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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Message “Could the Missing Plane have been Remote Driven?” Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370, March 19, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Message

“Could the Missing Plane have been Remote Driven?”

Missing Malaysia Plane Flight MH370

March 19, 2014

Is this a form of satellite that may have short circuited the plane’s tracking tools and then remotely reroute the flight?

If so, can planes this huge be flown like a simulation from somewhere else?

Take a look.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Missing Plane Malaysia Flight MH370 2

If this is possible, many people will fear air travel and other public transit.

Is this terror at its finest and most elaborate function?

God help us all,


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Psychic Sterling Sinclair New YouTube Post – “We are Here, Today is the Day.” January 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

New YouTube Post

“We are Here, Today is the Day”

January 23, 2014



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature and Message, No Dream is Too Big! Really? January 14, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature and Message

No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

January 14, 2014




No Dream is Too Big!  Really?

We dream of what could be and what we want to inspire.

We dream of better times and dream of flying.

We dream of peace and someday walking even though we have no legs.

Sometimes, dreams seem attainable and then we fail.

Upon failing, we cease to dream.

Sometimes, dreams are so distant from our current situation that only a miracle could seemingly make the dream a reality.

When the dream is distant, we have a tendency to neglect holding onto the dream.

So why dream at all?

The dreams we have of the world and ourselves are not dreams.

They are God-program memories either grafted onto our genetic codes or written into our basic life design.  Our spirits retain all memory because they are our eternal, universal life-force God-programs.

When we dream, we remember.

We do not fantasize or hope for better times because we are unhappy with our current position; we dream because we remember a current alternate life, a preferred life, or a life experience than the one we currently live.

The memory surfaces and calls us to that reality – no matter the perceived time frame.

If we were not human and did not have human bodies living a human condition at this time on this planet, the freedom to move between memories would be sizably more possible than it currently is.

The memories can be distractions.

No dream is too big? – Yes!  BUT, it may be unattainable at this time or in this life/life form/place.

Many years ago, I taught dream building.  I did not understand this then.  I, however, knew that there was something correct and incorrect with what I was teaching.

Although we are encouraged to embrace the entirety of being, the materialization of such an embrace can be too overwhelming.  It can shut down our entire life system – hence, requiring a God-program REBOOT.

Do you stop dreaming then?  No.  Absolutely not!

By converting your perception of dreaming to remembering, you are able to fulfill the dream requirements needed to see the dream through till it is attained in its entirety.

Therefore, by viewing the memory and relating it back to your current condition, you are awakened to the immediate steps, protocols, lessons, energies and movements required at such stages, beginning with the current one.

In short, by creating a workable vision (using a vision board is tremendously helpful) whereby the memories are entered and protocols are shifted/rewritten, the path to dream attainment is made visible and walkable.

The secret to dream or memory fulfillment is to implement methodical steps by using your own memories and lessons that are written into your God-program.

It has been said, “If the Dream is Big Enough, Anyone will do ANYTHING to Attain that Dream.”

The catch – the dream must be your dream – YOUR MEMORY – YOUR GOD-PROGRAM!

When it is your dream/memory/God-program you will be able to successfully access the memories of the requirements needed to successfully attain the dream.

Are you prepared to remember?

If so…


Love and Blessings, S

This is why I love being a Psychic/Life-Coach/Spirit-Body Reunification Specialist – I help people remember and help them attain their dreams.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Channel from the Ship on this day of Progressive Awakening, October 23, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Channel from the Ship

On this day of Progressive Awakening

October 23, 2013

As I was working at completing my book on Spirit-Types

my hands continued to type the wrong words and my mind began to drift.

When I relinquished control of my cognitive language formation,

this is what typed out:

“Blue gasses

consumed by a gulf of lost souls climbing across the land of destitution.

From the ship’s fluid glass

engulfing my family of spirits searching for a new home,

I cry crimson disorder swirling about our pod of containment.

Cryogenics, an invention of avoidance, freezes the mind.

It detaches the mind from years past and unexplainable experiences.

Can you feel the awakening?

Can you hear them?

Why must we stop in a land without salvation?

Eons of hurling through space,

we slow near this netherworld of interruptions and misinterpretations.

Was our world that bad?

I cannot recall the sight


the scent of burning butterfly wings

overwhelms my memories of home.

“Shall we go back to sleep?”

The commander says,


Here ends the channel.



If you have ever felt that this solar system is itself a ship hurling through space, then you may resonate with this message.

Since Sept 24, 2013, things have been rapidly changing and realigning.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reading and Mysterious Channeled Paper Marking – October 22, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Reading and Mysterious Channeled Paper Marking

October 22, 2013


I have been going through my archives of writings and drawings.

Almost all of my early channels were destroyed by three different means within one week about 8 years ago.

The following channel from December 31, 2005 surfaced amid a bunch of seemingly unrelated documents.

When I pulled it out of the file, the paper had been marked with a dent.

The dent of an eye?

What is even more peculiar, two days before, I noticed a red marking on my right foot.

I took a photo of it thinking that someday, the marking would be recognizable.

I present to you photos of my foot, the paper as well as a youtube recording of me reading the section that was marked with the dent.




We are certainly living during an amazing time.

Many Blessings to you all.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature “Kick-Start,” Answer to “What’s Going On with All of the Volcanic Activity?” June 11, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature “Kick-Start,”

Answer to:

“What’s Going On with All of the Volcanic Activity?”

While drawing/recording the Auracature

I was shown a vision of an engine deep within the earth trying to get started again

– coughing, heaving and backfiring as the long forgotten engine comes alive.

As I wrote the word “engine” I heard the word “monster.”

A second vision came to me like a vision behind/within the first vision

– aliens that had entered the earth through the mouths of volcanos around 12/21/12 were the ones trying to start the earth’s engine.

I present to you, “Kick-Start”



Notice the style of this Auracature.

The style is rarely used.  When it is, a form of technology is being made evident.

These are believed to extraterrestrial related/in origin.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature, “Two Truths,” April 19, 2013

What to believe and what not to believe is becoming more and more difficult.

75 Years Ago a radio broadcast sent a society of radio listeners into panic.

Now with the technology, we could fall prey of something even more outrageous.

Today, the Auracature, “Two Truths,”

warns us of this happening before our eyes.

What are we to believe?

We are to believe what makes sense while our minds and eyes are open.

Be careful – not gullible.

Note: Not All Governments Tell the Truth.

Something really big is going on and is about to happen,

we must have our senses about us in order to determine

truth from lies.

The following message was channeled after the Auracature was recorded:


“Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Your Sharpened Wits About You

Watch Who You Blame

Do Not Get Lost in False War

Including a War Between Yourselves

Do NOT Push the Button.”




Stay Awake.

Use you own mind.

Be Clear.

Love and Blessings,

Sterling Sinclair