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Sept 14, 2019 Harvest Moon Breaks a Week of Physical Agony. Psychic Sterling Sinclair Celebrates a Good Day: Finally.

YouTube post of Sterling Celebrating the Full Moon

That week was brutal for empaths. Oh my goodness. Aches, pains, spinal tension, tiredness, nausea, and an inner anxiety-like shivering quiver – but worse.

YouTube link to the First Disturbance – Seemed Like Disease or Some Impending Disaster

Then when I thought it was over, the headaches and migraines and burning joint pain, oh my.

YouTube Short Update. Sterling is giddy from the pain.

So I had enough of it. So many explanations. I think all that I heard were true – to some degree – well except for the Whitehouse and the Trump Administration causing Universal energy distress – hence causing my physical manifestations. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount anything – and that one I did. Why? Some Trump Opponents and Trump Haters have come to give the President of the United States far too much Credit. Psychic after Psychic after Tarot Reading Psychic all hatefully bitching and moaning about Trump to the point of never seeing beyond their convinced perception that he has become or is bigger than our Creator(s) and the Universe itself. I have not read or heard it yet, but I am certain, somebody believes that he is the personified manifestation of a black hole sent to swallow the earth and all reference to earth ever existing. I am not one of them. I don’t hate Trump. I don’t know him well enough to hate him. I’m not even sure if I hate anyone. AND, I am Canadian. He doesn’t represent me or my Country.

A couple years ago, I made a controversial Facebook post it said:

When I thought that I had a break in the pain, I posted another YouTube video addressing the Whitehouse the other day:

Sterling Sinclair Punch Drunk from the Day’s Energies and Happenings

As you can see, almost nobody watched it. LOL.

I thought that the Irish Rovers was a good Pick Me Up tune:

YouTube: Irish Rovers Wasn’t That a Party

But that did not attract a favourable response. I thought it was a fun distraction. I guess I was wrong. LOL.

So I decided to flex some Psychic muscle: I wonder if all the newly publicized psychic stars named “Sterling” would do what I did. Maybe, just maybe, they are smarter than me and new better than to do a reading like this:

Psychic Sterling Sinclair’s Reading: Inter-Dimensional Energy Weaving

Seemingly, for the first time in 3 weeks – YouTube comments almost dead. A thank you and an instruction to ground myself. No conversation. Not a mention of what went down or what people watched or even how they felt. Nothing. Was it too far out? Was it to bizarre? I have no idea.

Then, I had people write me the day after and today saying that they too could hear the vibrations that I mention in the “reading.” They mentioned that they were witnessing a positive frequency correction related to my session.

Then today, I got my new reading table, high energy green plants and my new Sterling Sinclair phone number set up. It was a good day. The First one in a week.

But for some other people, I heard that they found this Full Harvest Moon Energy making them loopy and kind of stoned.

I know I can’t sleep and it is almost 3:00 am. I guess that is why I am writing this post.

But I got my new studio entrance / kitchen 8′ long concrete planter planted:

YouTube video of the planter but high energy blur.

After we got the plants into their new homes – and before I videoed the Full Moon video that opened this post, my dear friend Anita posted this singing crystal bowl music that she recorded under this Full Moon.

I wanted to close off this post with the link to her piece. I sang along with it. You might too:

I hope this link takes you to her YouTube Recording. It is beautiful.

With much love and many blessings, S


Sterling Sinclair Reads an Auracature Message about Preparing the Way for Extraterrestrial Ships 

Sterling Sinclair Reads an Auracature Message about Preparing the Way for Extraterrestrial Ships   
Do you believe in space aliens or spaceships from other planets? Do you think that ufos are parked inside volcanoes or under the Antartica ice cap? Is that what is melting the huge hole in it? 

 In the 70’s people though you were “crazy” to even consider the possibilities. Now less people do. LOL. 

No matter how minuscule, the times do change. In this channel writing that I scribbled down while in deep trance tells of an alien race coming to earth because they are the creators. 

Take a listen and consider the possibilities. S

Sterling Sinclair Reads a Psychic Channelled Message Regarding the Arrival of UFOs


Many blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being. October 19, 2016

Psychic Sterling Sinclair: Let us be Mindful of Ascension and the Fullness of Being.

 October 19, 2016
The more we remember and the more our existence manifests our memory – the more we elevate in our state and the more we radiate Source.  
We do not think we are better than people who have not yet reached the same states of purification but it can feel to them that we are leaving them behind and joining our new friends in the sky.  

We are all at different places in our memory realization.  

Some of us have many lives left in this world and some of us have fewer lives left snd some of us have the chance to make this our last life here.  

Personally, as some of you know, I have no intention on returning.  

Back to Source I go.  

A couple of you reading this, we know that your work is not done and you will be here at least one more time.  

The process of ascending is to allow – to allow the ascension.  

As a personal note, I never really felt in place in this world but as I reach back into the heavens, I am experiencing separation anxiety – believe it or not – no matter all the failings of this heavy mud ball world – there is beauty here that is incomparable to any place in the cosmos.  

I wish that when all of you look into the mirror and deep into your eyes that you see the glorious person who I see when I see you.  

If being a Freak has given me this eternal memory of you, being a Freak has been sooooo worth it.

“God Bless the Freaks, for we shall inherit another reality!”  

Where ever we are going and no matter how many we cycles of life that we all have left, I love you and I thank you for your love.  

May this be a day of positive memory realization.

L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection, March 7, 2013, “Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent? Can You Tell the Difference?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection,

March 7, 2013,

“Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent?  Can You Tell the Difference?”


“Heaven sent” or “heavens sent?” As a channel of prophetic verse, I can attest to these sounding the same and at times even written the same as “heavensent.”  When one speaks of angels does one speak of an angel from heaven, an angel of a person, an earth angel, an alien, and entity, an inter-dimensional traveler or someone/something else?  All of them may very well have come from a heaven, or the heavens.

My first memorable alien abduction experience happened in 1974.  I saw lights swirling out across the road in the field and then beings with flaming heads took me from my bed.  I have a sense of being flown off and the next thing I recall was being back in bed when it was time to go to school in the morning.  Was it simply a dream?  Did beings from the heavens take me for a while?

When I was training to be a congregational minister at the University of Toronto, I found that the biblical passages concerning rings with in rings and staircases out of heaven and the resurrection story as being tangible.  I had some kind of personal, experiential connection with the passages/events.  Also, I found myself questioning whether to pray or not to pray when the prayer would begin with “Oh God.”  I would often ask the leader of the prayer to tell me – “What God am I praying to now?”  The sense of something tangibly bigger and more ordered in a real, almost physical, way sat with me.  This was not my mind doing this by itself.  I was conditioned; conditioned by something other than my everyday life.

As humans, human-hybrids, and beings cloaked as humans, we are held in place by reason.  If we cannot make sense of it, then we discount it.  If it is not good to us, then it is bad to us.  It is with a purposeful effort that we put ourselves in a place to acknowledge the things that make no sense to us. A neighbor of mine, a respected and adored clergyman, said to me when he finally developed his concept of what I was now doing for my career, “I do not believe in the supernatural.  I am not superstitious.” He has seldom spoken to me since.  What confused me by his statement was, if he discounted the work of the supernatural then how could he have ministered by “the Love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Communion of the Holy Spirit?”  How much more supernatural and superstitious can something get?!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing my friend or the entire Christian faith/belief system.  What I am questioning is, “how can the power of one spirit be supernatural and the power of another – not?”  Albeit, some spirits seem to be more powerful than others, but the level of their power does not exclude them from the very essence of being a spirit.  In some way or another, Heaven and/or the heavens have some relationship to them.

When it comes to matters of a heaven, the heavens, superstition, galactic housing, whatever the sort, “humans (and their types)” will continue to view them in their own particular way.

In short, the argument between something/someone being “Heaven sent” or “Heavens sent” is fueled by: 1/ the interpretation of the Universe, 2/ one’s conditioning to/within the universe, 3/ one’s willingness to look beyond matters of understanding.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing, February 26, “Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Ascension Writing

February 26, 2013

“Be Strong Today. It is Your CHOICE!”

This is a rare public vent so forgive the tone:  “What didn’t kill me made me stronger.”

What the hell?


What didn’t kill us simply did not kill us.  In most cases it makes people weaker.  Let’s not be thankful for the benefits of the horror we experienced because it didn’t kill us.  It is our choice to learn from experiences.

Our CHOICE to not let the experience kill us is what makes us STRONGER.

We choose to be strong.

Women survivors of domestic violence often use this phrase as a banner – their strength for moving on.  Although I am a strong supporter of doing what you must do to survive and each person’s method is different, this phrase has so often presented itself as a way of not casting blame or placing ownership of the event(s) onto the spouse/lover/partner/child/etc.

If someone purposely hurts you by throwing you down the stairs, then person was not purposely trying to make you stronger.  It may not have killed you, but now the you are afraid to walk at the top of the stairs when the other person is near you.  Now you are tentative when it comes to trust.  These are not examples of being stronger.

To finally find a way to not let that happen to you and to move on – that makes you stronger.

To overcome your fear – that makes you stronger.

To demand on healthy relationships – that makes you stronger.

Today is a day to be stronger.

It is your choice to be stronger.

You can do it.

You can be strong!

L, S

FB Status:  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  Do not give up today.  You can do it. You Can Do It!   YOU CAN DO IT!!!!  I Love You, S  – Comment: Sometimes, some days just say: Quit!  Toss it in.  Sometimes, we fall prey of the defeatist energy to hold us in place long enough till we believe it and in turn focus the same energy upon ourselves.  Today is a day that we say, “We will NOT quit!  We will DO it!  Yes We WILL!”

Psychic Sterling Client Testimonials & Comments, February 22, 2013

Psychic Sterling Client Testimonials & Comments

February 22, 2013

I see various kinds of people from various professions and at various points in their lives – from entertainers to physicians, from domestic engineers to physicists, from new age aware to traditional conceptualists, from religious to non-religious, and so forth.  Over the course of my career, I have met some of the most interesting and fascinating people that I could have ever thought to meet.  The things I have learned about all people is that all people have their own issues, beliefs, faiths, concepts, relationships, dreams.  Every person is different and so each session I have with a client is different and each time I see the same client, the session is different.  I do my best to meet the client where they are at that moment in the hopes of helping them achieve their dreams and move forward.

The following comments have been collected by my partner, clinicians, and me from emails and such.

You will notice that, different people perceive their session experiences differently too.

  • The best hundred bucks I ever spent!
  • I thought that there was no way what he told me was true or even remotely possible.  Then as the last 2 years unfolded one thing after another came true.  It was uncanny.
  • Intense!  But not in bad way.
  • I don’t know what I was expecting… but it wasn’t that.
  • When I said that he could tell me anything, I didn’t think that he would tell me that.
  • He accurately described people in my life – all I did was write their names on a page.  How is that possible?
  • He always clears things up for me.  I am grateful and that’s why I keep going back to him.
  • I mean, there are just some things that I could never talk to anyone else about.
  • Caring, Empathetic, Compassionate
  • It is like having the top of your head removed and having installed a skylight to the stars.
  • Learning that I was not alone in my experience was a great feeling.  Now I can move on.
  • If anyone is looking for different, this is it.
  • Personally, I like the pictures, charts and diagrams that he draws.
  • I like that he was a minister.  He is so pastoral and understanding of my faith concerns.
  • You can sure tell that he is a trained teacher.  It was like being taught a lesson in life; a lesson that I actually paid attention to.
  • Like I already knew what he told me, but how did he know that?
  • Sterling helped me out with my grief.  I didn’t think I would ever breathe again.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still devastated.  A parent should never have to bury her child.  But for the first time in a long time, I saw a twinkle of light.  What a gift that was.
  • Sterling helped my husband and I work out some things.  He would say something that one of us was thinking but was afraid to say.  It sure helped us clear out a lot of things that were in the way of our relationship.
  • Does anything surprise him?
  • Since I started seeing Sterling, I have not been behind the 8-Ball playing catch-up.
  • I tried to tell him a little white lie.  Immediately, he said, “That is not true.  I don’t believe you.  If you want to move on, you must be truthful with yourself.”  I told him the truth after that.  LOL
  • You know what?  I had no idea what he even said to me.  It was like sitting in the Twilight Zone.  Then about 2 days later, it suddenly all made sense.  I recommend to anyone going to see Sterling to remain patient and give it time.  It is worth it.
  • It was like talking to my best friend of many years.
  • I like the conversational setting AND I had fun.  I laughed so hard!
  • Where did my pain go?  I feel so good.
  • I see a lot of psychics.  This was not like anything that I have ever experienced – meaningful, fun & strange.
  • I am not into all that freaky psychic stuff.  Actually, I just saw Sterling because a friend of mine kept pushing me to go.  But, I am glad I did.  He told me stuff that I could understand, never treated me as being dumb or uninformed, and it was a blast. I will be going back.
  • After a session, I cry my eyes out in the car before driving off.  It is like the tears are a form of release.  Then I drive home ready to tackle the world for a few more months until my next session.
  • Personally, I just go for the picture.  I frame them and put them around my house.
  • Be sure to have an answer when he asks you what it is you want from him or why it is that you came for your session.
  • I see Sterling for property assessments and development plans.
  • It was like watching the breath of life being blown into my best friend.
  • Sterling’s inter-dimensional surveying capacity fascinates me.  I am really into this stuff and he never disappoints.  One suggestion however, for this stuff, book the long session.  You may experience a time warp.
  • Now where else can I go to talk about aliens, my sex-life, my job, spiritual enlightenment, fantasies, paranormal stuff, gardening, my house design, choosing wallpaper and how to pray all in one place with one person?
  • As a scribe, I’ve sat through many sessions with friends and every single session was completely different from each other – Really amazing and very surprising.
  • Don’t wait to book a session – Book ASAP.  His waiting list can seem like a lifetime long when you really want to see him.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing, March 16, 2013, “Bravery and Forgiveness: Is This Your Time?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Writing

March 16, 2013

“Bravery and Forgiveness: Is This Your Time?”

Over the mountain of life, forgiveness is a trek through darkness.  Only the bravest of people dare embark upon the journey, for the creatures hiding in the caves of hurt and blinding pride threaten to consume our shields of life.

Although our shields protect us from falling prey to hideous memories and agonizing visceral responses to the past, they also trap anger and aggravation while interrupting our view of a joyous future.

To forgive is easier said than done.  The time to take the trek comes to us all but in our own times.  Some scars require fading before facing.  Some wounds require quickly reopening and cleansing before they can heal.  Only we can ultimately decide when the time to forgive is the correct time for us to do so.

Although the cave may be dark upon entry, the cave of forgiveness is bright upon exit.

When it comes to forgiveness, we face the ultimate choice between: taking the slow, laborious, exhausting path up and over the mountain of life; OR taking the cave to quickly pass through the base of the mountain.

On your forgiveness trek, which path shall you take?

When it is your time, you will know



Love to You on this Day,


FB Status,

February 16, 2013 we are welcomed into the day of forgiveness.  Fun and happy times are momentarily interrupted with notions of familial, family hurt and personal hurt.  Is there something for you to forgive?  Maybe you should be forgiven? Maybe, you need to forgive yourself?  On this day, please remember, although the cave may be dark upon entry, the cave of forgiveness is bright upon exit. L, S