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Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Back to Drawing and Seeking Clarity Regarding Germanwings A320 4U 9525 but the Stories Out There…

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Back to Drawing and Seeking Clarity

Regarding Germanwings A320 4U 9525

but the Stories Out There…

April 9, 2015

The fateful crash of Germanwings 9525 set the world media on fire.  What could have happened?

Well, it was determined, without due process, well, determined as for public opinion and media frenzy, that due to depression, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally committed premeditated airbus assisted murder suicide by deliberately crashing the plane after locking the drugged pilot out of the cockpit.

But did that really happen?  Will truth ever be known?

Using psychically channeled images, Auracatures, I have not once been led in the direction of this possibility.  It is like, if it really happened the way I described above, something is messing with the images.  However, I trust my images than the slant that this horrible incident has taken.

My images illustrate that an external energy source of some sort caused a plane malfunction or reprogramming.  It is also quite confusing about the passengers not sending videos and texts and instant messages or distress codes.  The Auracatures often pose a question, “were they asleep?”

This crash has conspiracy theorists chomping at the bit.

The survived loved ones face the unknown cause or death by the hands of a deranged murderer.

It is a mess.

Now there is even a video?  Well, is there or isn’t there? This is one of many links:


And if there is a video, does it really even show truth or another piece of falsified stuff skewing public opinion?

I ask this because the rumor and speculation mill seems to be driving the public opinion.

Here are some issues with the crash that seem to make the headlines:

The crash is like a re-enactment of “Wild Tales.”

“But for those who’ve seen “Wild Tales,” an Argentinian film that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy Awards this year, the news was particularly chilling. That’s because the tragedy was a virtual reenactment of “Pasternak,” the opening segment in the film, in which a pilot with unresolved psychological issues locks himself in the cockpit and crashes a plane full of passengers”


Plane may have been hacked:


Investigation handled poorly:


Now Lubitz may have drugged the Pilot’s coffee:


However, my blog post is not a headline maker.  Any other reference to the black box being found 2 times is really difficult to find.  Why?  Internet Bots or screening algorythims?

Second black box is found two times.  The first time with no data recorder.  The second time with a data recorder:


What will happen next?

My heart goes out to all those suffering from this tragedy.

God Help them.

God Help us all.

L, S


Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art – Andreas Lubitz – Depression – Was he that Murderous and Suicidal? Germanwings A320 4U 9525, April 5, 2015

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature Art

Andreas Lubitz & Depression

Was he that Murderous and Suicidal?

Germanwings A320 4U 9525, April 5, 2015

Oracle Strerling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 4U 9525 D-AIPX DAIPX Crash inf French Alps Update April 5, 2015 Andreas Lubitz Co-Pilot Andy

Today, I took a moment to see what Andreas Lubitz afterlife is looking like.

The image may surprise you but it fits with all of my other images.

If Andreas Lubitz was a murderous suicidal human who intentionally killed all the people on that plane including himself, the Auracature would show him bathed in the fires of judgement or lost on a blackness – an absence of spiritworld – a land of destitute death.

Of all the cases sent my way over the years concerning murders and suicides, everyone of them were like of some sort within the first 3 weeks.

There seems to be little question among anyone but me if he was piloting or co-piloting the plane that day.  I am still awaiting the proof.  however, I will never get it.  So I am willing to join the masses and assume that he was driving that plane and not someone else.

With that said, the audio black box allegedly illustrated breathing by him.  No other behaviour than breathing.  There is argument of whether or not it was heard of him pressing a button or something but what really is the guilt – the co-pilot was breathing in a steady motion without medical emergency or elevated heart rate.  Sounds like a serial killer or military trained sniper or maybe even a rogue James Bond character.  Lubitz guilt is based upon an alleged recording of him breathing.  Nothing More.

People may say that he adjusted the speed and auto pilot but that was found on the blackbox after it somehow made its way back onto the mountain but with the recorder the second time.  Whatever details come from that recorder device must be assumed to have been after the fact of the crash because the same black box was found on the 25th, days before with no recording device.

So to calculate a conviction and a world feast of hate upon blaming him as a villain, he is being painted as being a suicidal maniac who calculated a logical way to crash that plane that day without any training or diagrams, plans, suicide notes or any notice of his crew, including the pilot himself.  Even before the day, it seems people who knew him, had no idea he was this murderous fuck up.  So if he wasn’t a cold calculated killer, then he was “depressed.”

Here is an intriguing suicide article.

In the USA, 8.3 million people per year consider suicide and 0.2 million people ever attempt it without a well thought out plan.  Out of that number only about 10% of women succeed and about 20% of men succeed.  Yes, we hear that he researched suicide methods but I can almost guarantee you he did not search “airbus 320 loaded passenger plane assisted murder suicide how tos.”  We have not been told that he researched that – just suicide methods.


Ok, so how does he go from suicide concerns in 2009 to spontaneously becoming a murderer seemingly out of the blue on March 24th.

Well, simply put, he doesn’t.

So if he did do it, how did he come to that?

There is a remotely possible way that he was brainwashed, triggered, or programmed without his knowledge.  and the whole thing played out.

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 Roles of Pilot and Co-Pilot 1

I say remote possibility, but I have not even once received a vision that this even happened.

Something else in the sky illustrates itself as happening that day.

I previously posted about this over the last week or so.

So is it my psychic opinion or oracle knowing that Andreas Lubitz intentionally killed himself and all those people on Germanwings 4U 9525?

It is NOT!  Something else happened.

Will he be accused and his family hurt by the post mortem conviction?

If such a thing can happen, I say the likeliness is 89%.  However, at this time, it seems like 100%.

This is a nightmare for all of the people’s families who had people die on that plane, including the family of Andreas Lubitz.

The visions show that the only way another possible verdict or serious open inquest can ever happen is if the public appetite changes.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

These are some symptoms of someone about to commit suicide:

Some Suicide Warning Signs

“Have you ever heard someone say two or more of the following?

  • Life isn’t worth living
  • My family (or friends or girlfriend/boyfriend) would be better off without me
  • Next time I’ll take enough pills to do the job right
  • Take my prized collection or valuables — I don’t need this stuff anymore
  • Don’t worry, I won’t be around to deal with that
  • You’ll be sorry when I’m gone
  • I won’t be in your way much longer
  • I just can’t deal with everything — life’s too hard
  • I won’t be a burden much longer
  • Nobody understands me — nobody feels the way I do
  • There’s nothing I can do to make it better
  • I’d be better off dead
  • I feel like there is no way out
  • You’d be better off without me

Have you noticed them doing one or more of the following activities?

  • Getting affairs in order (paying off debts, changing a will)
  • Giving away articles of either personal or monetary value
  • Signs of planning a suicide such as obtaining a weapon or writing a suicide note

Suicide is one of the most serious symptoms of someone who is suffering from severe depression. Common signs of depression include:

  • Depressed or sad mood (e.g., feeling “blue” or “down in the dumps”)
  • A change in the person’s sleeping patterns (e.g., sleeping too much or too little, or having difficulty sleeping the night through)
  • A significant change in the person’s weight or appetite
  • Speaking and/or moving with unusual speed or slowness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities (e.g., hobbies, outdoor activities, hanging around with friends)
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate, slowed thinking or indecisiveness
  • Feelings of worthlessness, self-reproach, or guilt
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, or wishes to be dead


Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art death dying grief suicide

For all the people involved and suffering from this nightmare, I pray that truth shall be found and that healing and grieving may take its natural course.

God Help them all.

God Help us all.

L, S

Second Black Box Found Twice – WTF? Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art – Germanwings A320 4U 9525 Update April 3, 2015

Second Black Box Found Twice – WTF?

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art

Germanwings A320 4U 9525

Update April 3, 2015

Well if you did not think this crash could get anymore twisted and f’d up, you were wrong.

The world caves to announcements and reinforces their accusations of guilt.

The co-pilot Lubitz must have done it – the second black box proves it the second time it was discovered at the crash site.

Yes you hear that correctly: the black box data recorder that was announced this past week as possibly never being recovered was found 8 inches deep down in the dirt below some clothing that and French Police Officer was looking at.  That exact location had already been searched by a professional search crew but the French Police prove once again that they can find evidence like no one else.

Remember when I mentioned the data recorder had likely  been taken and information extracted?  At that time I questioned whether it would conveniently reappear.  This was the Auracature:

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 Where is the Black Box 1


On March 30th, 2015, I wrote “Will it resurface?  One never knows in this game.  It sure wouldn’t be surprising if a recording does mysteriously get found however.  Would it?”


And look what has just happened…

Confused?  Coincidental double finding?  Wondering what I’m even talking about?

I will try to explain in the following:

On March 25, 2015, only one day after the crash, a CBC article stated “Confusion surrounded the fate of  the second black box. French President Francois Hollande said the casing of the flight data recorder had been found in the scattered debris, but was missing the memory card that captures 25 hours’ worth of information on the position and condition of almost every major part in a plane. Jouty refused to confirm the discovery.”


So the day after the crash the black box is found but mangled and without flight data recorder.

Then on March 30, 2015, Lufthansa announces that the second black box recorder may never be found:

The German airline Lufthansa says it fears the flight data recorder from the Germanwings disaster may never be found. A manager has told a German television station that damage might have been too serious on impact.

Most of the Airbus A320, which was carrying 150 passengers and crew, was shattered into small pieces. Recovery of the debris is expected to take weeks.”


But thank goodness Alice Coldefy’s spidy senses were working overtime,  She knew exactly where to go to find that black box for the second time.  On her first day of work on that mountain, she marched directly to the spot and there as she pulled a piece of clothing out she sees the black box and it is rushed off immediately for the second to time.

She says “”Everyone was happy. It was a relief… a relief for all the people that had been working there for a week-and-a-half without a break,” the 32-year-old told AFP…  I was really concentrating on personal effects. We were trying to get into areas that hadn’t yet been searched to find as many clothes as we could, and it was while I was looking for clothes that I found it.”

According to Coldefy, that was a spot of debris, nobody ever looked into.


The Trusted Name in News CNN reported that “co-pilot Andreas Lubitz purposely used the controls to speed up the plane’s descent.”

“A statement from the BEA on Friday said its teams had immediately begun to investigate its contents.

“The initial readout shows that the pilot present in the cockpit used the autopilot to put the (airplane) into a descent towards an altitude of 100 (feet) then, on several occasions during the descent, the pilot modified the autopilot setting to increase the speed of the (airplane) in descent,” it said.”


So what does one believe?

Does one believe the first information being stated in the investigation or does one simply erase those statements of never being true and simply swallow what they are later told.

They find the black box – it has no memory card.  A week later, they find the black box again and this time it has a memory card.  That is impossible.  We are being required to forget what happened this past week.

We are told that no distress call was made from the pilots and yet right after the crash, we were told that the pilot(s) sent a distress call saying “Emergency, Emergency” just before the crash.  So if the pilot did not enter the cockpit then the co-pilot sent the distress call.  If the pilot was in the cockpit, than everything else we have heard about him being locked out of the cockpit and never entering is untrue.

This video illustrates the report of the distress call made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=293&v=LVU_P8NOGJs

However, in a Globe and Mail article on March 25, the day after the crash, it was stated that no distress call was made.

“An Airbus A320, without warning or distress signal, abruptly left its cruise altitude as it approached the French Alps Tuesday and began a steep but controlled descent lasting eight minutes before slamming into a remote, snowy mountainside, killing all 150 people on board.”

So what is true?  How many flips in a story are possible before people wake up???

If you have not fallen asleep, Keep your eyes open.

God Help us all.

L, S

Where is the “Missing” Black Box of Germanwings A320 4U 9525? Taken! That’s Where… Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Response Update, March 30

Where is the “Missing” Black Box

of Germanwings A320 4U 9525?

Taken!  That’s Where…

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Response Update,

March 30, 2015

This is the response image…

Sure looks like a helicopter swooped in and out with it inside someone’s coat.

Will it resurface?  One never knows in this game.

It sure wouldn’t be surprising if a recording does mysteriously get found however.  Would it?

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 Where is the Black Box 1


Oh and here is the headline of the day:

“The German airline Lufthansa says it fears the flight data recorder from the Germanwings disaster may never be found.”


Oh really.  They have looked for 5ish days and 9525’s black box cannot be found and yet MH370 search continues throughout the oceans over a year later…


How convenient for a black box recorder to simply stop pinging and disappear.  The one piece of equipment on the plane that is designed to be found.

But at day 2/3 of the crash – we are told that the Co-pilot committed airliner assisted murder suicide due to being upset with breaking up with his girlfriend.

No proof – just POOF!!!  World buys it – immediately.  Wow – I wonder how the Michael Brown case would have swung in France had it happened there.


This Auracature shows the recorder being taken away and the important data extracted.

What is even more concerning is that the helicopter has the same shape as the one in this Auracature drawn today:

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Lufthansa Germanwings Airbus 320 Flight 4U 9525 crash into the French Alps on its way from Barcelona to Dusseldorf March 24 2015 What Shot Down Plane 4


If you think about it with a mad scientist’s mind or sick fuck’s mind or weapons test analyst’s mind this data is priceless to retrieve.

If you knew what data you were looking for and you designed and set off the weapon, this data would help refine your craft and tool.

This is like something from the psycho’s hand-book of “How to Kill Hundreds of People Simultaneously By Wiping them Out with a Secret Invisible Powersource Weapon.”

As WWIII marches over the mountains and through the seas, a weapon(s) like this/these can possibly tip the scales.

Just imagine for just one moment.

Just imagine if this weapon is up for sale and this demonstration was like and test drive illustration for the buyers.

How many billions would this tool be worth on the market with WWIII breathing down the necks of the world?

God Help us all.

L, S

After this post I wrote an update on April 3rd because, just as I mentioned above, the black box recorder was found a second time however, unlike a I mentioned above, the recorder was found in the black box that was already discovered and looked at to determine that the flight recorder was not it.  Confused?  Don’t worry… Who wouldn’t be???  This is the post update: