanation of what was happening in the region at the the time of the big quake.

The earth is interconnected.

We truly don’t know how this planet works and why it decides to move when it decides to move.

Yet empaths have an unexplainable means to pick up/sense earth’s reaction to its existence sometimes before science and technology can detect it:

This is a list of empath characteristics:


I know this is quite a collection of links for a simple expression of concern, but I hope you find some of it intriguing.

For me, I live with these sensations and most often let them pass.

I hope that history does not repeat itself.

However, as we have learned from the past, history does have a way of doing that.


Many blessings and thanks for reading,