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Sterling Sinclair Reads a Psychic Channel From 2005 as He Stands Tall on the Battle Front between Evil and Good, Darkness and Light, for He seeks Balance and tries to See Beauty and Worth in Both.  October 16, 2017

Sterling Sinclair Reads a Psychic Channel From 2005 as He Stands Tall on the Battle Front between Evil and Good, Darkness and Light, for He seeks Balance and tries to See Beauty and Worth in Both. October 16, 2017

Video: Sterling Sinclair Reads a Section of the Above Channel

This is a channeled writing that I thought was lost. In December of 2007, about 300 prophetic messages were suddenly destroyed. I had begun my own radio program that showcased these messages. Within 2 days and in 3 separate locations they were lost to fire, flood and hard-drive crash. This is one of the collection that survived. 

If you know me and my work, you know that I was born straddling the line between the light and the darkness and later I professionally mediated between the sides.  

As a little boy, I dreamed and dreamed snd dreamed that demons could be saved and their wings returned. 

After working in the sphere of spirituality for 23 years, I have come to the conclusions that: to rise out of pain, one must first let go of the pain; the goal to u and universal health is not to rid the darkness or the light from your self, it is to find a balance between light and dark. 

Grey is not balance. Grey is not an option to accept. Black and White, both in their bounteous beauty, dancing the dance that only they as equal partners can dance.  

When I was younger, I was beaten because I was considered a demon. When I grew older, I was beaten down because I was considered an angel. 

This sorrowful reality of struggling to find balance while without judgement of either side, I seek to help, to love, to facilitate peaceful togetherness.

 As you can likely tell, not an abundance of peaceful togetherness is happening on the global stage. We must remain awake. We must awaken the ones who have fallen asleep.

I hope that you find a life affirming sensation from this channel.  

Much love and many blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair 10th Anniversary of Auracature and UFO Encounter, August 19, 2017

Psychic Sterling Sinclair
10th Anniversary of Auracature
and UFO Encounter,
August 19, 2017

Happy 10th Anniversary of Auracature Art Creation. During the Night of August 20, 2007 @ 2:34am, my family and I were awakened by a bright red light that flooded our lake house. The UFO Encounter on the south shore of Moira Lake between Madoc & Tweed Ontario, Canada not only turned the surface of a black granite rock to glass and left 9 burned circles in the field a couple hundred yards from where we slept, it triggered in me, Sterling Sinclair, an Art Style Later Entitled Auracature Art. I know of 4 others who had similar experiences in other countries between August 18 & 20, 2007. Each of these encounters triggered an automatic writing-like drawing method in the 5 people (men and women). Myself and one other, eventually developed a business around the newly inspired art forms. Today August 19, 2017 ends the first 10 year cycle of Auracature and the life we lived with this life altering visual healing language of creation. Today we celebrate the end of the cycle and tonight we celebrate the commencement of the new 10 year cycle. Over the past 10 years, Auracature has brought forth in me an existence that I only dreamed of before the UFO encounter in 2007. What will the next ten years bring forth? One thing that I am told is: “More Miracles.”

So cool – I get to draw Auracatures with marvelous people today – on this 10 th Anniversary of Auracature. 10 years ago, nobody recorded/drew Auracatures. Today, about 40 people have learned the first steps of Auracature creation/recording. A really cool thing about Auracature is – children and seniors seem to catch on the fastest. For many years I thought that I was told in visions: “Auracature for the ages.” But now after starting to teach Auracature I have begun hearing: “Auracatures for all ages.” This is a special day for me. I want to thank all of you near and far in physical/spirit/etheric/energy form celebrating with me today. We take the first new Auracature steps together.  

Much love, Sterling Sinclair

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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection – “Paula Deen and the N-word,” June 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reflection

“Paula Deen and the N-word” 

Paula Deen’s use of the “N-word” raised an important issue for me.

In the 60’s and 70’s, I grew up in a rural white Christian farming community in Ontario.  I used to refer to myself as a “bush baby.”  Up until the age of 12, I did not know that “people-who-are-black” were known as any other name.  I did not know that the “f-word” for gay was inappropriate.

There were many insulting terms used in my community that I had no idea were insulting and hurtful to anyone.  There were many terms that were hatefully used as ways to say, “We are better than them.”  Sadly, I did not know any different.

It was only when I met people, expanded my experience of life and was further educated that my understandings and uses of such language were altered.  It was only from hearing the stories of people who were hurt and found words/terms hurtful that I grew to appreciate the hurtfulness of certain terminology.

I was the second person in my family to move away and attend university (at that time 250 close living relatives).

If I were asked if I had ever used the “N-word” in my life, my answer would be “yes.”  The fact that I am not proud of it does not change the fact that I did.  The fact that I am sorry for doing so does not change the fact that I did.  The fact that I used such a word does not mean that I hated or hate the people described by the use of the word.

Our lives are forever changing.  If we are to move forward, we must learn from our past but not hide from it.  If we do not acknowledge from where we once came, how can we know how far we have gone?

The following article tells of a brief history of the “N-word.”

It seems that if the “N-word” was used in my community where within an hour from which was part of the underground railroad, it is possible for the “N-word” to be used by someone who lived in Savanna Georgia (a place historically central to the slave trade in the USA).  See the following article for some history regarding the slave trade in Savanna.

If you are not familiar with the Paula Deen controversy, see the following link:

While I was writing this reflection, the following news was presented on a news channel.  It followed a discussion regarding Paula Dean’s use of the “N-word” and the “plantation” wedding.  The basic point I took from the discussion was – racism and racist terms need to end.  Centering out “people-who-are-black” and calling them such hateful terms is a bad thing…  Then shortly after, the news channel reported on this assault in New Jersey.  The attacked woman is a person-who is-white and the attacker is a person-who-is-black.  The message, don’t hate “blacks,” don’t use the “N-word,” but please catch this man on the video.

Did the video need to be shown?  Did the video need to be shown so close to the Paula Deen discussion?

The following link (not from the above mentioned news channel) has a video attached – but the description below it makes it clear that the “unidentified male [is] described as a black man.”  I would suggest not watching it unless you live in the affected area and may recognize the man.

Surely there must be a lot of people attacked and caught on camera.  Why has this one gone so public?

Has racism truly been cleansed from all of North American society?

We all have a lot of learning, growing and developing to do.

Together we can do it.

I am truly sorry for any hurt that I have caused.