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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, “Slippery Slope,” April 20, 2013

The following channeled message was written around the Auracature as it was being recorded.

“Innocent until proven guilty?

Dark Ages?  Witch Hunts?

Thirst for blood?

Orchestrations of the times.

Have you not learned?

Innocent people are at risk.

Keep your noses into the wind.

Man has made his bed and must lay in it.

The chambermaid has fled.

Anger meets danger.

Can anyone see RED? [over the horizon]

You walk along a dangerous slope ready to cave into the oceanic waters of dismay.

The MAN has not spoken.

Your People HAVE.

Be wise.

Stay Safe.”



We’ll see if today’s unfolding reveals more meaning to the Auracature and/or message.

Many Blessings.

Love, Sterling Sinclair

Peace and Love must be achieved.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Tells of Two Stories Regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing, April 19, April 20, 2013

When the Auracature “Two Truths” was drawn this morning I was astounded by the city under the other city.

Now that Australia is waking up to a different story about the suspects and back stories than the ones that they were told when they went to bed, the city under the other city has a meaning.

The city is “Down Under” the other city.  The Two Truths are what now the Australian people are discussing and it is making headlines as the alleged bombers have either died or been taken into custody.

What is the truth?

Will it ever be publicly known?

Shutting a community down to capture the latest two men was quite a display.

Here are two Australian stories released hours(ish) apart.

Here is a link to this morning’s Auracature…

The thing with Auracatures and messages is that they illustrate and explain situations that can fit with more than one event, person, place, situation.  The last few days, that have given clues as to the happenings in the day or the day after they have been recorded and posted.

The information comes from my etheric guides “Hope” and “Tragedy.”

Keep your minds about you.