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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Talisman – Tattoos for Freedom, Open Mind and Open Sight, April 18, 2013






May we remain awake with open eyes and open minds, for freedom we shall have.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, “Truth is Found,” April 18, 2013

What could this be predicting?

The following message was channeled after the Auracature was recorded.

Here begins the channeled message:

“A break in conscious control

has opened the mind to feel

the tragedies of Freedom’s fight.

You will feel exhausted

but not be able to sleep.

You will sweat but not be hot.

You will get dizzy but not be stoned.

The puzzle is out of the box.

Do not put them back in.

Leave the pieces alone.

It has been you to discount conspiracies.

Now it is you to act on truth.

Do not wait for the ships to arrive.

Keep your minds open.

Panic will shut the door.

Truth is found

under your floor.”

Here ends the channeled message.



Keep an open mind.

Do not fall back asleep.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Global Chemtrails, Earthquakes, HARRP, New Warfare… April 18, 2013

As Tensions Grow, Threats are Made, Diplomatic Allegiances Made and Broken Around the World In Regards to the USA – North Korea Stand Off, these locations have had earthquakes of Magnitude 5+ .

Notice where Chemtrails are distributed, where HARRP devices exist and where the earthquakes have been in the last 2 weeks.

Ask yourself this one very important question: “Is this a Coincidence?”






A map of HARRP & HARRP devices commonly found on web images is the following one (From what I can tell, there are 3 confirmed HARRP locations.  Many other Alleged HARRP Like systems exist):


Are HARRP and Chemtrails protecting us or injuring us?

It is worth the note that the heaviest and largest Chemtrail deposits have had no 5+ Magnitude earthquakes in the last two weeks.

Chemtrail activity around Lake Ontario over the past couple of weeks has been allegedly high while the weather conditions in that same area have been winter-like and met with storms.   Again, COINCIDENCE?


May we find a way to peace.