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Psychic Sterling Sinclair Offers Some Session Advice

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Offers Some Session Advice

Hi, I thought that I’d share some advice to help you maximize the benefit of your session.

Sessions are intended for clients seeking personal and spiritual enrichment.

I am a trained Pastoral Care Provider and believe that LOVE must forever be TRIUMPHANT.

Sessions are a positive, personal, spiritual care modalities- not a fortune telling service

There are no guarantees or assurances, but I will try to help.

I hope you find the following helpful.

Here is how to maximize your desired effect:

– believe in miracles

– seek positive results (negative foci sever the spiritual/energetic connection), clearly state what you do not want to know

– be prepared for amazing things no matter how mystical and revelatory

– allow receipt of unspoken information over the next 21 days following the session, ask precise questions because wording can make a difference.

You hold the keys to the life you seek to live.

My job is to help you reveal the locks you seek to open.

You are in control of your life.

You are beautiful.

I love you,


Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writings from Facebook Status February 22, 2013

Psychic Sterling Sinclair Ascension Writings

from Facebook Status

Week of February 22, 2013

I normally write more on here but lately

Facebook friends and readers have been writing a fair amount

regarding the developments of energies and their connections to my posts.

So today, I attempt to catch up on here.


Psychic Sterling Sinclair February 22, 2013


Matters of communication clear today.  Knowledge from out of the noise appears as a systematic race of emotions is set to the side for decisions to be made.  This will not last all day, so as the thoughts and opportunities arise capitalize on them.  You may even feel a sense of being rushed and hyper as your vibrational patterns temporarily sift confusion.  I will keep you updated as the energy shifts.  Love, S

Time Warps and Current Sunspot

There is a growing potential for a time warps as the latest sunspot increases in size.  The current spherical (or sphere-like) size is about 6 times the diameter of the earth and it may still be growing.  This may also be reason for the sudden break in the system of paralyzing brain numbness, shocking awareness, turmoil and recurrent depressions.  For those of you who know me…  I so LOVE time warps.  Love, S


Psychic Sterling Sinclair February 21, 2012

Path to Somewhere? 

Not knowing where you have been, the path to where you’re going can seem meaningless.  Caught on the hamster wheel of life leaves us running in one place; tighten the clothesline of emotions or your suit of armour will drag in the mud of despair.  Keep your chin up today; regain control.  Although the carousel of life may spin out of control, it always comes back to the beginning.  Don’t give up!  Love to you, S


Sensitives (“S”) can get drained of energy. “S” need to shut down and pull back sometimes.  “S” are often the caregivers, balancers or connectors of familial, family and work/business relationships.  When a sensitive does not talk to someone for a while, it simply means that the sensitive is regaining self and reenergizing.  “S” are not good at taking energy from others to remain strong.  “S” are people too.  L, S

A sensitive must reassess his/her immediate path, if a sensitive is suddenly feeling depressed, lost, disjointed, confused, angry, judgemental, sick and so forth.  The double edged sword of being a sensitive is that the shields need to be up to stop the drain but when the shields are up, the sensitive fields detached from the situation.  The sense of relationship coldness is destructive to the sensitive so he/or she is forced to let down the shield in order to commune (the number one skill/talent of the sensitive).

So many people preach the gospel of grounding: “If you are not grounded: you lose control and become susceptible to energy drain; you don’t think right and nor make good decisions.”  Well sometimes for the sensitive, the only way for him/her to regain control, regain energy, and be able to see truth is to escape for a while.

A sensitive is a Sensitive.  You pin them down – they get hit with darts from others.  You set them free – they throw darts at themselves.  The happy medium for the sensitive is to let the sensitive adjust his/her own scale of relationship tolerance and energy performance.

To all of my fellow Sensitives, I send you a warm sense of not being alone.  Without you, our world would be static.  If you know a sensitive, please appreciate that when he/she has had enough, they need to retreat.  Please respect that while knowing, retreat does not mean that you did something wrong or that the sensitive wants nothing to do with you.  It simply means retreat.  Soon the sensitive will be back on his/her feet and be ready to tackle the world again.

Sensitive’s may be different people, but we must never forget that Sensitives are people too.

Love, S


Psychic Sterling Sinclair FB Feb 20 2013

Physical Manifestations!

February 20 comes in with physical manifestations.  If today, you feel like a tube of toothpaste being progressively squeezed from bottom to top, this may prove to be a common sensation.  Rib, back shoulder, neck, jaw head feeling like they are being hugged too tight or needing to explode.  Tinnitus may also accompany these sensations.  Don’t over think things today; it’s easier to go over the edge. L, S