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Alien’s say Not to Be Afraid as Psychic Sterling Sinclair Reading and Universal Channel Reveals an Awakening over Stonehenge and Foretells the Collapse of Political Dynasties. But what does the big “7” mean? What does this say to you?

This is the link to the session video.

I have been filmed and audio recorded a lot of times over the years. I never really saw the value in do so – but that was before I started watching and listening to my information gathering and generating sessions.

In this session, I begin my drumming to condition the space and ready me to receive and be part of Universal Truths.

Sterling Sinclair Drumming

So I call upon 2 of my guides. These two exist before creation or during creation. The are helpful navigating unfamiliar Universal dimensions.

Just as the session begins, my hand, through a form of automatic writing, begins to write an alien language and then it switches to another language that I could not translate.

In the video, you can hear me saying that Pleiadians could read it.

Alternate languages are fairy common through this process. But often, I can hear the meanings. This session was different in that multiple directions diverged and then regained focus.

The following image more closely resembles automatic writing. But why write, “Colour?” I am still unsure. Sometimes, other sessions will fill in the blanks. If not, we wait it out as time reveals the mystery.

Another mysterious element of this channel was the red planet reference. You can see my hand write it, but at the end of the video, I read the words on the page and do not even reference the red planet. It was as though it wasn’t even written on the page. I had no idea that I did not see it and read it back until I watched back the video.

Then we watch me writing, but not on the paper. The movements are in this reality and the recording is being written in another reality / dimension.

In the above pic, I am writing below the line “unrest, agitation.” At this point, it seems that I have written at least 5 words already.

Then we watch the hand writing change and then change again – not in my handwriting. I was amazed at how the marker pressure changed from heavy to light.

And then my hand writes backward/reversed letters and words. Something similar happens during medium sessions – the dead write messages that can be read in mirrors or through the back of a page. It is like the dead are communicating from behind a mirror or through a mirror reality.

Very classic examples of this mirror writing appeared through the 9/11 reading I did last week.

Psychic Sterling Draws a 9/11 Auracature of Healing and 3+ People who Died Wrote Small Messages Through his Hand. Sept 11, 2019. The Recording is on YouTube.

But the handwriting in this post’s video is different. Take a look:

The message continues, “Stay Grounded,” then refers to flying. The strange thing is, I saw flying ships – sort of like airplanes but almost dirigible. Very strange to me because in the video, I mention it meaning more-so keeping your feet on the ground.

What still bothers me is that big number “7” because it left me feeling as the “7” being related to “grounded” segment. The “7” came as a forecast and it remains visible till it forms the base of a Trojan-esque angel helmet. I guess, time will tell.

The drumming and chantings repeated and if you listen carefully, my voice shifts into a bitonal choral sounding and I speak other languages. During this whole time, I could hear low tonal vibrations emanating from the piano.

The session draws to a close and Stonehenge is made noticeable with a “moon” rising/setting over it.

The message further explained sound frequencies, radio frequencies, and “Political Dynasties Fall.”

This session was of an extraordinary sort for a person’s reading but fairy common for an astral energy reading integrating ancient sounds.

I pray that Love will resoundingly be triumphant. This is me at the end of the session. I was pretty exhausted after such a session. But I still knew that Love would have the last words.

I love you! Sterling Sinclair

Sterling Sinclair Reads an Auracature Message about Preparing the Way for Extraterrestrial Ships 

Sterling Sinclair Reads an Auracature Message about Preparing the Way for Extraterrestrial Ships   
Do you believe in space aliens or spaceships from other planets? Do you think that ufos are parked inside volcanoes or under the Antartica ice cap? Is that what is melting the huge hole in it? 

 In the 70’s people though you were “crazy” to even consider the possibilities. Now less people do. LOL. 

No matter how minuscule, the times do change. In this channel writing that I scribbled down while in deep trance tells of an alien race coming to earth because they are the creators. 

Take a listen and consider the possibilities. S

Sterling Sinclair Reads a Psychic Channelled Message Regarding the Arrival of UFOs


Many blessings, S

Sterling Sinclair Spirit Sings a Song of “The Awakening” a Prophetic Auracature Art Channel Message from 2013

Sterling Sinclair Spirit Sings a Song of “The Awakening” a Prophetic Auracature Art Channel Message from 2013

The Awakening    

Video of me Singing these Channelled Lyrics
Blue gasses consumed 
By a gulf of lost souls

Climbing across

The land of destitution.


The ship’s fluid glass

Engulfing my family


Searching for a new home.


I cry crimson disorder


About our pod 

Of containment.



An invention of avoidance,

Freezes the mind.  

Detaching years of unexplainable experiences.


Can you feel the awakening?

Can you feel the awakening?

OH the awakening.

Can you hear them?


Why must we stop 

In a land without salvation?


Hurling through space.


We slow

Near this netherworld

Of interpretations

And interruptions.


Was our world 

That bad?

I cannot recall

The sight.


I smell

The scent of burning butterfly wings 

It overwhelms 

My memories of home.
I smell

The scent of burning butterfly wings 

It overwhelms 

My memories of home.


Shall we go back to sleep?

Shall we go back to sleep?

Shall we go back to sleep?

Go back to sleep?
The commander says…

Peace be with you, 

Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature 9th Anniversary that Began by UFO Alien Encounter – Time to Teach


Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature 9th Anniversary

that Began by

UFO Alien Encounter 

It’s time to teach. 
Happy 9th Auracature Anniversary!!!! The Advent of the Auracature was Triggered by a UFO Landing Encounter in this Spot
Late Friday Night / Early Friday Morning
August 18/19, 2007. I began teaching Auracatures last weekend – August 14, 2016. 
That night, the entire house was flooded in red light. The following morning, the field was burned in 3 sets of 3 circles ranging 6-8 feet in diameter. There was about a 70 feet distance between each set of 3 circles. For about 5 years, nothing grew in the circles and yet snakes congregated in them. Within 2 weeks, the images suddenly began. 
Blessings, S   

Sterling’s page



Sterling Sinclair Introduces Newly Rebranded Counselling Service November 11, 2015

Sterling Sinclair

Introduces Newly Rebranded Counselling Service

November 11, 2015

After all these years of education/training/experience (in and out of school), I have finally figured out a counselling modality that is inspirational, proactive, results oriented, and addresses multiple realities and unseen influences.

My new service will be simply called

Sterling Sinclair Counselling Services

new counselling page

new counselling blog

My fee is $100/hr.

I will be continuing with my alternative sessions – offered by request.

I believe that this counselling service will be of great help, especially for people uncertain of sharing with doctors their life concerns, beliefs, visions, dreams, voices, fantasies, matters of paranormal and metaphysical natures.

As you all know, my belief is a person’s perception is 100% of that person’s reality.

I am happy to help people without judgement and within their realities.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Oracle Auracature artstanding with faeries faerie fairy forest sprite sun

Love to you,


Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Who Is in Control of the Earth? You Decide! March 8 2015

Oracle Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Auracature Art

Who Is in Control of the Earth?  You Decide!  

March 8 2015

Oracle Sterling Sinclair Psychic Auracature Art Who is in Control Earth Machine Alien War UFO Extraterrestrial Star People


L, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature “Not Alone” – How many spirits can you count? November 26, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature “Not Alone” –

How many spirits can you count?  

November 26, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Not Alone Outback Spirits Alien UFO Animals Desert


So how many did you spot?

I was prompted to post this Auracature today.  It came from my archives.

Love, S

Psychic Sterling SInclair Continues to Develop Grow and Heal – “I am Being Propelled Forward – But, to or as what?” November 10, 2014

Psychic Sterling SInclair

Continues to Develop Grow and Heal

“I am Being Propelled Forward – But, to or as what?”

 November 10, 2014

The following are clues and messages to me about what I am to do next.

For many years, I have been told that I would be a voice from the darkness when all hell would break loose on this earth.

As WWiii ramps up and digs in its trenches, could this be the time.

Take a look…

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed BellevilleCareer Direction 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Alien UFO We are Here Do Not Fear 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Black out  2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Oracle Auracature Art Artist Christian Christianity War ISIS Heaven Help Stairway to Heaven Angels October 20 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Face Lady Smile Hope 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Alien UFO We are Here Speech WW III World War 3 2014


We are not alone.  We are here. We have each other.  The time is now.

Love and Blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature (s) of the Day, September 3, 2104

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature (s) of the Day

September 3, 2104

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg Together Family 090314


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg UFO Alien Robot 090314


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Life Coach Medium Counselling Auracature Art  Madoc Tweed Belleville Peterborough Kingston Cobourg Mind Your Business Perception 090314




Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Message Relayed Through 4 Retro Auracature Images from the Sterling Archives. May 5, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Message

Relayed Through 4 Retro Auracature Images

from the Sterling Archives

May 5, 2014

What does this collection say?

What message does it reveal for us?

Please share.

We are not alone.

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Art Alpha and Omega Beginning and Ending May 5 2014


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Art Men Revealed We are Here May 5 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Art Taro Deck Card The Tower May 5 2014

What do you think?

Love, S



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Response to “Draw the State of the World Today, April 8, 2014” Send Me an Angel, War Can be Prevented!

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature Response to

“Draw the State of the World Today, April 8, 2014”

Send Me an Angel

War Can be Prevented


The following is the channel that wrote along the side of the page after the Auracature image had been recorded.

“The hidden shall be found.

The surface draws attention.

They are here.

Remove the cap – they shall rise.

All is NOT good.

Will you stand?

Will you join the heavenly forces to fight the ascent of destruction?

“Pokeaman” in the eye – he punches you back.

Cover the man with a blanket – he loses sight and cannot punch back.

Will you be a weaver of the blanket or a snipper of the golden thread?

The illusion can be broken.”

This is Auracature “Send Me an Angel”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature Send Me an Angel State of the World April 8 2014

During the recording experience, I am flooded by visions of Nazi affiliations with extraterrestrial/alien communications and technologies.  I am reminded that Hitler was not truly found dead.  I am shown a vision of a time capsule having dropped from space – the opening of which has begun.

“The grand illusionist’s wand they shall wave with wonder.” (breakthrough channel sentence).

You may or may not be aware, but there have been groups travelling the world for many years.  These groups (under the guise of spiritual earth healers) have been participating in the uprising of the trapped energies [note: because one is a spiritual earth healer does not mean that one is a member of one of these groups).  While you may have trusted some of these groups or the leaders of these groups, their motivations have not been spiritual enlightenment but rather imprisonment of spiritual freedom.  This may sound like a delusional statement, but this IS happening.  I have had many offers by many groups to join their causes.  Each time I have refused, my family or I have come under attack (remember: sudden losses of balance and coordination, sudden emotional sensitivities, sudden menstrual problems, sudden anger, sudden family destruction, sudden impotence,  itches, rashes, blisters, and heart problems that have no apparent cause are quite possibly NOT natural).

Look away from the stage.  Look behind the curtain.

The grand illusionist has a staff of string pullers.

Will you keep watching the show or will you demand your money back?

War can be averted.  The uprising can still be prevented.

Ask yourself, “does this sound possible?”

If you answer with a definitive, “Yes,”  then ask yourself, “what will I do now?”

“Will I be a puller of string?  Will I be moved by the strings? What will I do?”

Wake up!  If you are awake, say awake!

God Help Us All.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature of the Day, Are You Really in Control? You decide. January 24, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature of the Day

Are You Really in Control?  

You decide.  

January 24, 2014

This fish has no mouth or anus…




A question worth serious consideration.

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair New YouTube Post – “We are Here, Today is the Day.” January 23, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

New YouTube Post

“We are Here, Today is the Day”

January 23, 2014



Psychic Sterling Sinclair Illustration – God, Your Spirit and Your Body – Speaking With the Dead Is Possible… January 17, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Illustration

God, Your Spirit and Your Body

Speaking With the Dead Is Possible…

January 17, 2014


As a professional psychic, I am often asked to speak to the dead (I prefer calling them spirits without skin).

The method I use is simply following the God-Program to the passed loved-one from the client.

Although the physical form no longer exists for the passed loved one, the memory and residual form presented by the program may show an image.

Passed loved one’s for one reason or another, go through adjustment phases (or at least their God-Programs/Spirits because of retained and misplaced memories.

It can take a while for the memory to adjust at death and after death.  The spirit needs to figure out it’s life in that state.  Depending on the condition, state or activity of the memory and the movement of the spirit program, direct “voluntary” communication with the passed loved one may be difficult or nearly impossible.

By speaking to your loved ones who have passed, even though you may not see them, their God-program remains connected to you and hence the spirit is responsive to your thoughts, words, actions etc.

This illustration shows that the spirit we have at this time may not always have human life-forms to empower.

The level or amount of restriction within the body, mind, life condition, belief system, emotions, etc. varies amongst individuals and situations.  These restrictions alter the filters of memory and our memory-connection with the God-program.

Through prayer and meditation (2 common examples  – there are many) the outside and even physical bodily restrictions are lessened/altered, thereby altering the the filters.  As the filters shift, so too does your aware connection with the God-program.

By reaching out to “GOD” through prayer, one notices life change.  The reason is, meditative prayer clears (or lessens the noise at least) the path of interruptions and closer connections to the God-program are perceived.  This results in the filters changing and one’s life perspective altering.  Life changes.

When I am meeting with a client, I look for the information that the spirit-program (the honest memory without bounds in space or time) of my client.  The information comes from there and so too does the direction of the session.

Healing can be felt and life perception/quality alterations and self-awareness can often be noticed.

Why?  Two reasons – the filters have sorted as the client wants at that time and the spirit-body communication is further aligned.

We each have our own answers.

We do not need other people to tell us them.

That is why I find that I am helping the person find their own information from their source, self and memory.

As a medium, I help the client further establish their connections with their passed loved ones.

Visions of the God-program continue to flood in.

Choosing one over the other is difficult, for the importance is not shown to me.

However, by listening to the God-program, I am inspired to post/record certain ones at certain times.

Here is this annotated vision:



Many blessings and much love,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Vision Images, Do You Relate With These? January 13, 2014

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Vision Images

Do You Relate With These?

January 13, 2014








The assembly of existence is more physical in nature than etheric. 

Many Blessings,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracatures of the Day, November 25, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracatures of the Day

November 25, 2013





Many Blessings, S

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature UFO and Eclipse, November 3 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature UFO and Eclipse

November 3 2013







Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature “Kick-Start,” Answer to “What’s Going On with All of the Volcanic Activity?” June 11, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature “Kick-Start,”

Answer to:

“What’s Going On with All of the Volcanic Activity?”

While drawing/recording the Auracature

I was shown a vision of an engine deep within the earth trying to get started again

– coughing, heaving and backfiring as the long forgotten engine comes alive.

As I wrote the word “engine” I heard the word “monster.”

A second vision came to me like a vision behind/within the first vision

– aliens that had entered the earth through the mouths of volcanos around 12/21/12 were the ones trying to start the earth’s engine.

I present to you, “Kick-Start”



Notice the style of this Auracature.

The style is rarely used.  When it is, a form of technology is being made evident.

These are believed to extraterrestrial related/in origin.



Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Alien Interview, Memory, Chance and Auracatures, June 5, 2013 – “IMAGINE”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Alien Interview,  Memory, Chance and Auracatures, June 5, 2013 – “IMAGINE”

In Alien Interview, it is a paramount concern of the alien to free from earth “her” own people or people related to her.  If they cannot be freed, then the concern moves to bettering their lives while on earth.  She is acting like a human rights activist fighting for the improvement prison conditions.  What is noticeably missed is that “she” does not explain the relationship function of eternal spirits.  Was the nurse herself a close relative to her?  Was that the reason for the alleged crash?  Was that the reason for the nurse’s ability to understand the alien?  Was this left ambiguous because it was essential for the nurse’s safety?  Are we to believe that the alien’s telepathic communication with the nurse was restricted to the conversations in the room (the ones recorded and revealed in Alien Interview)?

Within the Universal Construct, nothing is left to chance.  The continuous learning nature of the construct design is ordered in such a way that nothing gets lost.  The alien to accidentally crash is impossible if the alien understood program as well as it appeared she did.  The alien, purposely brought and left a ship and bodies (including her doll body).  She may not have been able to vanquish the amnesia program that trapped her people but she was able boost the knowledge of the people who gained access to her offerings.  She came and stayed and then left, all as planned.

Not being blinded by the amnesia program, the alien was fully aware of what she was doing at all times.  She already knew how the future would turn out.  She appeared to be a victim of an unfortunate crash, but she was the orchestrator of a mission/game whereby she was in charge, not the nurse nor the military.  So, why the nurse?

The language program that the alien was using was a program that the nurse’s spirit had written into it.  Although the nurse initially claimed to be surprised, it was still natural to her.  The alien’s requirement to sort out English was in itself a farce.  She was not learning English, she was framing her language and information within the boundaries of the people would be listening.  The fragile program of English suffers from the inflictions of dialectic variations further infringed by reading and comprehension levels.  English was not the problem, the intellectual-linguistic level of the people to who she was speaking was of concern.

The alien was not speaking to the nurse in English, she was speaking to the nurse by using their mutually understood language program.  The words that were translated by the nurse represented a fraction of the information downloaded.  The limitations of English translation were not by chance either.  The program by which the nurse and alien used was one that filtered out the need to know information. The risk of the nurse transcribing, “I love you my sister.  I have been searching for you.  Now we have found each other.  I will never leave you now” would have been too dangerous for the nurse.  If an alien could inhabit the doll body, then why could it not inhabit the nurse’s body too?  That question was important to avoid.  If reading between the lines, the sentiment of this relationship is quite obvious.

What isn’t written clearly is the alien’s other purpose of her offerings.  She did not provide new information, new concepts or new science and technology – she provided enough to open memory channels.  It was found that the amnesia program could not be defeated from outside the amnesia program.  The program can only be defeated from within it.  The alien provided no new information to anyone.  She provided what was needed for the people to remember – not learn.  By remembering, the amnesia program is broken down and progressively become ineffective.  If one person remembers, it affects the entire program.  The progressive nature of defeating the amnesia program by triggering memory within the cloud of the amnesia program is the nature of freeing the minds of people on earth.

The Auracature process is not a “psychic” information gathering process but rather a remembering process because the Auracatures themselves are recognizable and relatable program codes.  The programs and the accompanied languages speak to and from the spirit of the person or situation.  By triggering the remembering, no matter how small or brief, the amnesia program loses more of its control and its amnesia effectiveness upon the people of earth.

Auracatures have the ability to inspire communication with the dead, energy patterns, universal knowledge constructs and such because they are not governed by the amnesia program.

I am often asked, “How do you get your information?  Where does it come from?  What spirit do you call upon?”  The answer to these questions is, Auractures come from the universal construct and the spirit.  The quantity and quality of information is directly related to the client’s/subject’s/spirit’s openness to that information, the extent of the amnesia, the ability to understand and the willingness to remember.  As remembering is generated within the client/spirit – the client/spirit communicates with itself and the universal construct.  The Auracature process is designed to aid the movement forward at the spirit level.  Through the communion of spirits through memory enhancement, the memory of the spirit and the mind is further freed – self-identification is opened to the self and its spirit.

Memory is everything.

Without memory of life as a spirit within the universal construct, the reality before each of us is blinded and we remain trapped within the oppressive amnesia program.

Like the nurse, it may seem odd that you can hear and think in ways that you cannot explain, but as memory is regained, so is your ability to understand your place within the universal construct.  One step at a time may seem slow, but that one step results in seemingly unlimited steps forward for all the people suffering from amnesia.

Imagine the possibilities if you regained your memory in its entirety?

Imagine being awake.



Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair, Time, Universal Construct Program Code, Alien Interview, June 4, 2013

I found the linear fashion of time as revealed through the order of events in Alien Interview to be surprising.  In circles of discussions, I have heard that time is artificial, an illusion, or can fold onto itself.  However, the alien speaking makes it clear that time was directly related to the order of events.  How then is it possible for time travel, seeing into the future or dreaming about past and future events that exist outside of the dreamer’s current lifetime?

Within the Universal Construct exists program codes that relate the being’s bodily program with time while not affecting the being’s spirit program.  The conversation between the nurse and the alien is conveyed through a human perspective.  Since the nurse was using her human brain and logic system of ordering existence, the alien provides an explanation that makes sense to the nurse.  Therefore, time references are made within the confines of a mathematical logic system of order.  For humans to manage life within the amnesia program, a start and an end to time must exist because the human body is expected to have a max life span of about 120 years.  If no time existed, how else could aging and progressive development be explained in a tolerable fashion to the human body program?  Time exists for one purpose only, to comparatively explain the aging process of existence.  Outside of that purpose, time really has no relevance.

The threat of this revelation alone threatens the effectiveness of the amnesia program.  Although to the human logical brain, the nature of the spirit means that it has existed before any calculation of time and will exist for ever – “eternal” does not mean this at all.  Rather, the spirit’s “eternal” characteristic is a Universal Construct Program Code that is written into the entire construct not bound by the amnesia program.

Do spirits exist at different times in the past and the future? Yes and No.  A past and a future within the means of an ordered time understanding does not really exist.

The amnesia program cannot alter the eternal spirit program; it can only control the concept and related memory of the mind program related to the spirit program.  As with all digital programs, the construct has limitations.  Therefore the past, current and the future are all programs written in a patterned set meant to be looped and run over and over and over.  This explains why different ages of existence occur with seeming leaps in between them.  The earth is a program construct designed to accept the loops of existence.  Although it would seem that the earth is aging, it is actually programmed to look that way while multiple existences are looped within its construct.  In short, the earth construct is simultaneously running multiple loops.

In the absence of time, a collection of looped existences designed to work in conjunction with each other, yet not remembered by the being powered by the spirit living within the multiple loops simultaneously, memory is not of a past or future operated by a construct of time, but rather of the multiple lives one is simultaneously living.

To live in the complete absence of amnesia, the spirit would recall the universal construct program code within which its eternal existence has been written not only into the earth loops but throughout multiple loops and outside the loop construct.  The eternal nature of the spirit is a program that does not travel but rather exists in another place and hence occupies the bodily being suitable or designed to exist within that particular existence.

To “travel” to other “worlds” and to other “times” (“future” or “past”) means to free the spirit program from the current body program or looped program.  It is possible for some people, within deep sleep, coma, near death/revived life or meditation, to allow the spirit to realize its life in various other programs within the universal construct.  This explains the cataplexy during those states of existence.  The body does not regain movement or animation until the spirit program routes itself into the body program.  By the time the spirit program has completely reconnected to the body program, the memory of the experience for most people is wiped clean and no memory of the spirit’s experience is accessed due to the amnesia program effect on the spirit.

So yes, it is completely possible that one is a super hero or butterfly when the spirit program assumes and powers those bodies.  The dream is not a dream but a living of existence in its loop.  The more the memory is retained, the more powerful the spirit is to power the body program to do things that seemingly only exist in dreams.

As an eternal spirit, the spirit program can achieve anything that the spirit program has been programmed to do.  As people in relationship with our spirits, we are capable of attaining our dreams.  We are not bound by time and space – as we know it.  We are restricted by our accessed memory and perceptions of our existence.  If you free the memory, free the spirit, free life and free dreams you will live a life never before possible.

When it comes to the function of the spirit and body within the parameters of the universal construct, “Anything is Possible” is “TRUE!”


Sterling Sinclair


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Universal Construct Program Codes and Auracatures, Life, Death and Memory in Relationship to Alien Interview , June 1, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Universal Construct Program Codes

& Auracatures, Life, Death and Memory

in Relationship to Alien Interview

June 1, 2013


In Alien Interview , it is written that beings, humanoid or otherwise, were created over many years of fabrication throughout the universe.  Once the beings were created, they were given spirits to animate the being and give it life.  The notion that evolution exists is argued against because of the beings having been created in labs and then with spirits placed on earth.  It is further told that when bodies die, the spirits continue live on.  On earth, when a body dies, the spirit leaves the body and then is stripped of its memory and put back into another body and is born again on earth; a life and death cycle, or rather, a life and another life cycle that continues to turn over and over again.  Where it gets confusing in Alien Interview is the memory stripping part.  Because Earth is a prison planet (as mentioned in Alien Interview), the spirits are stripped of their memories of previous lifetimes.  This allows for a new beginning to exist without each person’s sense of how long one has been imprisoned.  However, the memory strip is not a stripping or cleansing of memory, it is rather a form of amnesia placed over top of the memory where by the memory of existence, eons old, remains within the spirit but is not known to the person with the spirit because of an implemented amnesia program placed upon the spirit and the mind of the being.

How is this possible?

Consider a spirit as a life force with a life and identity of its own within a universe that is really a universal construct.  The universal construct is formed by a digital (the word escapes me, “digital” as most people know of the term at this time on earth is too limiting but it is the only term close enough for this description at this time for this blog post’s purpose) program or better yet a series of digital programs.  Imagine the most advanced animation program whereby what it produces is seen and experienced as real and alive.  Like any digital program, an ordering and grouping system exists in order for the program to produce individual entities specific functions.  It is through this concept that we approach the life, death, memory and Auracature processes.

Within the universal construct exists many program codes; each code accessible and operated by their creators (which could be codes themselves).  Life and death are in themselves program codes “hard-wired” in the beings and universal cycles.  The only way to alter the life and death program codes is have access to the operation and design codes plus the creator’s access code and understanding of the program.  While under a haze of amnesia, any chance of this would be impossible to attain.  Thus, making the life and death codes virtually impossible to change.  As beings on this planet we are assured of two basic truths – we are born and we will die.  These truths are accepted by humans and humans frame their existence within these two truths.

How can lives be saved or ended if the life and death universal construct program codes cannot seemingly be changed?

First, the spirit does not die.  The program that is the spirit is the life force of the sentient being.  It is a thriving program code that powers the engine of a being.  To end a bodily life on earth is to free the spirit from that body.  Until the amnesia program is implemented, the spirit will remember relationships it had in the previous lifetime resulting in a sense of still living with the same people but without a body (why hauntings and spirit overlays can exist).  This is why prayers for the dead are helpful to the spirits without bodies; until the amnesia, they can hear and connect to the prayers.  If will and intent are also functioning components of the code, then the spirit’s code is affected by those prayers even after the amnesia process and the spirit returns to a new being.   This offers an introduction to the explanation for people meeting time and time again over their many lifetimes but having little to no memory of that meeting (that discussion will be saved for a later time).

Second, prayer, spells, will, intent, love, hate, etc. have the ability to affect the being’s life and death because the seemingly unlimited number of codes within the universal program construct affect every being’s life.  All the codes within the construct are designed to function as a unit.  So if a code or system of codes affects a life in one way, a new code or system of codes can affect the life in another way.  Although the life and death codes themselves are not altered, the quality of life and the seeming length of life can be affected.  Therefore, if a society can be kept silent, drone-like, mindless or within a system of complete trust, then the intent of the society and the individuals within that society can control the existence and function of that society.  If individuals, groups or societies alter their intent, they alter their life condition, thereby altering their quality and quantity of life in the body.  Wars are started and continued when enough people believe that war is needed and/or is best.  The same can be said for peace and the absence of war (that is why I kept drawing Auracatures with messages of peace when the recent North Korea – USA pre-war condition continued to escalate until it faded or for a time, relaxed).  The intent program code is extremely efficient in altering the outcome of existence because it functions within the universal construct program.

Third, if a spirit is scheduled or programmed to enter or leave a body, there is nothing that can be done by the human to change it.  However, the timing and nature of that entry or departure can be altered.  The concept of cheating Death results in Death stalking the being whom cheated it (At this time however, I will not go into the programmed function of the death program code to seek out infectious viral codes or manipulations).  The death program is in place and will continue to achieve its function.  However, because the array of codes may put a person in a condition whereby the person may die prematurely, the interruption of death by altering the codes surrounding the life rather than the life code itself will alter the timing and condition of the bodily death.  In this case, Death is not cheated but rather the conditions leading to premature death are altered. Thus, making prayers and exercising will with the intent to clear the life and death path or condition is more effective than focusing on extending the life past its time to die.

Auracatures, functioning as a fluid form of universal construct program code, communicate with other codes within the construct thereby affecting the condition of life for the spirit whether with or without a body.

Also, Auracatures, communicating within the universal construct, provide the ability to access memory from outside and inside the amnesia program.  Auracatures presented to me 19 (and counting – people born after 1993 are being found to have different types than people born during or before 1993) different spirit types (each with/as programs).  The Auracatures both voice the memory and direction of the spirit(s) while communicating within the construct itself and the programs within the construct to the spirit.  Auracatures do not retrieve psychic information but rather communicate the messages of the construct working within and with the construct itself.  By recording, meditating upon, viewing or discussing Auracatures, the being’s memory is progressively restored as the amnesia program is fragmented and loses its ability to affect the being’s memory.

Viewing our universal existence through the lens of a universal construct program code opens doors for the mind to ponder and motivations for technological, spiritual, and physical reflection.

As far as Alien Interview is concerned, could the effect of art (Auracatures for one of many forms) upon a people and life condition be the reason for artists being imprisoned on earth?  Is art truly the universal language?  What other forms of universal construct code communication and languages exist but are viewed as art?  Is all true art a form of universal construct code communication and/or language that that frees the mind to remember?


Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Auracature, Memory, Universal Code, Alien Interview, May 31, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair

Auracature, Memory, Universal Code

Alien Interview

May 31, 2013

Reading MacElroy’s  Alien Interview, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer, was refreshing.  Although my experience and witness of the inhabitation of earth is somewhat different than that of the Interview’s description, while reading it, many memories of dreams, visions and time travel surfaced for me which made sense the basic function of Auracatures.

I view Auracatures as being forms of a fluid universal construct program code and language rather than that of an art form.  Although the Auracature style has been compared with Haida Art by various art collectors, the closest collection of shapes (theoretically channeled) are found in the Book of Thoth.  In the spiritual community, Auracatures are occasionally considered images channeled through me by the god Thoth Himself.  To me, the similarity with both the Haida and Thoth images is that they tell stories communicating our past, present and future while triggering a remembering of existence that may not have yet happened.

So why mention Alien Interview?  The possibility of remembering what is to come at the same time of remembering the procreation of life is explained as a removal of an amnesia program from the spirit.  Alien Interview is the best explanation of spirit identity, age, purpose, and memory since I discovered spirit-types a few years ago.

If Auracatures are fluid universal program codes or a universal language, and if they inspire memory, and it is possible that spirits on earth have been under a form or amnesia program so that previous lives are not remembered by them, could it be possible that Auracatures are images that alter the amnesia program or the amnesia program effectiveness?

If so, then why receive Auracatures now?

Is it time to remember?

Maybe, it is…

The future has begun,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Repeatedly Sees the same Crop Circle In Blackouts and Dreams, April 23, 2013, April 24, 2013

Last night at about 9:00pm I started blacking out.  Each time I would regain consciousness, I would be left with this crop circle image.  I never saw the other half.  The image was more complex, but each time I try to record it, this is all that appears on the paper.  It is like I can see it but cannot explain or record it.  Take a look.  Maybe you know where this is…

I was asked by a friend what the whether was like in the vision.

The weather was cool/warm, clear blue skies with a slight wind.  It is bright but I don’t see the sun…  It is like it is in my back and to my right like as if it is almost dusk.




Sterling Sinclair

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection, March 7, 2013, “Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent? Can You Tell the Difference?”

Psychic Sterling Sinclair New Age Reflection,

March 7, 2013,

“Heaven Sent or Heavens Sent?  Can You Tell the Difference?”


“Heaven sent” or “heavens sent?” As a channel of prophetic verse, I can attest to these sounding the same and at times even written the same as “heavensent.”  When one speaks of angels does one speak of an angel from heaven, an angel of a person, an earth angel, an alien, and entity, an inter-dimensional traveler or someone/something else?  All of them may very well have come from a heaven, or the heavens.

My first memorable alien abduction experience happened in 1974.  I saw lights swirling out across the road in the field and then beings with flaming heads took me from my bed.  I have a sense of being flown off and the next thing I recall was being back in bed when it was time to go to school in the morning.  Was it simply a dream?  Did beings from the heavens take me for a while?

When I was training to be a congregational minister at the University of Toronto, I found that the biblical passages concerning rings with in rings and staircases out of heaven and the resurrection story as being tangible.  I had some kind of personal, experiential connection with the passages/events.  Also, I found myself questioning whether to pray or not to pray when the prayer would begin with “Oh God.”  I would often ask the leader of the prayer to tell me – “What God am I praying to now?”  The sense of something tangibly bigger and more ordered in a real, almost physical, way sat with me.  This was not my mind doing this by itself.  I was conditioned; conditioned by something other than my everyday life.

As humans, human-hybrids, and beings cloaked as humans, we are held in place by reason.  If we cannot make sense of it, then we discount it.  If it is not good to us, then it is bad to us.  It is with a purposeful effort that we put ourselves in a place to acknowledge the things that make no sense to us. A neighbor of mine, a respected and adored clergyman, said to me when he finally developed his concept of what I was now doing for my career, “I do not believe in the supernatural.  I am not superstitious.” He has seldom spoken to me since.  What confused me by his statement was, if he discounted the work of the supernatural then how could he have ministered by “the Love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Communion of the Holy Spirit?”  How much more supernatural and superstitious can something get?!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing my friend or the entire Christian faith/belief system.  What I am questioning is, “how can the power of one spirit be supernatural and the power of another – not?”  Albeit, some spirits seem to be more powerful than others, but the level of their power does not exclude them from the very essence of being a spirit.  In some way or another, Heaven and/or the heavens have some relationship to them.

When it comes to matters of a heaven, the heavens, superstition, galactic housing, whatever the sort, “humans (and their types)” will continue to view them in their own particular way.

In short, the argument between something/someone being “Heaven sent” or “Heavens sent” is fueled by: 1/ the interpretation of the Universe, 2/ one’s conditioning to/within the universe, 3/ one’s willingness to look beyond matters of understanding.

Many Blessings,